It’s really very important to have health and soft cuticles. Cuticles are important for us they protect our nails from bacteria and infection. So, you must take proper care of the cuticles in order to lead a happy and hygienic life. A few steps of cuticle care are enough to provide you with healthy and soft cuticles. You must know how to cut your cuticles. Moreover, cuticles have an important role to play in manicure and nail art. They help the nail look longer, thus, beautify the nails. That’s why you should know how to take care of cuticles. In case you aren’t familiar with cuticles, learn what cuticles are.


How to Take Care of Cuticles: Home Remedies

Some manicurists suggest cutting the cuticles. Never! Don’t cut your cuticles. Cuticles are meant to maintain with great care not to be cut. You can trim hangnails and loose skin to make the nail look beautiful but never cut the cuticles without knowing how to use a cuticle cutter. If you can gently push your cuticles back and make them soft, you will be able to get the maximum impact of having healthy cuticles. Here are a few steps to enlighten you on the ways to have healthy cuticles.


#1. Soften the Cuticles

Soften the Cuticles

At first, soften the skin around your nails by soaking the fingers in warm water. Take some hot water in a small bowl. Put your hands there for about 10 minutes. Wait till your cuticles are thoroughly softened.

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#2. Clean And Dry Them

Clean And Dry cuticle

After the soaking part clean your hands and dry them using a soft towel. Don’t rub them so harshly as cuticles are very soft kind of skin. Do this process gently to avoid any tears or cracks in the cuticles.


#3. Push the Cuticles Back

Push the Cuticles Back

This is the most important step of this method. The beauty of your nails largely depends on this. Push your cuticles back using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick. A wooden orange stick is a perfect choice for a cuticle pusher. Don’t push the cuticle too hard, they might hurt your nails. And this type of injury is very painful. Besides, cuticles protect us from bacteria and fungus. If cuticles are infected, there’s nothing left to protect your nails. Push the cuticles back until the lunula becomes visible.

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#4. Trim the Loose Skin & Hangnails

Trim the Loose Skin & Hangnails

When you are done with pushing the cuticles back, now clean the residue. Trim the loose skin and hangnails and anything that is unexpected around the cuticles and fingernail edges. Trim them with great care. If you try to do the trimming and cutting forcefully. You may end up having nail injury. That’s why it’s important to know how to cut your cuticles.

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#5. Apply Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer following a daily routine is a must to have healthy and soft cuticles. You have to soften your cuticles after all the toils they faced in the above steps. Apply a quality lotion or cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles. Massage the oil or cream or lotion entirely into your cuticles to soften them.


#6. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash Your Hands Regularly

The last two steps are actually the post-processing of the above method. They are in effect as the continuation of the prior steps. Your job isn’t done just by taking care of your cuticles once a day. There are some other things too. Wash your hands regularly to avoid dirt. Use a soft and gentle hand sanitizer while washing your hands. And dry your hands using a soft and clean towel.


#7. Reapply the Moisturizer

apply the Moisturizer

This step is for the upcoming days. You have to use any moisturizer or cuticle oil at least once a day to have healthy cuticles. The best time of applying moisturizer is the night before you go to sleep. Thus, your nails will get the maximum exposer to the moisturizer.

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Cuticles, as well as nails, don’t get the attention they deserve. We often overlook these tiny parts of our body. But, if anything bad happens to them they make us suffer very severely. That’s why we should take care of our body as a whole. And you should know how to take care of cuticles if you want to make your nails look beautiful and healthy.

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