Burgundy Nail Designs: Top 20 Hot and Happening Designs

What about burgundy nail designs? Energy healing using the color burgundy brings fierce power, confrontations, and explosive energies. However, this color is one the sexiest colors used in nail designing.


 Lustrous Burgundy Nail Designs

Burgundy is a shade of reddish brown and is similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon, cordovan, and oxblood. In addition to that, the energy healing properties of the color burgundy give you the great strength of character, it means that you need to stand up for yourself, for a cause or another. Moreover, when things come to you women, you always search for a color that gives you your feminine looks but at the same time offers you the chance to be that strong woman every man has a crush on. And of course, this color is burgundy!


#1. Irreplaceable!

burgundy nail designs

As Coco Chanel says:” In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. So instead of going too shiny and full of fashion creative touches, try to have simplicity as your own fashion touch that makes you different by wearing this simple burgundy nail design.

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#2. Goldy Lux

burgundy and gold nail designs

One of the color shades that are similar to burgundy is the bloody red which is best used in nail designs with the fresh shines off the golden glitter nail polish! Adding a small red heart on the golden part and tiny golden decals on the red part would be useful in giving this burgundy nail design its sparkling look!


#3. Simplicity

simple burgundy nail designs

The burgundy color looks perfect in all ways it is used in, whether it is a simple burgundy or a one with shiny glitter and decals. However, in nail designs, you ladies might prefer it to be simple and according to Coco Chanel:”Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance!”.


#4. Golden Tips

golden tip burgundy nail designs

Decorate your beloving burgundy nails with a touch of a shiny golden nail design placed at the tips of each nail. But don’t forget, the base is not a transparent one as it is usually, but it is burgundy.


#5. Sheer Red

burgundy nails

Nail polish is made up from many different kinds, one of these types is the sheer which is rarely used. As you can see, this type of nail designs cannot be worn on an everyday occasion, but on classy night parties since it has its unique shimmer, not to mention that the very small silver decals give the nail design its nighty view.


#6. Jelly Almonds

burgundy nail designs 7

Almond shaped nails are the best, especially when they have that jelly look with the red color. However, the ring fingernail made up from the shimmering white glitter is the center of attention that makes us forget about the nail design itself and focus on the light white image!


#7. Pretty Little Liars

burgundy chevrons nail

This gold and burgundy nail design reminds me of the famous Pretty Little Liars series that is about those five teenagers that are chased by the evil one called “A”. Besides, these burgundy chevrons that are traced between the golden base make up the shape “A” that looks like a bloody danger!


#8. Fading Burgundy

burgundy nail designs 10

In this nail design, the fading system is used in the fading from dark bloody red to a light candy red from the tip to the bottom. This burgundy nail design can be worn on everyday occasion and it suits any girl’s style and clothing!

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#9. To Infinity And Beyond

burgundy nail designs 11

Jam violet burgundy is one of the sexiest colors ever known. However, this color it self-has a strong and powerful shine in its system and it gives you the hot and attractive look you ladies always wanted to have. On the other hand, the cute pattern with the burgundy tip and the white base makes you in love with this nail design to infinity and beyond!


#10. Burberry Pattern

burgundy nail designs 12

In this nail design, the burgundy nail polish in all nails does not grab the attention as the masterpiece in the ring finger does. In this finger, one of the most popular and most beautiful patterns of Coco Chanel is drawn with a nail polish brush.


#11. Lattice Black

burgundy nail designs 13

Fame is not obtained easily, fame needs beauty, classy, and uniqueness. And as Coco Chanel says:”Beauty begins at the moment you decide to be yourself”. So if you are a sexy lady searching for fame, the first thing you have to do is to be yourself in order to achieve inner and external beauty. And when fame is reached, you ladies now have the perfect conditions that allow you to wear this black lattice burgundy nail design!


#12. Lion Heart

burgundy nail designs 14

A lion is the symbol of power and danger at the same time, but for you, as a woman, all you need to be attractive is not just external beauty, but also the charming personality a woman can have which is designed with strength. So if you wanna look strong and sexy, try wearing this nail design that will give you the hot look you all ladies need!

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#13. Stiletto Auburn

burgundy nail designs 15

Auburn is the most classy shade of burgundy. It has that flaming look that you wanna wear in all occasions, whether it is a daily one, a party one, or friend hangouts occasions.


#14. Rosewood

burgundy nail designs 16

Wanna look sexy and wild at the same time? Try wearing this burgundy nail design made up from the rosewood classy color found in squared oval-shaped nails that are going to take away the breath of your haters because of the flames of jealousy that this nail design is going to burn.


#15. Faby Abby

burgundy nail designs 17

Coco Chanel says that:” A girl should be two things, fabulous and classy”. And as you all girls know, fabulous and classy are two adjectives that hold many common meanings and when one of them occurs, it will randomly cause the occurrence of the other. So if you wanna look classy and fabulous, you better try this burgundy nail design on.


#16. Glossy Maroon

burgundy nail designs 18

Actually, it is usually hard to differentiate between the maroon and the burgundy colors which means that these two colors are somehow the same. However, putting the maroon color its glossy state is not really a bad idea. On the contrary, it is one of the cutest images maroons can appear in.


#17. Matte Mulberry

burgundy nail designs 19

It’s a fact that you don’t have to go all shiny and glittery in order to look classy, and sometimes simplicity is the only way to elegance and beauty. So if you wanna look simple and girly, don’t miss the chance of wearing this matte burgundy nail design.


#18. Fancy Nancy

On the other hand, most of you ladies consider that having a shiny and glittery look is your way to show up in a fancy and sexy image. However, this nail design is all made up of shiny and glittery decals of the golden and white colors that light up your nails and bring them back to life!


#19. Floral Burgundy

Flowers are mostly adored by women! However, the best gift that can ever bring a woman to her best mood is bringing her the special flowers she adores. So if you are a flower lover, you better try this matte and floral nail design on!


#20. Goth Tipped

burgundy nail designs 234

No one can deny that the tips of this nail design are all gothy and Halloween themed. So if you have such an occasion in a dark black night, thus nail design would be the best to wear on.

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Amazing Burgundy Nail Designs to Fall in Love


Summing it all up, burgundy nail designs are the ones that give you the chance to appear in the sexy, classy, and hot look you ladies always wished for! Hope you enjoyed them.

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