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15 Awesome Dog Nail Polish Ideas for Your Puppy

Is nail polish safe for your dog? You might be worried if it’s possible to harm your dog by painting their nails. The most important thing is not to use nail polish for humans because it can be toxic to your dog.

Nail polishes for humans contain three chemicals: dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. If your dog ingests these chemicals she or he can get really sick. These days there are many companies that sell nail polishes specifically for dogs.

Warren London, Color Paw to name a few. Those nail polishes for dogs are quick-drying and made from all-natural ingredients. Even if your dog ingests any of them it won’t harm them.


Dog Nail Polish Ideas

Now that you know there are some amazing dog nail polish brands out there, why not giving your pet some cute ‘pawdicure’. After all, she deserves to feel special as she makes you feel better whenever you are around her!


glitter dog nail polish

glitter dog nail polish



dog red nail polish

 dog red nail polish



davis dog nail polish

davis dog nail polish



dog gel nail polish

dog gel nail polish



dog nail polish



dog acrylic nail polish


#7: Patriotic Dog

Patriotic Dog nail design

So, you’re from the United States and you’re proud of it? Maybe your dog also loves the place where he lives. If that’s so, grab blue, red, and white nail polish and have some fun. If you’re finding it hard to paint the flag precisely just use thin lines of scotch tape. The stars can be in the form of a sticker so just place them down evenly.

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#8: She’s So Lucky

dog nail polish

She always gets herself into trouble but nothing ever happens to her? She is a real troublemaker but somehow the luckiest dog on the playground? This dog nail polish idea is for those dogs that are born under a lucky star. First, paint your dog’s nails with green nail polish and then draw a white clover. If you’re not that good at drawing you can just put a little sticker.


#9: Butterfly Nails for Your Dog

She can’t stay still for two seconds, can’t she? Is she always ready to play and to explore new things? Well then, how about you give her a butterfly nail design? Painting butterfly patterns can be so much fun because there is no right or wrong way. You can mix as many colors as you want or go for a combination of a few colors that go really well with each other. You will have one colorful and cheerful doggy.


#10: Ready For Vacation

little dog cute nail design idea

Playing around all day can be exhausting for our precious little dogs. We all like to have some time off. If you’re planning on bringing your dog on your vacation then this nail polish design for dog is the one for her. Paint your dog’s nails black and then add some bright palm stickers. These will luck super cute and tropical; just right for the vacation!


#11: You Go Girl

If your dog is used to being treated like a queen, this dog nail polish style is perfect for her. Walking around the neighborhood with your dog’s nails looking this flawless will definitely feel like you’re on a red carpet. Achieving this look requires some skill, but you know your dog deserves the best.

Take Some Leopard and Cheetah Print Inspirations


#12: Spooky Dog Nail Polish

nice dog nail design

You’re chilling, just minding your own business and bam, out of nowhere, there’s your dog in front of you! It feels like she’s always pulling scare pranks on you. This Halloween paints her nails black and then draw scary creators on her nails. Show the world how scary she can really be.


#13: I’m A Lady

She loves to wear special pink collars and little red ribbons, doesn’t she? She walks gracefully and never barks? Admit it, you spoiled her. How can you not when she’s so lovely? She probably already has many accessories on her, so painting her nails pink is a simple, but a great and innovative idea.


#14: It’s Spring Time

Every dog’s favorite time of the year is spring. They can finally play outside as much as they want without overheating themselves. Everything is so colorful and interesting. A simple spring nail polish idea for dogs is painting little flowers on her nails. You can also use colorful little stickers.


#15: Blue Nail Polish for Dogs

Who says male dogs can’t have nail polish? Simply painting your dog’s nails blue is a great idea. You and your dog will have so much fun together because it will be something new for both of you. He’ll surely love his new look.

Dog-Themed Nail Designs for Your Nails


Whichever dog nail polish idea you choose we know you’ll have a lot of fun with your dog. Make sure you take a lot of pictures and let everyone know that your dog is the cutest. Your dog is now ready for a dogs’ night out. Watch out, people!

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