25 Fun & Flattering Green Nail Design Ideas

Green is the color that describes renewal, peace, calming, verdant, nature, health, and growth in all of its shades. So if you want to look at your best mood wear a green nail design from the list below.


Gorgeous Green Nail Art Designs

Green is the prime color of the world and that which it’s loveliness arises. On the contrary, Rudolf Steiner says that “Green is the dead image of life” which means that bit can be worn on happy, sad, or normal occasions. However, if you are willing to get a woman to her cloud nine moods you better provide her with a gorgeous green nail design that satisfies her and makes her feel like the queen of peace and calmness. The below list introduces you to a variety of green nail art designs you will adore. Don’t miss it!


#1. Tiger

green nail designs 1

Searching for a special green nail design? All you have to do is to enter a certain pattern in your nails and change its colors into green like we have done in the above nail design, where the tiger pattern is not used in its ordinary black and brown colors but used in white and green to have a special nail design.


#2. Green Sparks

green nail designs 2

In the middle of a dark black simple nail design, shoot a seafoam green splash on each nail randomly to make up one of the best green nail designs anyone had ever seen.

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#3. We Are Different

green nail designs 3

Do you really think that your nails should all be the same? Perhaps not! Your nails should all be free on their own way whether if that’s according to their shape or their nail polish color. However sometimes having different shades of the same color, especially if it was green, is the best reason for having different nail polished nails.


#4. Basil Green

green nail designs 4

It’s the color of the grass, it’s the color of the leaves, it’s the color of some crops, but it’s the chicest of them all… Oh yeah, it’s the basil green.


#5. Silver Bottom Greenish Nail Design

green nail designs 5

In a green nail design full of a fusion of all green color shades, try to make a simple touch so that you can specialize your design. A good example is having a silver glitter bottom surrounded with silver decals.

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#6. Save Green Areas

green nail designs 6
Are one of those that adores his/her environment? Are you ready to support that even in your nail design? If you are, another word this design best describes you as that kind of a person. Don’t miss it!


#7. Glittery Plants

green nail designs 7

Polishing your tiny cute nails with a glittery shamrock green nail polish is just too gorgeous and too much for me to handle much beauty, but wait doesn’t this design make you remember the green grass?


#8. Sharp

green nail designs 8

The term sharp here doesn’t mean a very strong and daring color, but it is used in its real meaning which is having a tip similar to the tip of an another word: a dangerous one where the green and white color mixes dangerously with sharp signs.


#9. Pear Green Nails

green nail designs 9

Pear green is very calm and seems to reflect many sensitive people because you feel that if anything went wrong, it will loose all its beauty. So to sustain wealth to this color, all you gotta do is to add some white, blue, and black dots to the design.


#10. Cute Polka

green nail designs 10

The cutest way to design any nail design is spreading cute polka dots all over your nail polish, especially if it was a green nail design with a tiny golden heart on the ring finger.

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#11. Smoking Hot

green nail designs 11

Living the life of a smoker, you have to show your nails in a beautiful image the minute you rise up the cigarette and put it between your lips. So to have this, you have to wear any simple green nail design that gives you that hot look you always wanted.


#12. Dark Then Darker

green nail designs 12

Also, most women wish to have those attracting nails that make their hands the center of attention when people look at her classy way in holding a Nescafe or cappuccino cup in public places, but it’s really not her own classy way in holding it, but what attracts you is the classy nail design she is wearing like the given one moving from dark color (dark green) into a darker one (black).


#13. Golden Stripes

green nail designs 13

If you wanna give something priceless a price, just add to it a golden color not to show that it costs a lot but to show that it’s full of everything that was missing before adding that to it.


#14. Lepricon Style

green nail designs 14

Green glittery tips with the transparent base with this green leaf all make up the style of a prison world!


#15. It’s The Sea

green nail designs 15

Are you a sea lover? All you gotta do is to design your tips with these sea colors combined together to make up a special sea style nail designs originated from blue and green colors.

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#16. Pine Green Nail Design

green nail designs

Pine green is one of the darkest shades of the green color, however it’s well known that dark colors are the, so chic between all of the colors, so if you want to have a flirty, sexy, and chic green nail design, choose it’s darkest shades and make up a nail design from it.


#17. Elephant Style

green nail designs

Tall nails give you the opportunity to have a variety of designs in each nail. In this design, we go through a variety of designs in different nails, but the one that grabs the attention the most is the design found in the ring finger made up of a green background and a black elephant.


#18. Yellow And Green Nails

green nail designs 18

Fading tips are the best! How would they look if they were a mixture of green and yellow colors? Of course, they will make up the best green nail design.


#19. Butterfly Fly Away

green nail designs 19

Besides that all nails are green nail polished, we can see that the green color is also involved also in designing the butterfly by coloring it from the inside to obtain a fancy green nail design.

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#20. Calm Palm

green nail designs 20

Clear blue, the sea, the palm trees, all remind me of summer.


#21. Tiffany Blue

green nail designs 21

Go fame with no blame! By just wearing this tiffany blue nail design decorated with a touch of small black pattern to make up a chic nail design.


#22. Shimmer

green nail designs 22

Shine up the night with this green shimmer that will steal everyone’s attention invited to the party. Don’t miss the chance of being the beauty queen by wearing a shiny green nail design for tonight’s occasion.


#23. Glitter And Green

green nail designs

Chartreuse is one of the strongest colors. It’s one of the green color shades that is not usually used in woman cloth, but in children cloth, because they like strong colors that grab their attention.


#24. Matte

green nail designs 24

It doesn’t always have to be a normal nail polish, you can also wear a matte pine green nail design for a simple, classic, and chic dress.


#25. Anchor Style

green nail designs 25

What grabs your eyes in this nail design is not just the blue color, but the white and black designs made up of chevrons in the index finger and an anchor in the ring finger.


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Green nail designs look cool to most of the girls. Green is the color that describes peace, calming, nature, and growth in all of its shades. On the other hand, if you wanna get a woman to her best mood ever you better provide her with a nail art supplies rich in green and show her this list of 25 green nail designs, then she will be able to design, create, and decorate her own one. Hope you enjoyed!

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