These Will Happen If You Don’t Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a very common form obsessive compulsion disorder. It’s an unconscious habit very much existing in children and also to some extent in adults, which shows anxiety and nervousness, in person. Biting your nails is not healthy and it’s a very un-hygienic activity.

what happens if i bite nail

What will happen if I continue biting my nails?

Below are some of the problems you’ll face if you don’t stop biting your nails.

  • First and foremost, biting the nails damages your nails and the health of your nail bed. It will definitely lead to bad cuticle health in terms of splits and infections. But the negative effects of nail biting are not only physically visible rather it can cause a range of medical problems if not addressed at an early age.


  • The underside of your nails has bacteria and germs, which can be very harmful to your health since nail biting causes those bacteria and germs to enter your body via your mouth. A nail biter is prone to various forms of nail infections as well, ranging swelling, redness, fungal infections and warts.


  • Nail biting also causes dental problems in terms of misplacement of your teeth that takes a large amount of time and money to reshape and reset properly and naturally. Biting nails can also cause digestive track related problems simply because of the infectious bacteria that one may consume.


How to stop nail biting habit

stop nail biting habit

The best way to stop nail biting is to maintain your nails and get proper manicures. This helps to treat nail biting at a psychological level since you have to then train and tell your mind that you have just gone through a beautiful manicure process and you certainly do not want it to be spoiled by biting your nails.

Some of you may like another approach that is to apply a nail polish that actually tastes bitter so when you do try to chew your nails, you immediately get an unpleasant taste and are forced to quit biting your nails. Covering your nails with adhesive tape or band aid will also help you to reduce and quit this dreadful habit simply because it’s not worth it to have it affect the quality of your life.

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