How Long Do Gel Nails Normally Last?

Gel nails are a potent mix of chemicals that require treatment under UV light to cure and materialize into a protective top layer for your nails. They are not as much of a threat to your nail bed health. However, the removal process can damage your nail bed if not taken proper care. If you are planning to have a gel nail manicure done, it is best to know how long they last and how to prolong their life. Generally, a gel nail can last quite on average about 2 to 3 weeks.

With extra care & maintenance, some have reported that their gel nails lasted about 5 weeks after which they finally cracked and chipped.

how much time gel nail take to dry

The secret to making them last longer is actually taking good care of them and maintaining them at regular intervals. You should also note that the smaller the nails, the easier they are to maintain. So trimming your nails before application of gel nails is a plus point here. Another great idea to help maintain your gel nails is that you should go for readily available brands of nail polish for your gel nails.

This will save you time since you would be able to do it yourself rather than having to visit a nail technician at some saloon. Using light colours also helps, since it minimises the visibility of cracks and chips on your gel nails. You should every once in a while get filling done since your natural nails grow leaving behind gaps that can mostly look untidy. You can from time to time apply thin top coats on your nail to prolong them.

gel nail dry time

Taking care of your nails in terms of hygiene and nail bed health also prolongs the life of your gel manicure. Using moisturizers to keep your gel nails hydrated definitely helps.

Nail Polish Drying Time

However, no matter how long you take care of them, there comes a time when your nails start to chip and crack. This is the time when you should think about the removal of your gel nails following a proper procedure or getting it done at a salon.

Pulling apart chips should be avoided as it would damage your natural nail. So now you know how long do gel nails last and how to take care of them to make them last even longer.

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