How to Type With Long Nails: Solved

Do you have long nails which regularly bother you whenever you go for typing? It’s not an easy thing to do! If you ever had those two centimeters long acrylics then you know the struggle we are talking about. So, how to get comfortable while typing with long nails? Let’s get it solved.


How To Type With Long Nails?

typing with long nails

It’s hard to type with wrong nails But, with the right practice and some time investment, you just might master this task. Also, the following 4 rules may make your life easier as well.


1. The Length

Type With Long Nail

Your fake nails shouldn’t be dramatically long since those can make your life a living struggle. Forget about typing, you probably won’t be able to open any can drinks, put in eye contacts, scratch yourself, put on jewelry or even button up your clothes. The list just goes on and on. Therefore, the optimum length of your nails should never be above 1 cm. Anything above that will be impossible to control.


2. Keep Them Straight

Typing with Your Fake Nails

Once you start typing with your fake nails, you should control the way your fingers are placed. Straighten your fingers so that you can easily glide across the keyboard/phone rather than just using the tips of your fingers directly on it. If you start typing with the fingertips you are more likely to break a nail or damage them.


3. Slow And Steady

Typing with Long Nails

Even though you might lose your focus at one point and get mad while typing, try to stay positive and calm. If you type fast and aggressive you are more likely to miss your wanted keys. You will notice that you will need to place your fingers a bit differently than you are used to. But again, with time and patience, your brain will get used to this technique.


4. The Shape

One last advice that we can give you when you are typing with fake nails is your beloved nail shape. If you are finding the rules above to be too hard to follow along, then just get the right nail shape. You will type the easiest with the square nail shape, or an oval one. All of the other pointy types are harder to handle and might break once you start typing. Go for the thicker, rounder and sturdier options when getting your nails done.


If you think that typing with long fake nails is still too hard for you to master, then watch this video:

There are some extreme methods in case you are still finding typing hard and unnatural. But we believe that in time you will become an expert in this field.

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