One Coat Nail Polish: Flawless Nail in Just One Stroke

One coat nail polish is actually a thing! Although many women don’t approve it or appreciate it since they believe one coat is never enough. But if you are on the go and you need a quick solution, why not give it a try? There are actually many nail polishes that have high coverage and that you might end up loving.


Even One Coat Nail Polish Can Look Fab

You might love the Floss Gloss as well as OPI since they are one of the best nail polishes worldwide. Let’s not forget about Essie and Sally Hansen. Any color you choose to go with from these lines will guarantee you happiness, as well as a great color payoff. Check the differences between one coat and two coat nail polishes here.


The Perfect Nude

Coat Nail Polish

We believe that if you had to wear just one color for the rest of your life it should be nude. That is because you can match it with everything and anything with the tan nails. It is simply the most flawless and universal one. In the following text, you will see how a nude color looks with the OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen and a Floss Gloss line. This will show you that you can have a perfect manicure, although you might spot some differences between these nail polishes.

Ravishing White Nails for Any Occasion


OPI nail lacquer

As you can see this nude color from OPI is so cute and chic. It has got the slightest shine to it and looks perfect for younger women.


Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is so famous for its long lasting effect and the great color pay off, as well as a low price. You’ve probably seen a lot of women rocking this line since it is so well known. If you haven’t already you should totally give Sally a chance because this nude color is amazing.



 Essie's nude nail color

You can see that this Essie’s nude nail color has got the slightest pink sheen to it, and we love it. It is so young and fresh looking. However, be sure to apply this color steady and evenly since it dries a lot faster than the other ones in her collection.


Floss Gloss

Floss Gloss nail polish

The name says it all since this color is so glossy! Floss Gloss is a nail polish company that has a great range of shades, as well as the amazing color pay off. This nude color has a little bit of a purple undertone which we don’t mind. However, we should mention the price tags on all of these. If you are about to purchase any of these nail polishes know that Sally Hansen is the most affordable one. Usually, one polish is up to 5$. All three other nail polishes are mostly 8$ and up. So the choice is up to you.

Long Lasting Nail Polish Brands

One coat nail polish is actually a thing! You’ve just witnessed the most beautiful nude nail possibilities that you can go for. Choose smart since these nail polishes, once bought, will make you fall in love with them, and you will hardly move onto the next one.

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