8 Simple Steps to File Your Nails Like A Pro

Before you start filing your nails, you need to decide on the shape you want. There are five basic nail shapes: oval, square, squoval, round, and pointed/almond. Once you settled on your desired shape you are ready to go for the next step. And now, let’s get into the whole process of filing your nails.


How to File Nails Like A Professional?

To be a steady, precise and neat lady with a flawless manicure it will take you some practice. You will need to know what file fits you the best, which techniques to apply, what to avoid, and what you’ve been using incorrectly maybe your whole life. Heads up and read the following tips carefully. know how to file perfectly shaped nails with these step by step pictures. 


1. What Nail File To Use?

Nail File set

When you are about to file your nails, choose a right nail file. That is the best advice anyone can give you when you are working on your own.As you can see they can be in completely different shapes and sizes. The lower the number is on your nail file the grit will be rougher. The best grit you should go with is somewhere between 220-300. Keep that in mind when filing your nails on your own. You should also know that you can go with glass, crystal and metal files as well. But there are some tips and tricks when working with these. Glass files are super effective but expensive, therefore they are most used at the salon. Crystal files are a lot like glass files but somewhat cheaper. And metal files should be something you will avoid! They are super hard and sturdy and your natural nails will not approve that. 

Get Square Nails At Home

2. Wash Your Hands

Washing hands

Before you file your nails, you should wash your hands with soap and warm water. Always remove the dirt or grit from underneath of your fingernails. Also, make sure you’ve removed your nail polish correctly with a regular acetone and at that point, you can start filing your nails.


3. Dry Your Hands

Drying Hands Before Filing Nails

After washing your hands, dry them until everything is rid of moisture. Don’t file your nails while they are still moist. You want them to be as dry and sturdy as possible, or you might break your nails while trying to file them.


4. Clip Your Nails

Clip your nails to shape you want

You don’t have to clip your nails before you file them. But, clipping them will help you with filing and shaping them, especially if they’re really long. Shape them till that point where you’ll have enough of space to square out the edges with a nail file. Know that if you cut them too short you won’t be able to shape anything.
If you are nervous to use a nail clipper, use some nail scissors instead. The straight nail scissors work the best and can be easier to manage than the clippers.


5. Shape Your Nails

How to file nails

File from the outside of the nail towards the center of the nail going from each side inward, but not going back and forth. Make short but forward strokes on each side of the nails. Let the file form your desired shape as you continue filling in the desired directions. Be firm but not too forceful when you file them. If you apply too much pressure to your nails you may damage the nail wall. If you’re going for that perfect smooth nail, start with a rough grit and move towards a fine grit. Also, file off any uneven pieces with the rougher section of the emery board. Once you’re done filing the nails you can use the file to remove any excess skin from under the fingernails.

Try Shaping Your Nails Like Almonds

6. Filing Too Much

Filing your nails too much can also cause its own set of problems. Some people have found out that the way we cut our nails or file them can cause a permanent change in the nail shape, which can lead to sets of problems.


7. Using An Old File

Don’t use an old metal file, rather go for the crystal one. You can see a wide range of choices when looking at OPI’s professional nail files and you could choose any of those. Just don’t go with the ones that have a very low grit, like 80/100. Those files are made for acrylic nails and shouldn’t be used on your natural nails.


8. Buff Them

Buff your natural nails in order to get that fresh look and shiny finish. Don’t buff them more than once a month so you can avoid weakening them. Follow these simple nail care routine to get perfect nails every time.


Get perfect Oval Shape Nails

Ta Da! you are ready to go girl. As of now, you have absolutely perfect filed nails you can flaunt any nail design want to.

Simple and Easy Nail Design

For the ultimately shaped and filed nails, you only need to have regular nail tools. It is pretty much all about the proper time investment and nail care you put in then that’s in the tools. Use the proper nail files and file your nails when they are 100% dry and you’ll be fine.

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