5 Best Online Nail Tech Courses in 2024

Are you looking for an amazing online nail technician course to take? Have no fear, we are here! There is plenty of possibilities that you can take in case you are not able to be there in person.

Chances are you may be living in a foreign country, so you can not travel to your most beloved nail school or spa. Luckily this modern technology age can bring you all you need to the comfort of your house.


Best Online Nail Technician Courses

You can either find your beloved course at a school, college or Academy in order to receive your diploma. These facilities can vary in price and that is mostly because they offer different supplies and materials, as well as knowledge.

Some of the facilities may even ship you the material you need to become a good nail tech, while others do not practice that, therefore their courses are a lot cheaper.

It is up to you to decide which one is the most appealing, so here are the top 5 online nail technician courses to take.


#1: Academy of Nail Design

 Academy of nail design

The number one Academy on our list is actually the first Academy who has ever offered an online nail program.

The Academy of Nail Design is actually based in Canada, and the reviews and the positive feedback that they receive daily from their clients are off the chart.

The owner Jennifer Ponzi stated that she believes that students perform better in an at-home atmosphere than in class, in case you were skeptical about performing at your own reasonable peace,

The owner Jennifer Ponzi stated that she believes that students perform better in an at-home atmosphere than in class, in case you were skeptical about performing in your own reasonable peace, place, and space!

A full certificate bundle program is actually $645,00, while there are some other programs to choose from. You can even choose from makeup to beauty programs as well, or just some regular mini nail programs. Check them out, you will be amazed.


#2: The Universal Class

Universal Class

Universal Class is a little un-ordinary online class you can take. These lessons are mostly made for those who are already in this business or have been previously in touch with some aspects of it.

They are mostly focused on the ”How to do manicures” types of courses. On their site, you can see a full list of the lessons you will be taking in order to improve yourself as a nail tech.

The best part is that they are not pricey whatsoever, but the downside is that they don’t cover the lessons from the ground since as we said, they are made for those who have some sort of an experience.


#3: MediNail Learning Center

MediNail Learning Center

  • This center is located in Tennessee and is an awesome online nail technician course you can take.
  • There are ten modules of study and after that, there is a final exam, so you better study right!
  • You will need to pass your final exam with a score of 75%.
  • Then you will get a certificate for an Advanced Nail Tech.
  • In case you don’t pass the exam you will have to retake it again.
  • Besides that certificate, you could also get the one for the podiatry assistant, and medical assistant.
  • However, these are more professional and they focus on the medical side of the treatments.


#4: Mirage Spa Education Center

Mirage Nail Acadamy

  • Their online program lasts for 200 hours, and after that, you will know how to apply regular and French sculpted nails in gel and acrylic form.
  • After that amount of time passes you are ready for your final practical part of the exam.
  • You will style the nails and simply email the nail tips to their center which is located in Canada.
  • After they check them out, they will return them to your address and then tell you what needs improvements and what not.
  • The Mirage Spa Center is really a miracle, in case you want to find out more about them check out their site.


#5: Open Study College

Open Study College


  • Open Study College is actually what it sounds like. It is a University which does not require you physically there, which is something you totally need!
  • Their prices vary from £329,00 up to £929,00.
  • That depends on what type of diploma you want to get in the end.
  • The reason why these are a bit pricey is that this college even sends out the materials to their students via post office.
  • After about 120 hours the students will submit their work and hopefully pass the exam.



It is pretty logical if you are having some second thoughts and a lot of unanswered questions. So, instead of you just scrolling through each and every website, we are here to put all of the answers in one place.


Can You Actually Learn From Home?

Yes. In any of these online nail technician courses, you can learn a lot and all of that from your own comfy couch.

Even better, you will learn all of it from the privacy of your home and at your reasonable pace. It is up to you to create your own schedule and master these classes.


When To Join?

This question depends if you’ve signed up for a college or just an online program. You got to know the difference, because sometimes colleges may start in September, and you have to attend some classes at that time.

All theory and practical applications are taught online and you will find them super easy to follow.


What About The Grades?

You will have multiple chapters that you will have to listen to. After every chapter, you will have to do an exam.

Besides the exams, there are a lot of videos that you will need to watch so you can understand the topics easily. Depending on the intensity of the course you can have anywhere between 10-20 exams.


The Signup Process

After you register and make a profile you are in it to win it! Nonstop access to your online platform, as well as all the videos, will be at your service.


The Kit

Most of the time, the price you are paying usually includes the nail kit. You can pay all at once or per month.



After you pass your exam you will get a diploma. This can help you out extremely in case you are going to search for a job in this industry. You can, as well, offer nail services online. After all, you will be a certified nail tech.


There they are, the top 5 online nail technician courses you can take! Which one sounds the most appealing to you? Before you decide to definitely start spending money and investing in one Academy, make sure you do your research.

It would be best if you’d read anyone’s previous experience with the online program, as well as the reviews on their page.

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