7 Spongebob Nail Designs for Your Inner Cartoon Fan

If you are looking for inspirations for Spongebob nails, you have come to the right place! Most of us have the Spongebob cartoon series as part of our childhood, and would still tune in to watch an episode or two if it airs on the TV. After all, what’s not to love about this series?


Lovable Spongebob Nail Designs

It can be difficult to feel inspired when it comes to finding the best nail designs for yourself. Sometimes, the designs are too difficult to be implemented due to our own lack of skills. Other times, the designs are simply too complicated for us to even know where to start! As such, we have made it easier for you by collecting an assortment of nail designs that you will definitely love.


1. Simple & Cute

Would you just look at how cute Spongebob is in this design? Who said that you need to make every nail evenly complicated? With this Spongebob nail design, you only need to paint it on one of your nails on each hand. The blue, green and light green designs on your other nails can reflect Bikini Bottom! You can achieve this look easily using a sharp toothpick for some smaller details. You can also star Patrick on your nails with this similar concept if you want to. Give other Spongebob characters some love!

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2. 4-Color Bikini Bottom Look

It’s understandable if you want to sport Spongebob-themed nails without it being all yellow in color. You can use a thin nail art brush to achieve this look! You only need a blue hue, a lighter blue, some black and pale yellow nail polish. Hum to the tune of Bikini Bottom’s theme song as you sport its ocean nails with this ombre blue color. Feel free to try other color combinations as well. For starters, maybe you can try an ombre yellow or pink.


3. Minimal Effort Spongebob Nails

It’s alright even if you do not have the painting skills required for complex nail designs. You can purchase Spongebob nails decals online for a cheap price. Usually, you can find nail decal packets featuring unique and cute designs fairly easily. Try to purchase transparent decals so that you can use any base nail polish color to go along with it. For these nail decals, you can apply a yellow base coat, put these on and smooth it out with a transparent top coat!


4. Subtle Spongebob Hints

Spongebob facial expressions can be pretty difficult to draw on your nails. Even the best of us will find it hard to draw the details nicely on both hands! As such, you can utilize this design, which is heavily Spongebob-themed, without the actual faces required. This informative instructional video will let you know what you need to get this simple yet cute Spongebob nails design!

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5. Feeling Up to a Challenge?

If the choices in the list so far have been too easy for you, here’s a difficult one! Watch this user draw each Spongebob character freehand and get inspired. You will need plenty of colors and time for this design, but the end result is sure to impress everyone if you get it right. If you manage to get this look done, do show us in the comments. We are waiting to be amazed by your manicure skills!


6. Your Own Style

This sparkling, colorful design is yet another intricate style that you can try if you are feeling up for a challenge. This Spongebob nail design is also more subtle than some other designs in this article. You will need plenty of materials for this design as well! However, the colorful glittery nail still goes extremely well with the white flower clouds from the series. Even if you are not a hardcore Spongebob fan, these nails still look fabulous with all the color assortment.


7. Peeking Pink Spongebob Nails

Anyone would melt for these cute designs! These Spongebob characters will be peeking at you while you perform your daily activities. We love how this user paints a white base coat to heighten the contrast of the top layer coats. If you have a thin nail brush, you can make the designs more intricate. To mix it up, you can also try adding the designs toward the nail bed instead of the fingernail tips.

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Are there other Spongebob-themed nail designs that you know of and want to share with us? Perhaps you have tried to attempt some of these designs yourself? We welcome your comments, so do let us know if you have any thoughts and ideas to share with us! If you liked this article, feel free to check out other nail design articles that we have on this website for more inspiration and share it with your friends!

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