How To Shape Nails in 7 Different Ways

There are (luckily) many nail shapes that you can choose from. Women who are a big fan of switching up their manicures and shapes are already aware of this fact. But, for those of you who like to stay in your own comfort zone with your easiest nail shape, we are about to change that. And don’t be afraid, because you will be overwhelmed with the following 7 possible nail shapes.

various nail shapes and how they look

How to Shape Nails

So, you want to get a new nail shape but don’t know how to shape nails? Well, some of you may think that you can’t have some shapes if you are working with shorter nails. Many of women do struggle to grow out their natural nails since they are so brittle and weak. Even if you are one of them, don’t let that stop you from getting your hot stiletto nail shape, ballerina, or any other one out there.

Here are some tips for those of you who suffer from nail breakage.


#1: Go For Acrylics If:

If you are a fan of long and long lasting nail options. These nails can be very sturdy and perfect for any occasion you are off to. You can make them super long, matte, glossy, or short, which is entirely up to your preferences! The best part about these is that your natural nails will grow underneath the acrylics.


#2: Go For Gel Nail Polish If:

You want your color to last longer than with the regular nail polish. Gel nail polish is perfect for women who like to have their natural nails, but some extra durable and strong lacquer over them. After you’ve applied two layers of a gel polish, the shaping will be a lot easier, and you can make any shape your heart wishes.


#3: Use Oils If:

If you don’t want to get acrylics, and if you are not a big fan of gel manicures, try to make your natural nails as healthy as they can be. You can try out a lot of healthy oils, special nail polishes, vitamins and some nail soaking methods. In fact, you can find a whole detailed list here: How to Strengthen Nails?


7 Nail Shapes That Have A Lot Of Character

different nail shapes


 Round Shaped Nail

How to shape round nails? Well, quite easy. They are on a low maintenance side, but still look beautiful, chic and classy.

Shape them with a file (preferably a glass file) in a square way, and then follow that natural curve of your fingers and your fingertips. File in a round motion until you are completely satisfied.

If you think you can’t grow out your nails, this nail shape is the best for you to try out. It is so natural looking and on a low maintenance side. 



Oval Shape Nail

Oval nail shapes are hitting the stage slowly but surely in this year. They were more hit back in the early 2000’s, but fashion changes, as well as manicures.

With your nail file, file the nails around the sides until your nails don’t start looking kind of like an egg. This type of a shape suits women with shorter fingers mostly, since it makes the fingers look taller, slimmer and longer. So, if you are a woman with shorter fingers, get the oval shaped nails.



Square Shape Nail

Square shaped nails are the most popular among all the nail shapes, and they are equally beautiful either long or short. One of the advantages if you get them shaped like this, is that they are less likely to break than any other nails. That is because they follow the natural width of your nails. They are spread out everywhere equally on your fingers, making them even on all corners, unlike the stilettos that are so pointy and they look more breakable than the other shapes.

First of all, you should trim your nails with a help of a nail clipper. Then, sharp the edges with a file and clean them up with a nail buffer in a case to prevent the roughness. 



Squoval nail shape is somewhere in between the square and oval (as you can see in the picture.) It is a lot easier to manage this shape because it has round edges, but the width at the bottom, so it is kind of more natural than the other shapes.

Shape them like the oval nails, but after you are done filing them in one direction, shape them across the top to square out the edges a bit.



Almond Shaped Nail

If you are a fan of the pointed tips, this shape is perfect for you. These nails are super hot and up front, which many girls gravitate to. When you take a better look at it, it they actually look like an actual almond.


How to shape almond nails?

Just find the center spot at the tip of the nail and shape both sides toward that tip. Shape them till you make a peak at the center point. Smoothen it out with a nail buffer and voila, pointy, sharp, and glam.



stiletto nail shape

Stiletto shaped nails are mostly worn by celebrities or singers. They give out that fierce, sassy, and brave vibe which is a must if you wanna be in the center of the spotlight. Also, this nail shape is a lot asked for when the prom season arrives.


How to shape Stiletto nails?

Just find a center point and start filing down the sides to meet that exact point. Be careful however, since this nail shape is quite dangerous and so pointy, your nails may break easier than expected. 



Ballerina nail shapes

If the stiletto nails are too much for you, ballerina’s nails are actually a more subtle version of the stiletto nail shape.

When you find a center point file the nails along the sides to that point. Don’t forget to square out the tips. It will start to look a lot like a ballerina slipper, and that’s where the name actually came from. These nails will look super bold, but yet not too much up in people’s faces. If you are feeling brave but you don’t like to be all extra, ballerina should be your go to shape.

Purple Nail Designs

Below is an infographic showing the result of a study done on Instagram about using nail polish shapes, colors, decoration and trends:

nail shape study done on instagram

All of these seven nail ideas have a story to tell, which is an awesome thing because diversity is something that people are drawn to. Men and women equally. What is the point if all of your girlfriends wear their nails round? Be different, unique and bold, and get the shape you love, which will make your friends re question their everyday nail shapes. In a blink of an eye, you’ll see it, you will be a nail trendsetter.

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