How to Clean & Keep Under Your Nails Spotless

Are you using standard household tools to get under your nails and clean them out? And if you’ve tried it all, I’m talking credit cards, keys, scissors, other nails, safety pins, and your teeth; then you should stop using those right now and know the best way to clean under your nails.


How to Clean Under Your Nails

You can clean under your nails efficiently by using just a few commercial tools, or by making nail cleaners at home.

Is your interest piqued? Read on for the different methods you can apply and get those clean fingernails.

#1. File Down

how to clean under nails - file nails

Longer nails are prone to capturing dirt much easier than short nails. If you’re okay with rocking a shorter look, file your nails down.

By keeping your nails filed, you eliminate the opportunity for dirt and debris to make their way under your nail. And as long as the dirt stays from under your shorter nails, the likelier it is to keep your nails spotless.

Same with toenails, as they tend to need more than a simple file. By clipping long toenails, you can also keep them spotless and debris-free.


#2. Don’t Bite

how to clean under nails - don't bite nails

As innocent as it may have begun, biting your nails is a bad habit to develop over time.

Routine nail-biting can pass infection under your nails, causing dirt build-up and infection.

Aside from build-up, the nasty habit can weaken your nails over time, leaving them brittle and utterly defenseless against foreign debris.

If you’ve already gotten into the habit of biting your nails, no worries. You can strengthen your nail bed and keep the surface under your nails clean by investing in a nail protector.


#3. Nail Bed Protectors

how to clean under nails - use nail bed protectors

You can find a clean nail polish protector at any drug store. Most of them cost less than $10 and can keep your nails hard and strong.

Anyone can use it, and you can apply it directly onto your nail bed a few times a month.

Remember, hard and strong nails are much more capable of eliminating dirt than brittle nails.


#4. Toothpicks and Such

how to clean under nails - use toothpick

Although household tools aren’t the best way to get dirt from under your nails, there are a few household novelties that’ll serve you well in your journey towards clean fingernails.

Toothpicks are preferred because they’re small and precise but not sharp. Toothpicks can get into the corners of your nails as well, something those thick nail scissors can’t do, so you may just want to put those down for now.

Cuticle pushers are another great way to clean under your nails. Although cuticles are on the top part of your nail bed, it still helps to keep them pushed back. By doing this, you’ll allow space for your nails to grow and flourish healthily. And healthy nails are much better at keeping dirt away than dirty, unkempt ones.

Orange sticks, also known as cuticle sticks, can glide under your nail easily if you want to quickly clean your fingernail. They’re similar to a toothpick in how small and convenient they are.


#5. Manicure Brush

how to clean under nails - use manicure brush

You can clean under nails easily by investing in a handy manicure brush. The bristles are small enough to glide under your nail bed while soft enough to use daily.

After washing your hands, use the manicure brush to get extra dirt lodged under the nail.

You might want to invest in a manicure brush for a couple of reasons, but one of the most important reasons to get one is because of how aesthetically pleasing they are. Most of them feature some sort of sleek wood finish that’ll look good on any random countertop.


#6. Magic Elixirs

If all of the methods mentioned above haven’t sold you, you can always try these simple solutions to clean under your nails.


#7. Peroxide Gel

how to clean under nails - peroxide gel paste

Simply mix two parts of baking soda into one part hydrogen peroxide and let the solution tan over your nail bed for about 3 minutes.

This solution is perfect for whitening and cleaning under fingers and toenails. You can repeat this process once weekly for the best results.


#8. Denture Cleaners

how to clean under nails - use denture cleanser

While it may seem silly, denture cleaning solutions are highly effective in removing dirt lodged under the nail. This is because they’re made of mostly baking soda, which can deep clean under your nails in no time.


#9. Vinegar

how to clean under nails - soak in apple cider vinegar

Another result-yielding solution to cleaning under your nails is soaking them in an apple cider vinegar solution for approximately 10 minutes.

Vinegar is known for its highly effective stripping ability, so while it may help remove dirt under your nails, it’s surely dry your hands out afterward.


#10. Moisturizers

how to clean under nails - moisturize fingernails

After it’s all said and done, you can ensure clean fingernails by keeping them well moisturized.

It’s recommended that you moisturize nails thoroughly after any of these soaking treatments.

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