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For all aficionados of nail paints and nail art, a bottle of nail polish remover is an absolute must. It sees you through endlessly failed manicures and splotched patches on the skin. But did you know that you can push the limits of use of your nail polish remover beyond just rubbing off nail paints?


Nail Polish Remover to Your Rescue

Nail polish removers come in two basic forms – acetone based and non-acetone based. If you really want to put your nail polish remover to greater use, we suggest you go for the acetone based varieties. Acetone is known to be a strong solvent, which is also found in paint removers and cleaning fluids. Albeit, excessive use of a harsh chemical such as this is not good news for the skin, but when it comes to getting some real hard-core cleaning done, it is the right weapon of choice.

Make Nail Polish Remover at Home by Yourself


Here are some tips for making better use your little bottle of nail polish remover:

#1. Shine those shoes

uses of nail polish remover

You can soak a soft cotton cloth in nail polish remover and dab away at the scuff marks and stains on the shoes. It also helps even out minor scratches and spots. Your shoes will be shiny and will look as good as new.


#2. Make The China Set Glitter

nail polish remover for china set

Tea stains are stubborn. Especially when it comes to china cups, with repeated use, the tea stains linger despite vigorous scrubbing with a dishwashing liquid. Instead of using brute force to rid the stains, you can simple dab at the spots with a cloth soaked in nail polish remover. After letting it sit for a minute, you can wash the cup as normal.


#3. Un-glue The Superglue

uses of nail polish remover

We have all been there. We have somehow stuck two surfaces together which were not meant to be touching in the first place. Often, one of those surfaces happens to be our own finger. Do not panic. Just add a few drops of nail polish remover on a Q-tip and keep rubbing. The acetone in the nail polish remover will weaken the bods of the superglue and in some time your skin will come undone, without a scratch.


#4. Get Rid of Permanent Marker Scratches

nail polish remover to remove Marker Scratches

Permanent markers can really make or break your life. While their steadfastness us commendable in most circumstances, the very quality makes it quite cumbersome when you want to get rid of it. But no chemical is too strong for your nail polish remover. You can rub the marker scratches on fabric in a circular motion with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. Then you can wash the fabric the usual way. Do remember that this works specifically on fabric; any other surface would require some other chemicals.


#5. Remove Ink Spots

 using nail polish remover

Spilled ink all over your favorite white shirt. Well, you need not discard it yet. You can dab at it with a cotton cloth dipped in a solution of nail polish remover and water in the ratio 2:1. The cloth soaks away the stain. You can then finally rinse and wash the fabric.

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#6. Give Your Razor The Edge

It is important to keep razors clean and hygienic. After each use, we recommend that you wipe down the blades with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover. The remover dries fairly fast, after which, you can store them in a dry cupboard.


#7. Make Your Plastic Surface Look Unscratched

Scratches on the plastic surface are common and they linger, making them look scruffy and unkept. One easy way out is to put one to two drops of Nail polish remover on a cotton cloth and buff the plastic surface gently at the scratched area. The scratch will dissolve. You must take care, though, not to use too much of the fluid, as that can completely dissolve the plastic surface.


#8. Get Rid of Dust from Your Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is a bed of dirt, germs, and grime and demands an occasional cleanup. Nothing works better than a cotton cloth or an old toothbrush dipped in nail polish remover. The bristles can easily reach the nooks and crannies of the keyboard and will clean it out effectively. You must use small portions of the liquid in order to keep the internal circuitry intact.


#9. Cleanse Your Beauty Tools

Just like your razor needs to be sanitized, so do your beauty tools. Wipe of the beauty tools – especially the parts which are used for direct application – with a cotton cloth dipped in nail polish remover. After that, rinse off the remover with soap water and dry the tools using a clean cloth napkin. make sure that there are no traces of the nail polish remover as that can affect your skin.


#10. Add New Life to Your Nail Paints

If your favorite shade of nail paint has dried out and seems lumpy, you can extend its life by adding just a smidge of nail paint remover. Do not overdo the volume of the remover, as otherwise, the paint will become too runny.

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#11. Scrub Paint Off Your Glass Panes

While painting the wooden or metal panes, it is possible that an unfortunate blob settles on the glass portions. All you need to do is to coat the paint blob with some nail paint remover and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, with a clean brush, you can wipe off the splotch. The glass will be crystal clear.


#12. Remove Sticky Bits of Sticker

removes sticker with nail polish remover

Isn’t is frustrating to peel off stickers from surfaces? They leave behind smudges and very persistent sticker bits. well, you can make a clean surface out of this mess, simply by rubbing the surface with a cotton cloth dipped in nail polish remover. The gummy residue balls out and leaves behind a squeaky clean surface.


#13. Sparkle Your Bathtub

Sparkle Your Bathtub with nail polish remover

Repeated running of baths with soap bombs and chemicals leave behind a trail of scum and sticky residue that does not come off easily. To make cleaning the bathtub easier, you can make a solution of nail polish remover and water and spray it on the inside surface. Let it soak for a while and scrub at the surface using a sponge. Rinse away the residue with water. Do be sure to wash away all the residue, as otherwise, the remover can react with your skin.


#14. Get Rid of Melted Plastic Bits

uses of nail polish remover

Too often, we have forgotten about a plastic wrapper placed too close to a heating vessel or surface. The plastic melts and goops at the hot surface and refuses to budge. Instead of taking a knife at it to scrape away the mess, you can rub at the area with a cotton cloth dipped in nail polish remover. The acetone dissolves the plastic and cleans the surface.


#15. Shine Your Floors

nail polish remover's uses

Tiles or laminations on the floor are prone to scuffing, which robs it of its beauty after some time. You can rectify the situation by treating them with a mix of water and nail polish remover in a ratio of 1:3. Let it sit for a while and the mop up the surface as usual. The floor will be squeaky clean one more.

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A nail polish remover is every household’s favorite chemical. It is a magic wand that can relieve most of your worries about keeping both the house and yourself looking prim!

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