Fake Nails: How Long Do They Last?

So you want to try fake nails and wondering how long do fake nails last. Fake nails (depending on if they are acrylics or tips) can last way longer than you’d think if you take proper care of them. And why shouldn’t you? If you are already investing $40+ bucks, then make them count.


How Long Do Fake Nails Last Generally?

Well, are you ready to invest some time and effort into this process? If so, your nails will last you more than 3 weeks. After that point, refiling is required. The main key is getting them refiled and fixed every 3 weeks or so.
By doing this, your nails will extend their lifespan up to 2 months! How amazing is that?

Acrylic Nails: How Long Do They Last?


Filing The Nails

  • The filing is a must since your natural nails will grow underneath your fake nails. Those ugly gaps will appear and you will want to cover them. Luckily for you, these fixes are cheaper than just getting the whole set of fake nails.
  • Also, filing really depends on the type of your natural nails. If they are slow-growing you won’t be noticing that gap for a little longer. However, if they grow a few mm a week, then you will require intervention at the salon. Usually, you should refill your nails every 2-3 weeks. That way, your fake nails will last longer.


Why Should I Get Fake Nails

Since now you know how long do fake nails last, here are some reasons why you should get them:

  • They are super pretty and they give you that ”glow” that all of your friends will adore.
  • Do you love getting compliments? Be prepared for a whole set of them, since your nails will look on point.
  • You will definitely feel a lot more feminine about your appearance and will get a bunch of jealous looks.

How Long do Gel Nails last?


Wanna Get Fake Nails at Home? This will help:


Creative Acrylic Nail Designs

Do you like all of the above? Good, then rush to the salon and get yourself a new set of nails. Doesn’t matter if they are tips, or acrylics, just make sure you feel comfortable wearing them and showing them off!

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