Color Changing Nail Polish To Trick Everyone

If you are so bored with the conventional nail art, we have something really exciting for you. That is color changing nail polish. Guess what? The color of your nails will turn into different shades when they are exposed to different temperatures. Isn’t that interesting? These color changing nail polishes will help you take your nails to a whole upper level where everyone will gossip about your manicure. This color changing nails will give a unique look to your nails without any doubt. The color changes depending on different situations such as the hot or cold weather, your current mood as it changes your body temperature. It also depends on what you are holding in your hands. Let’s see what actually it is.


What Is Color Changing Nail Polish?

These color changing nails are called thermal polishes also. As the name suggests, the change of the colors happens because of the change in temperature. The normal temperature of our body is approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit, but the outer parts of the body, such as fingers, toes, ears are cooler.  If the body temperature changes, the color changing nail polish gets influenced by the change of the heat. The chemical compounds of these nail polishes are made in such a way so that they experience a chemical transformation when they are exposed to different temperatures. Our body temperature varies depending on our moods. So, the color of this color changing nail polish will change with the change of your mood. That’s why some people named it In The Mood- Color Changing Nail Polish. This is really quite interesting. Here are some instances when the color changing nail polish comes into effect.

  • If your hands are in touch with warm or cold water.
  • If you are holding anything which is ice-cold.
  • Likewise, anything which is hot.
  • If you love to play with snow.
  • If your mood swings too much.
  • If you have a fever.
  • If you spend time in the kitchen for cooking and baking.
  • And most importantly if the weather is both extremely hot or cold.

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How Does It Work?

color changing nail polish

There is, of course, some science behind the mechanism of these thermal nail polishes. Let’s dig deeper to know the secrets. Leuco dyes are the salient materials that cause the change to the colors of thermal nail polish. Leuco dyes are made of microcapsules which are too small to be seen by the naked eyes. These microcapsules consist of three basic chemicals. Which are as follows.

  • Dye- a colorful compound.
  • Weak Acid- a catalyst which is colorless.
  • Solvent- a colorless chemical having a melting point to make the color change.

We see the original color of the nail polish when the nails are hot or warm, which is the normal temperature. The color changes basically when the nails are exposed to cooler temperature. When it is cold, a chemical reaction takes place making the leuco dye blend with the original color of the nail polish. Thus, it creates a different color and we experience the magic of color changing nail polish. And when the temperature gets back to normal, we see the original color of the nail polish again.

Flawless Nail In Just One Stroke!

What do you feel thinking about these magical nails?  I’m feeling excited to let you know about this little trick. Amaze the people around you by applying these nails on your nail beds. The application is nothing different, all you have to do is buying the right product. So, say adios to the old nail designs and embrace the era of color changing nail polish. Let’s celebrate the wonders of science through your color changing nail polish.

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