21 Vintage Nail Designs to Flair That Retro Vibe

Are you a fan of retro styles worn by celebrities of 1920’s or 30’s? If yes, then try our listed vintage nail designs with the same feel but a twisted modern touch. You can easily create these designs at home.

Various vintage designs include pastels, roses, stripes, polka dots, and half-moons. Just use your imagination to make unique designs and be the attraction everywhere you go. These are fun, classy, as well as elegant to suit your personality, making you look like a diva.

Best Retro Nail Designs to Try

Here are some ideas for stunning and creative nail art for your next manicure

1. Golden Sweetheart

retro red nails

Although we adore vibrant hues, neutrals are very dear to us. These vintage nail art are suitable for every event and go well with most outfits.

Press-on or red and gold nail polish can create a hearty design like this. These have definitely been around for a long time.

2. 70’s Matte Nails

70s retro nails

Vibrant swirls and shimmering blooms define vintage style. This color scheme of red, yellow, and teal is ideal for creating a retro nail design.

You may just add patterns over your nail randomly. Use thin brush pens if you can for better results.

3. Bubblegum Patterns

80s retro nails

Create a symmetrical pattern on your nails similar to this one. The Leo designs, polka spots, and wavy lines give your nails a  modern appearance.

These 80s retro nail designs with circular shapes offer a lot of creative scopes. Thus there are no measures for the precise appearance of intricate designs.

4. Checkered Short Nails

black retro nails

Checkered nail art can have a modern vibe and is a dynamic style. The translucent and black color scheme you see above is elegant and strong.

But using metallics that mix would only give you a good appearance. It will complete the style and give your outfit that extra punch.

5. Neutral Manicure

retro flower nails

A spicy red and mustard color palette with a soft yellow background is all classic. This style shouts spring and gives off a bright vibe on your nails.

Choose a pale yellow gel base to ensure that the colors in your wave pop out.

6. Pink French Tips

pink retro nails

Are you looking for creative or long French nail art ideas? This pattern gives every nail type or color a subtle yet charming appearance.

The contrast between the nude and the added white and pink is excellent. The adorable hearts add definition to the square nails without being overpowering.

7. Pastel Retro Nails

matte vintage nails

Looking for some colorful vintage nail designs? Simply focus on the pastel tone—a lively, gorgeous option for stylish nails throughout the summer.

This nail art looks great on stiletto or almond shapes, including colorful motifs, diamonds, and sparkle.

8. Acrylic Lilac Nails

90s retro nails

Whatever your personal style, there is the ideal nail art for you. For example, if a pastel color scheme suits your taste better, go for it.

This stunning pattern is ideal for spring. You can choose purple and black colors to switch dots and wiggly lines.

9. Ancient Toenails

vintage toe nails

A whole different kind of vintage look can be found in gold nail sets. Such elegant nails they are. It certainly appears to be a princess’s nail manicure.

The elegance of old murals and rocks is what these nails make us think of. The melting gold design makes this set so classy and timeless.

10. Glossy Green Almond Nails

vintage half moon nails

Coating your nail a different color from the rest results in traditional half-moon nails. Green colors that have a shine can be mixed and matched.

Or any shades and patterns you choose. Try pairing a vibrant top with a neutral bottom. 

11. Red Waves

retro swirl nails

This retro nail design is perfect if your nails are long and coffin-shaped. If you prefer a more delicate style for your curved nails.

Change the angle of your waves to achieve the same result. A few people begin from the bottom up or from one end to the next.

12. Minty Swirls

retro heart nails

This square nail design works pretty nicely, especially with the subtle hues and heart-shaped waves.

On lengthy acrylics, the abstract design in contrasting hues works well. This has a fantastic retro nail design. For short nails, this is one of the better solutions.

13. Classic Polka Dot Nails

vintage nail design

If you want something striking and distinctive, this quirky vintage nail design is ideal. Whatever color you choose, this polka print will provide a playful vibe to any look.

Use a firm hand and a delicate nail art brush. This red and white pattern is a simple manicure to do at home.

14. Laven Rainbow

retro rainbow nails

For this look, any color in the rainbow works. However, as purple is suited all year round, these fake nails have a timeless look. On a theme of lavender, the vivid colors truly shine out.

And produce a striking appearance. You may create this style freehand with a delicate brush and your own vibrant colors.

15. Mocha Sheen

retro nails

These gel nails are an innovative option, particularly for formal occasions like festivities.

These oval vintage nails are now attractive, primarily due to their style. There was undoubtedly a lot of interest in this shine and the tribal patterns in the period.

16. Retro Daisy Nails

retro daisy nails

If you want a nice texture with muted colors. This cute design is a fantastic, straightforward choice.

The sweet floral pattern is set against a neutral hue. The spirals of bright brown and yellow in the drips appear as fresh plants.

17. Pastel Patterns

retro almond nails

We are now moving you to a time when black and white dots were prevalent.

The pastel color scheme has a modern appeal. Several aspects of this set are shown in varying patterns. This is surely a style that will endure forever.

18. Monochrome Daisies

retro acrylic nails

These long almond nails that are shiny and monochrome surely create a stunning impression. So we adore these vibrant patterns. These florals and the color scheme go perfectly with the retro aesthetic.

19. Cherry Design

vintage nails

These square nails have a slightly retro aesthetic. However, we adore how beautiful cherries and oranges are to look at. 

The area around it is made to look more unified by matching brown and red nails. This color scheme has a sophisticated appearance.

20. Christmas Nails

retro christmas nails

There are several Christmas nail design options to choose from. In addition, classic red and green nails are offered.

Add some sparkling reindeer or tiny flakes. These sleek red and green nails offer a variety of looks. Use rings and accessories to enhance the flair.

21. Fiery Gel Nails

retro gel nails

Among the most popular colors are browns, mustard, and rusty orange. Thus, this pairing clearly creates a nostalgic vibe.

On a parallel accent nail, add a crazy geometric pattern. The vintage nail design gives your nails a longer appearance and a rounder shape.

With some funky patterns and accessories, try some of these unique vintage nail designs. Through it, you may flaunt your classic style and still look quite trendy.

In contrast to current manicure trends, yours will have a timeless and historic appeal. Share these ideas with your gal pals and rock your party.

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