How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails The Right Way

Dogs are like babies, you have to take care of them since they can’t take care of themselves. Though sometimes it becomes a challenge to handle a dog.

Especially, when it’s scared. And, most of the time a dog gets scared when you want to trim its nails. If it’s for the first time ever, be assured that you have to have a good amount of patience while cutting a dog’s nails.

Don’t worry. You can cut your dog’s nails without scaring it off. Before that, you need to know a bit about the anatomy of the dog’s nail.


The Anatomy of Dog’s Nail

Anatomy of Dog's Nail

Don’t bother knowing details about the dog’s nails. You just need basic knowledge to avoid any bleeding or damage to the nails when you are going to cut them.

There’s a harder outer shell in dog’s nails and your job is to cut it. Remember, a soft cuticle is also there having nerve and blood vessels in it. People often refer to this cuticle as ‘quick’.

If any bleeding occurs, be sure that you’ve cut the quick. That’s why knowing about quick is important. It is easily recognizable in dogs who have light-colored nails, but almost impossible to figure out in dark nails.

Whatever it is, you must be careful not to cut the quick.


What’s The Proper Way to Cut Dog’s Nails?

Your dog will not sit idly when you will cut its nails. Moving to and fro is their habit, so you must convince him first to take a position so that you can cut his nails.

Most of the people prefer a couch as the sitting place when they cut their dogs’ nails. You can use a table or the floor if your dog is comfortable.

Before cutting the nails, you need to know when to trim dog nails. If the dog nails touch and click the surface when the dog walks, it’s time to clip dog nails. You need the right equipment to do the cutting properly.


Here Is A Video Explainer to Help You Cut Dog’s Nail

The equipment you need to cut your dog’s nail is as follows.

  • Nail Trimmers
  • Scissors
  • Styptic Powder

how to cut dogs nail


After arranging the tools and materials, you can go deep into the following steps to trim dog nails.

  • Sit with your dog. Play and talk with him to make him stable for further steps. Take the position where you and the dog both are comfortable.
  • Take the leg of the dog in your hand and figure out the marginal line of the quick. Then start to trim the nails.
  • Trim the nails at a 45-degree angle keeping at least 2 mm distance from the ending line of the quick. Nip the nails with great care. Cut a very thin slice of the nails at a time. Don’t go for a big slice as it may cut the quick.
  • If the cut is inevitable and you cut the quick despite the caution you took, use quality styptic powder to help the dog stop bleed.
  • Clean the residue and give a big hug to your pet to make him understand that ‘All is well.’

Cutest Nail Polish Idea for Your Dog


Animals also have a biological entity like us. They have feelings and get hurt too. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean that they are numb. So, we have to be very careful when dealing with animals, especially, with our own pets. So, cut the nails of your dog with great attention. I hope you are doing good with your best companion.

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