2 Best Ways to Remove Powder Nail Polish

Powder nail polish is a blessing to some of us. This is especially true for some of us who are really bad at spreading the normal liquid nail polish uniformly. However, this different nail polish type also means that there are several different removal methods. How to remove powder nail polish? Don’t worry! You will get all your answers.


How to Remove Powder Nail Polish?

powder nail polish

There are 2 ways that you can remove them. For both removal methods, you should use a nail file to get rid of the top layer of each nail first to ease the removal process afterward. Without further ado, let us get to the first method of how to remove powder nail polish.

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1. Acetone

Acetone- to remove powder nail polish

You can dip a cotton ball in acetone or any other regular nail polish removers. While it’s still wet, place the cotton ball over your nails and wrap aluminum foil over the cotton and your finger entirely. At the very least, the aluminum foil should be wrapped from your fingertips to about 1cm or 2 below your cuticle base.

Leave it for 20 minutes, and you can remove them afterward. Apply some light pressure on the powdered nails or prod at them lightly. The powdered nail polish should come off easily afterward. If there are any remaining powder, just file them off!


2. Soaking with Hot Water

Soak with Hot Water to remove powder nail polish

Find yourself a large bowl which can be used as a hot water bath for a smaller bowl inside it. The small bowl should be big enough so that you can fit all 5 fingers in it.

Fill the large bowl with hot water, and prepare the next steps for the smaller bowl. Fold a paper towel about 3 times however you like, but make sure that there is space for you to soak your nails. Soak the folded paper towel in acetone, and place it in the smaller bowls.

Then, let your nails sit in the acetone-soaked paper towels for 10-15 minutes and you can wipe it off easily afterward. Just like the above method, you can file off any remaining powders after the removal process!


Some Precautions Alert!

precautions of removing powder nail polish

Aside from not removing your powdered nails forcefully without any of the above treatments, there are other precautions you should look out for. As an example-

  • Never remove the powder nails form your nails without any prior treatments. This could hurt you much more than you expect and it will damage your nails.
  • The smell of acetone can be too strong at times, so you should keep your room well ventilated with a fan running when you are using it.
  • The recommended soaking period is also there for a reason – if you soak it for a time period which is too short, it wouldn’t make it easy to remove the powdered nail polish afterward, and you’ll likely need to redo the process again. If you try to remove your nails before it was soaked adequately with acetone, you might even end up removing some of your own nails along with the powder! 
  • On the other hand, soaking your nails in acetone for too long may also harm the skin surrounding your nails, so don’t overdo it either. Doing that short-term or just occasionally is okay, but everything should be done in moderation to avoid higher risks of the negative effects!

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To put it simply, powdered nail polish should be treated properly before you attempt to remove it, just for the sake of keeping your nails in shape and looking healthy if nothing else. After all, safety precautions are always there for a reason. Meanwhile, have fun styling your nails with powdered nail polish!

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