How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Nail Polish

Have you ever finished a fresh manicure and noticed tiny bubbles under the surface of your polish? If you paint your nails frequently, chances are you have.

Those pesky little bubbles can seriously ruin your mood after working so hard on that fresh set.  The good news is, those bubbles can be avoided!

However, we should learn what causes those bubbles to form before learning ways to prevent them. Let’s talk about some typical causes of nail polish bubbles.


Why Does Nail Polish Bubble? 

Nail polish bubbles because sometimes air becomes trapped underneath the layers during the drying process.

There are many causes for why air may become trapped and create bubbles under the surface.

  • Quality

The quality of the nail polish you use matters. If the nail polish is too old, too cheap, or too thick, it may have difficulty binding to the nail, which can cause air bubbles.

Using nail polish that is newer or of higher quality can help you avoid seeing bubbles.

  • Drying Method 

Reasons Why Nail Polish Bubbles - Blowing Nails

Blowing on your nails or having a fan blow on them to dry the polish is a fast way to see bubbles form on the surface of your polish.

The best way to avoid bubbles during the drying process is to make sure each layer is completely dry before applying another layer.

Additionally, if your layers are too thick, this will slow the drying process and add to the risk of bubbles forming.

  • Poor Preparation

Oil, dirt, or moisture on your hands can create an unsuitable environment for the polish to bind to your nails.

If your hands are dirty or oily before application, you may find that more air gets trapped and creates bubbles.

If your hands are too hot, this can also affect the way the polish binds to your nails.

Washing your hands in cold water and drying them completely before the application is a fantastic first step toward avoiding bubbles in your nail polish.


Get Rid of Bubbles in Nail Polish the Easy Ways

nail polish bubbles

You’ll have air bubbles in your nails if you don’t follow the techniques of nail preparation before having a manicure.

Make sure you clean your nails and cuticles before you apply anything on the nails. And never forget to apply a base coat.

If you follow these two steps you are almost free from bubbles. And if you already have bubbles, here are a few steps to get rid of bubbles in nail polish.

Whenever you see bubbles in the nails, don’t get into immediate action. Let the polish dry completely first.

  • You’ll need a clean and thin brush to apply acetone or nail polish remover to the affected area. Brush it over the place where there are bubbles.
  • Then apply one or two layers of top coats to seal the deal.
  • If you still have bubbles, you can try some glitters to camouflage the bubbles smartly.

Here is a before and after picture showing how it looks once you get rid of those annoying bubbles in your nail polish.

Get Rid of Bubbles in Nail Polish before after

Flawless Nail Polish in Just One Stroke


How to Avoid Nail Polish Bubbles

roll nail polish bottle before applying

It’s always better to take precautions before anything bad happens. The same goes for nail polish bubbles too.

You can avoid nail polish bubbles forever if you are careful to follow the below steps.

  • Store your nail polish in a cool and dry place. You are not using it every day. So, preserve it the right way.
  • Don’t apply another coat until the first coat gets dry. Applying nail polish on wet coats may cause nail bubbles.
  • Try to do as long strokes as possible. The less you lift the brush, the less you have the possibility of having bubbles.
  • Never shake your nail polish. You can mix the color in other ways. The best method is to keep the nail polish bottle in between your palm and roll it.
  • Make sure you are using a thin and fine nail polish that is not clumpy and thick.
  • Keep the lids tight always. And close the lids before storing the nail polish.


Following Video Explains How You Can Avoid Bubbles in Nail Polish. Watch out!

How to Moisturize Nail: Bye Bye Brittle Nail



Let’s take a look at some common questions regarding nail polish bubbles:

Do all nail polish bubble up?

Yes, all types of nail polish have the same risks of bubbles if air becomes trapped underneath the layers during the drying process.

A higher quality polish, a clear coat, and a top clear coat are a few ways to avoid bubbles. 


Will bubbles in nail polish go away on their own?

Unfortunately, no. Nail bubbles will not go away on their own. The best way to get rid of them is to start over with a clean nail.

However, you can smooth out your top coat with a little acetone or nail polish remover. Just dip the tip of your finger in and smooth away the bubbles. 


Should you use cold or hot air to prevent nail bubbles?

If you are going to use air to dry your nails, you should use cold air. Cold air will help to harden the polish faster than hot air will.

However, it is best to avoid using air to dry your nails as it can create more bubbles instead of preventing them.


Can a nail bonder remove bubbles in nails?

No, a nail bonder can not remove bubbles from your polish. However, using a nail bonder with gel polish specifically will help prevent bubbles from forming in the first place.


These are some tricks that will help you avoid nail bubbles. And, I have discussed the ways to get rid of bubbles in nail polish too.

You have to use the right techniques and the right products to avoid nail bubbles. Hope you are careful enough to avoid the bubbles in nail polish after reading this article.

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