Ingrown Nail: What Is It And What Are The Remedies?

We never understand the pain and sufferings a person undergo until we experience that ourselves.  Sometimes, we become so conscious about other body parts that we don’t pay proper attention to the important but tiny body parts such as nails. Nails can be the reason for your pain and annoyance if you ever encounter an ingrown nail/toenail. This ingrown toenail can occur at any age and men have a higher rate of having them. We use our toes in hundreds of ways every day. It’s really painful to have inflammation or infection on them. Luckily most of the ingrown nails can be cured at home. Go through the article to know what is an ingrown nail and how to cure it.


What Is Ingrown Nail?

An ingrown nail/toenails, also known by the medical term onychocryptosis or unguis incarnatus, occurs when the edges or a sharp corner of the nail grow into the skin around the nail. Pain and inflammation are the primary symptoms of this painful condition of the toenails. An ingrown nail is most likely to happen in a big toe. This small infection can make your life hell if it is not taken care of. So, find out the cure before it’s too late.



What Causes Ingrown Nail?

There are many causes which help the nails dig deep into the skin next to the nails. As a result, you might get cursed with the painful ingrown toenail. Here is a list of the most common reasons behind the ingrown nail.

  • Wrong or improper nail-cutting technique
  • Tight-fitting footwear
  • Any injury or trauma
  • Fungal infection
  • Thickening of the nail plate for any reason.
  • A pincer-shaped toenail
  • If anyone from your family has it, you are more likely to develop an ingrown nail too.

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What Is The Treatment?

The removal of an ingrown nail can be done in two ways. One is home treatment and another is surgical treatment. If you can figure out the problem in the primary stage, home remedies will be enough. But, if the situation is so bad that it is beyond your reach, then you must consult a doctor and go for a surgery.


#1. Soaking the Feet

soaking feet in warm water

This is the usual way of getting rid of an ingrown nail. Soak your feet in warm water to make the affected area clean and bacteria free. Do this soaking three to four times a day. Adding Epsom Salt is a handy technique in this regard. Epsom Salt helps the skin be soft, which make it easier to get the toenail off from the skin.


#2. Using Castile Soap

castile soap bar

If only water doesn’t work well, you can try a little soap along with the water. Apply this soap process twice a day. You can use castile soap in this regard because it is made of pure natural ingredients. Be sure to keep your foot dry and neat and clean.

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#3. Don’t Wear High Heels & Tight Shoes

avoid high heels and tight shoes

A habit can change a lot of things. If you avoid wearing high heels and tight shoes, the possibility of having ingrown nails become lesser. Just give proper attention to the nails, you don’t have to bear the pain of an ingrown nail.


#4. Using a Cotton Ball

olive oil for ingrown nail

This is a process applicable to only simple infection. If you find out that the problem isn’t severe, you can try this. Soak a cotton ball in olive oil then push the skin away from the nails. Remember this will only work at the primary stage of the ingrown nail.


#5. Surgical Treatment


If the nail hurt severely and the infection has gone beyond control, you must undergo a surgical treatment. There are many types of surgical treatments available for ingrown nails. Partial toenail removal is effective for almost 98% case. Partial nail removal refers to the process of removing the piece of the affected nails which is causing the problem to the skin. This process is NHS approved and effective to prevent future risks of having an ingrown nail.

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Ingrown nail is more likely to attack the toenails but it can rarely occur in fingernails too. Keeping the nails clean and dry is the first prerequisite to prevent an ingrown nail. Be very very careful if you have diabetes. This small infection might turn into something very big in the end. So, never compromise on health issues. Hope, you’ll have a healthy life.

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