How Long Do NexGen Nails Last?

Hats off to the people of fashion technology, their innovations make our life both stylish and easier at the same time. From now on, you don’t have to let any fashion products cause damage to your dearest nails.

NexGen nails have invented revolutionary products to protect your nail beds even if you do nail designs regularly. This is a great way of looking exceptional without using any primer or UV light. You will have a beautiful set of nails at your fingertips which look and feel like natural nails.

These NexGen nails look like gel nails but the strength and durability are like that of acrylic. And these nails are enriched with a wide variety of designs and colors. Having NextGen nails would be fun with as it is new in the nail fashion industry.


NexGen Nails: How to Make Them Last Long

Now, a burning question is that, ” How do NexGen nails last?” Well, it depends a lot on how well you take care of them. If proper attention is given to them these nails may last from three weeks to one month without any chip or crack. But, there is always a breaking point of everybody and everything. When the time is over, NexGen nails should be removed and renewed promptly.

Long Lasting NextGen Nails



NexGen Nails

NexGen nails last for two weeks without any prior preparation or post-processing. But If you want them to last longer you must take some preparation before applying the design and maintain them after the design is done.

The prep is all about making your nail beds ready for the application of the chemical products. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands. Remove the shine of your nails by using a sand band. The durability of your NexGen nails will be enhanced to a great degree, f you do these prep steps properly.

Make sure that you do not apply any nail polish or base on the cuticle. Clean the nail bed cautiously. This will help them last longer.

NexGen Nails: How Much They Cost?


Product Quality

NexGen Nail Product

Choose quality products in every nail designs you want to have. You must consider the health of your nail bed and cuticle. Good products will last long without causing any damage to the natural nails. The cost varies from 30-45$ for each set of nails depending on the place you are living.



Maintaining NexGen Nails

Actually, there is no alternative to proper care and maintenance at regular intervals to make your nails last comparatively long. Another technique to savor them is having short nails, as the shorter it is, the longer it lasts. But the durability of NexGen nails largely depends on the natural growth of your fingers.

The rate of growth is inversely proportional to the durability of NexGen nails. There is no way of refilling or reshaping. Once your nails get chipped. you have to replace them with a new application. That’s another reason why you have to pay extra attention to the nails. You can use light colors to increase the durability as chips or cracks are less visible in light colors.

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You can never be sure how long the nails will last because this depends on some variables. So, it’s difficult to determine the exact time span of the durability of NexGen nails. To sum up, I can say that they last around three weeks on average.

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