35 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs To Celebrate Love

No matter what kind of person you are, you have a queer feeling named love. The exact definition of love is not found and will not be found because it varies from man to man, context to context. What is love to you may seem madness to the others. So, don’t bother asking what is love. Love is what it is. There is a special day in a year for which people, especially, couples keep waiting so eagerly, that is Valentine’s day. and legend says that Saint Valentine rebelled against the prohibition of marriage for soldiers under the then Roman Empire. He was imprisoned for this act. During his time of imprisonment, it is said that he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. Later on, he was beheaded for being in love. Since then, 14th February has been celebrated as Valentine’s day to remember the sacrifice of Saint Valentine for the sake of his love.


Beautiful Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

The language of love is not universal. The way of showing love differs in terms of the personality and choice of an individual. If you want to show your love by having love-themed nail designs, there is nothing wrong on that. That’s where you need my help. I am going to discuss a wide range of Valentines day nail designs just for you. You can express the deepest feeling on earth through your Valentine’s day nail designs nail designs. And don’t forget to spend the 14th of February aka Valentine’s day with your beloved person.


#1. Simplicity of Love

Pink Valentine Day Nail Art

Though love is not a simple thing, you can have simple but cute Valentine’s day nail designs like this one. Just inscribe the magic word LOVE on your pink nails along with a love shape.

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#2. Transmission of Feelings

Heartbeat on Valentine nail design

There are millions of one-sided love story all over the world. Love finds its completeness when the feelings are shared together. This design shows the transmission of this feeling called love.


#3. Red Hot Love

Red color Valentine Nail Design

This design is for them who are in a happy relationship and are planning to go to a party on Valentine’s day together. You can have this shiny red hot nails for Valentine’s day nail designs.


#4. Accentuated Heart

Polka Dot Valentine nail art

If you want to give emphasis on love, you can accentuate it on your nails. Draw polka dots on your white fingers with black color and paint a heart shape just on one nail as an accent nail design.


#5. Celebration of Love

Heart Design on Valentine Nail

Draw the love shapes on the red nails as if these loves were flying just like kites in the sky of the nails. Celebrate the love of your life.


#6. Shout It Loud

Valentine Day Nail Art Design

Some girls are shy while speaking their minds and some are bold enough. If you are one of the bold kinds, this design is for you. Let the world know that you are in love and let your beloved know that you want his affection.


#7. Tie The Knot

Love is like tieing a knot. You must have a strong bonding with the people you love like that of a knot. Draw a bow in one nail and love shape on the others to have these Valentine’s day nail art.

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#8. Love & XOXO

I have always wondered what does it mean by XOXO on social sites. After doing some research I get to know that this is nothing but a synonym for Hugs & Kisses. You can use this concept for Valentine’s day nail designs.


#9. Letter for My Valentine

Letter Design valentine nail

This design is showing the images of some envelope. There was a time when letters were the only medium of communication. You can draw this old-school theme with black and white on your Valentine’s day nail designs.


#10. Love Is Bold

A lover has to be bold in his/her approach. So Valentine’s nail designs should be bold and expressive too. LOVE written in bold letters on your nails and the roses on nail tip make it the ultimate Valentines day nail designs.


#11. Shaun The Sheep

Happy Valentine's Day nail art

Sheeps are considered as the innocence of infants in the Christian religion. You can use the image of lambs to create Valentine’s day nail designs. You can also wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.


#12. You And Me

A floral design is itself beautiful. You can paint a girl and a boy on your nails to depict the togetherness. And make him realize that, ” You & Me, made for each other”.


#13. Bold & Beautiful

What more I can say except the word ‘pretty’! This design looks simply gorgeous. You can have this design as Valentine’s day nail designs to make everyone jealous of your nail art.

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#14. Abundance of Love

You can draw this nail design having abundance heart shapes on your nails. The repeated use of heart shape and love means that you are so in love with someone. If that’s the case, go for these Valentine’s day nail art.


#15. Kiss Me Before You Miss Me

Love is all about being passionate about the presence of someone very special. So, don’t regret missing him/her when he/she is not here. Make the best use of your time spent together.


#16. Love in the Air

Love finds it’s meaning when it is expressed. You can spread love in the air like this Valentine’s nail design.


#17. Variety of Love

Different Shaped Heart Nail Design

Every individual has a different concept of love. This design supports that variety in love by depicting various kinds of love shapes.


#18. Love Tree

A relationship is like a tree. A tree needs proper care and attention to grow and live, likewise, a relationship needs care and attention to last. You can have these love tree Valentine’s day nail art for your nails.

Festival of Flowers on Nail Art


#19. Fly Kites

You can compare having a relationship with flying a kite. When we fly kites we let them fly keeping the connection with us. Love is exactly like this. Let him/her fly but never lose or lose the connection.


#20. Togetherness

No matter what the situation is if you guys stay together everything is possible. Let’s stand beside your partner in weal and woe.


#21. Mi Amor

Amor is the Spanish version of the word ‘love’. Mi Amor means my love. You can have this design if you love your beloved and love the Spanish language.


#22. Absolute Valentine 

Valentine day Nail Art

The use of heart shape in this design looks so delicate that it creates the notion of Valentine’s day automatically. You can have this nail art for your Valentine’s day nail designs.

Most Awaited Hottest Pink & Red Nail Design


#23. Made for Each Other

Two of the middle fingers mean love together. You can get the idea about the famous phrase ‘made for each other’ from this design. These two fingers together make it love. Without one it is incomplete.


#24. Chic Nails

Chic Nails for valentines da

Nail designs are carried to show off the fashion sense of the patron. If you don’t have some chic nails, people may question your choice. So, have these red and black chic Valentine’s day nail designs for your nails.


#25. L O V E A L I K E

LOVE, this word is so powerful that you actually don’t need any complex design when you have this word inscribed on your nails. Let’s have these nail designs on this Valentine’s day.


#26. LOL- Lots of Love

You can draw lots of love shapes for your Valentine’s day nail designs.


#27. The Elegance

It’s not about complicated patterns or bright colors, elegance it is what matters the most. You can have this elegant shimmery design for your Valentine’s day nail designs.

Some Out of The World Abstract Nail


#28. Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Pattern Heart nail Design

This is a very simple and colorful way of having valentine’s day nails. These mosaic nails look stunning if designed with the right combination of the colors.


#29. Love Like Feelings

Red & White Valentines day Nail

Nothing to say more! Just stare at the design. This ring on the ring finger has increased the beauty of these designs to a large extent. You can have these nails done for your Valentine’s day nail designs.


#30. Cupid’s Arrow

Arrow is associated with the theme of love in Greek mythology. The legend of Cupid’s arrow is more or less known to everyone. You can have these arrow marked with love to hit your Valentine.


#31. Chevron Patterns

Chevron Patterns on Valentines Day Nail

You can use the chevron patterns very efficiently in Valentine’s day nail art. Draw some heart shapes along with silver chevrons. That’s it, your Valentine’s day nail designs are ready.


#32. Graceful Love

This design is so graceful. It gives a happy feeling right on the minute you look at them. This can be a good choice for nails to have on Valentine’s day.


33. Polka Dots

You can use polka dots in between love shapes to have Valentine’s nail designs like this one. The combination of white and shiny red give this design the perfect outlook. You can try them out.


#34. Love in B&W

black nail design valentines day

Valentine’s day nail designs look best on colorful designs, but it will not look ugly if you can use the charm of black and white correctly. You can have the word LOVE written on your nude nails along with silver glitters.


#35. Long Distance Relationship

Cute Valentines day Nail Design

Long distance relationship is the toughest one to have. This kind of relationship depends on the sincerity of both of the partners. Though these relationships are hard to maintain, true love can go miles for its partner. If you are having a relationship like that, go for these Valentine’s day nail designs.

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Love is, actually, something to be felt deep in the heart. But as nobody has the access to your heart except yourself, you get to show your feelings to make your beloved understand your love. Some girls don’t want to be expressive about their feelings. I think its high time you girls should say it loud that you love somebody. Our nail designs could be the best weapon to conquer your love. Try these Valentine’s day nail art to express the love you are nurturing deep in your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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