How Much Do Gel Nails Really Cost?

Having come across gel nails manicure, you might be wanting a go at it and get them done for the first time from a saloon. It helps to know how much do they cost. When compared to Acrylic nails, Gel nails cost a bit more because they are more natural looking than acrylics.


Cost of Gel Nails

Gel nails usually fall in the range between $25 to $60. It may cost more than that simply because of the different brands of gel nails out there but they work more or same the similar manner. Upon application, nearly all of them require UV light treatment with only some needing gel activators to cure. No matter the brand cost the end result is more or less the same.

From here on out, the base is set for various nail art and polish. This adds on to the cost of your gel nails. The fancier you want your gel nails to look, the more costly they are.


Other factors affect the gel nail cost

Nearly all types of gel nails have a life of about 2 weeks, and you need to go for filling and maintenance of your gel nails every 4 to 5 days. The reason is pretty simple. Since your natural nails grow at a steady rate, you will start to notice imperfections in your gel nail manicure. The area close to the bottom of your nail bed will show your natural nail and hence require filling and maintenance. This adds on to the cost of having gel nails. Then comes the removal part which is also cost you because gels are much more stubborn to get off than acrylics.


Should you do it yourself?

Having to do it yourself, can minimise the cost in terms of the tips or the saloon’s regular fee for manicures but it is generally not advised to do so, simply because of the fact that a nail technician has proper tools and a better hygienic environment for applying gel nails for you.

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