You can easily make your nails look long and chic by pushing back your cuticles. The best cuticle removal tool is an orange stick or a cuticle remover. Push back your nails until the crescent part of your nails is revealed. It helps the nail polish last longer without chipping. You will know how to use the cuticle remover tool and how to cut your cuticles.


How to Use a Cuticle Remover Kit

cuticle remover kit

You can easily trim your nails by following some simple steps. A cared and trimmed cuticle will make your nails more presentable and beautiful when you have an important meeting or a short trip out of the town. The removal steps are very easy but make sure you know how to use a cuticle cutter and remove your cuticles regularly.


Clean Your Nails

clean your nails

Before entering into the main steps, it’s important to clean your nails. You can use nail polish remover or acetone to remove the nail polish you have applied to your nails before. When done with the nail polish removal, clean your nails using soapy water to make sure there is no remaining remover.


Apply Cuticle Remover Liquid/Cuticle Lotion

applying cuticle remover

You can use either cuticle remover or cuticle lotion. But, it’s better to use lotion because lotion will provide you with a moisturizer. Whereas, cuticle remover will make your nails dry. Use the lotion to soften the skin around your nails. You can have the lotion on your nails for about 10 minutes.  Again, clean your hands before going to further procedures.


Use a Cuticle Pusher or Orange Stick

push back cuticle

Sometimes, you don’t need to apply any external force to remove the cuticles. Applying the lotion or cuticle will do the removal easily. However, if you need to push back your cuticles, you must do it very gently using an orange stick or a cuticle pusher. Be very careful not to hurt your nail beds.


How to Trim Cuticle

After all these steps there might be still some cuticle standing up. Use a cuticle nipper to trim the excess cuticle away from the nail beds. Make sure you don’t cut the skin below or around the nail beds. That’s why you need to know how to cut your cuticles. The cuticle removal is done. Just one last step is remaining.


Apply Moisturizer

It’s a common step for any kind of nail treatment. You should apply a good moisturizer to help your nails restore moisture. You can massage a body lotion or cuticle oil onto your nails to apply moisturizer to your nails.


How to Use a Cuticle Nipper

Among the above-mentioned processes using a cuticle remover is the most critical and you need proper guidance not to cut the skin around the nails other than the cuticles. You will know how to use a cuticle nipper to trim the cuticles efficiently.


Cutting the Cuticle

At first, follow the discussed steps to push back the cuticles. Now, it’s time to cut or trim the cuticles as per your need. Be very cautious while doing so. Nibble the tiny and excess parts of the cuticles using the cuticle clippers. Repeat the process until all the residues are cleared out. Always, place the trimmer in such a position so that the tip of the cuticle trimmer’s blades face toward the nails at the time of clipping. If you know how to use a cuticle cutter, it will be easier for you. When the cutting is done, use a moisturizer to have healthy cuticles enriched with moisturizer.

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Think twice before clipping the cuticles if you have diabetes or an oversensitive skin you must avoid clipping cuticles. Especially, a trivial infection becomes severe if one has diabetes. So, beware of the probable damage then apply anything you want to better your nails.

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