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40 Ravishing NexGen Nails to Upscale Your Style

NexGen Nails: The word NexGen means ‘next generation’ and it stands for an act of being unintentionally creative, or simply just ready for the next big hit. Are you ready for the nexgen? If so, then just look at our creative next generation nails and be ready to slay the day!


Chic and Trendy Nexgen Nail Colors

If you are really picky, no worries, this list is full of choices and will satisfy everyone’s needs. From short to extremely long, mono to multicolored and from goofy to extra formal and business, we have it all! So just sit back and enjoy this creative list.


nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails



nexgen nails


#10. White Nexgen Nails

white nexgen nails


#11. Red Nexgen Nail Design

red nexgen nail design


#12. Light Pink Nexgen Nails

light pink nexgen nails


#13. Marble Nexgen Nail Art

nexgen marble nails


#14. Chrome Nexgen Nails

chrome nexgen nails


#15. Ombre Nexgen Nails


#16. Black Color Nexgen Nails 


#17. Blue Nexgen Nails


#18. Nexgen Nails for Christmas


#19. Nexgen Nails with Glitter

nexgen nails with glitter


#20. Nexgen Nails with French Tips

nexgen nails with french tip


#21. Skyline

Skyline Nexgen Nail Design for girl

”Because you’re a sky full of stars and I’m gonna give you my heart” as Coldplay sings in their song. This beautiful green skyline looks dreamy and delicious. Perfect nail design for green color lovers, SI-FI movie lovers, and mysterious women who don’t like sharing too much.

Wondering How Much Do NexGen Nail Cost?


#22. Dot Dot

Dot Nexgen Nail art

All I see is dots and I love it. OPI has got a strong nail lacquer game and we can’t deny their quality. This beautiful nexgen nail design screams positive thoughts and cheerful vibes and is perfect for anyone who likes to make friendships on a daily basis.


#23. The Real Deal

favorite Nexgen Nail Design for women

Dark burgundy tones that transition so lightly into the dark almost black color will be a new hit real soon. These short nexgen nails are perfect for business women since they will look so dominating at the office.


#24. Nexgen Thick Nail Design

Stone Color Nexgen Nail Design

Short but extremely detailed nails will be the ultimate nexgen nail design. Since long nails will not be a hit everything will be in the precise but planned out details. These ones are so wintery that we can’t wait for it to snow to start wearing them.


#25. Meow Down

Meow Down with Nexgen Nail idea

Are you an animal lover? Good, cuz we are too! Have some peer moments here and there and look cute with this NexGen nail design. Warning: Your kids or any little children near you will go crazy for these!


#26. A Glimpse of Naturalness

Natural nails should be spotted here and there, or you should just go for a long natural looking manicure at least once in a few months.


#27. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Nexgen Nail art your favorite

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming which we’ve found to be super cute and relaxing. This nexgen nail looks flawlessly made and super adequate for artsy women, or flower lovers.


#28. Everything Everywhere

Multiple colors with multiple designs look cute if you’re indecisive and like a bit of everything. Go for the lighter colors if you choose bolder prints, or for the darker colors if your nail prints are simple, that way everything will blend perfectly.


#29. Persian Princess

silver brown Nexgen Nail color

A Persian princess is you, my darling! That is each and every girl who has some class, beauty and simply looks gracious. She can easily be the main attraction wherever she is at. She simply lures people by her glowing charisma, and wins them over with some classy sense of humor. So, if you’ve found yourself in this description, you know which nexgen nails to go for!


#30. K Boom K Pow

Cartoons, anime especially, will be a huge hit just in a few years. If you are totally chill and like to fool around, have fun, laugh a lot and look positive, go for these totally bold and vibrant nails.


#31. Drink, Eat, Repeat

food art with Nexgen Nail

Food lover, a? Those who can say no to Pringles or Oreo’s should be an endangered species. Theses nexgen nails design will make you happy and everyone around you since they are so happy, colorful and most importantly filled with food and snacks.


#32. Kitty Love

More of these kitty prints for our cat ladies! These look even cuter than the previous ones and they are perfect for our younger audience. Now your little girl or sister can have an adequate manicure and look super fancy too.


#33. Yellow Class

Yellow color classic nexgen nail design

Dramatically long, drastically yellow, and definitely beautiful. This nexgen nail design is so up in your face while being so elegant. Vibrant and happy colors will be worn mostly during the summer period, but don’t be afraid to disobey the rules and be a trendsetter at winter.


#34. Neon Purple

Neon Purple nexgen nail art

Perfect for weddings, these purplish nails will be your go to nails for anything classy or formal. This huge pile of gems makes us feel like we are at a ball and we love it!


#35. Food For You

Look who brought more food! These press on nails look so goofy and fun, perfect for Halloween or just for your fun little moments.


#36. Love Me

Never forget to share the love and happy thoughts. This nexgen nail shows positivity and loveliness that should be spread and worn during the month of February due to Valentine’s day.


#37. Mr. Gray

”Mr. Gray will see you now.” We’ve all heard that one by now, right? Extra matte and long, these nails are for our posh primadonnas. Remember to wear this with your head and standards up high.


#38. Miss. Gray

Could Mr. Gray function without Ms. Gray? I think not! That’s why we have a partner for him. These long nexgen nail designs with a bit of shine and color should be worn at parties or prom’s since they are so neat looking.


#39. Message Me

Messages are so old school now, imagine how it will be just in a few years? Embrace this print on your nails and have a blast with them while looking like a specimen of an old timer.


#40. Short Neon

Neon nexgen nail idea for girl

Do you see this glow? Perfect for a rave, party, Coachella or just anything festival, these nexgen nail designs should be your go to party nail choice. Women who like to be in the center of attention should also get this design and have a fun moment or two.

Love Your NexGen Nails? Make Them Stay Longer


Some Cool NexGen Nail Designs That Can’t be Ignored


We hope we were able to help you out and that you’ve found an inspiration on our list. Be sure to have fun while wearing them, that one is a must!

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