UV Sense: The Battery-Free UV Sensor to Wear On Your Nails

In case you haven’t heard, L’Oréal has unveiled two products via the Lo Roche-Posay brand – a wearable tracker called the UV Sense early this year during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. This product is the first battery-independent electronic UV sensor and tracker in the market and was released along with the limited edition UV Patch. So, what is this product all about?


UV Sense – Wearable UV Sensor for Skin Protection

UV sense nail

For years, L’Oréal has been promoting beauty products. Ever since its first commercial sunscreen launch in 1935, this brand has continued its commitment to sun safety throughout the years. After endless research and funding for the Melanoma Research Alliance, these sensors are finally launched. Due to its small size, wearing it is almost like having a 3D nail art design on your nails!

Take Care of Your Nails at Home


UV Sense Specifications

UV sense for nail

This wearable sensor measures your UV exposure throughout the day and can store your UV exposure data for up to 3 months. This tiny sensor only has a diameter of 9mm and is so thin that its thickness is less than 2mm! This size makes it perfect to be attached to the nail of your thumb, where you will receive a good amount of sunlight. You can wear this product for up to 2 weeks, which is an improvement from their other product, UV Patch. UV Patch only lasts for several days. However, you can still reapply the adhesives so that you can continue wearing UV Sense for up to a few months in total!


How Do You Monitor UV Exposure with UV Sense?

Monitor UV Exposure with UV Sense

There’s a companion app that comes with this product. The app’s main purpose is to show you the amount of UV light you have been exposed to, but you can also view other environmental factors on the app dashboard. Some of these factors include the pollution, temperature, and humidity in the area that you are in.


Why Should You Get UV Sense?

If you are an outdoor person, you are going to want to get this. You can start a session anytime you are going to be outdoors so that your UV exposure starts being tracked. At the same time, you will be recommended certain products or lifestyle changes that you can adapt for similar sessions in the areas that you are at. With over 76 thousand people diagnosed with skin cancer in the US in the past year, you can imagine that UV Sense is a skin care advisor that you carry around all day, weightless on your thumb nails!

how to get UV sense


Where Can You Get UV Sense?

Unfortunately, this product is not available for sale at the moment, so you can’t buy this anywhere yet! However, you can expect UV Sense to be distributed for free in selected dermatologist offices in summer 2018, and by 2019, UV Sense will be available for purchase globally. Meanwhile, you can purchase UV Patch on La Roche-Posay’s official website. While no official pricing has been announced, the brand has informed us that they aim to make this product as affordable as high-quality skin care products.

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You can wear UV Sense throughout the day, even when you are working out, swimming, or showering; and you can even apply it on top of your nail polish coats! Are you excited for this new UV-tracking product? We sure are! Let us know what you think about UV Sense by leaving a comment below. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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