10 Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster & Stronger

Don’t we all want to know how to make nails grow faster? And don’t you just hate when you constantly try to regrow your nails and yet fail somehow? You try to take care of them and every time something just doesn’t go as planned? With a few tricks and tips, we might turn your world upside down, and you can become a true manicure slaying queen.


Home Remedies to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

You should put a lot of work as well as remedies for getting healthy and natural nails. You will need a lot of spare time as well as high maintenance in order for them to become fast-growing. In case you are not that type of a woman who likes to invest time and proper care into the pampering process, well, you might wanna change that. Here are the ultimate tips that will make your nails grow faster.

#1: No Harsh Ingredients

Nail Care Products

You should never use harsh products on your natural nails. Those can weaken your nail beds and cause your nails to peel. That is why you should always use rubber gloves when doing the dishes, or even if you are being exposed to any type of chemicals that are too harsh for your nails as well as skin. This also goes out for the nail glues or acrylic nails.

After exposing your nails to harsh chemicals make sure to use a nail hardener polish. Those can really help out with your brittle nails, and they will speed up the growth process. Some of the best ones on the market are seen in the picture above.

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#2: Never Bite Them

Biting Nails Causing Damage to Your Fingers

If you are a nail biter you should be aware that your nails don’t stand a chance. Women who bite their nails are causing trauma and wounds all around their fingers. Do you know what will happen if you keep biting your nails? do you want to end up all covered in bandages? You should be determined to stop this bad habit; that is if you want to have long nails. However, if you find this to be a struggle, there are some tricks that will help you out, such as:

  • You can buy a drugstore nail polish that prevents nail biting. Those have some harsh and smelly ingredients that will make you regret even putting on the nail polish, never the less, tasting it.
  • Buy A LOT of chewing gum. It is a good distraction that can play tricks on your mind. Just imagine it is like chewing your nails.


#3: Nothing Fake Anymore

If you want to make your natural nails grow faster you will have to say goodbye to the acrylic nails. Take some time off and let your natural nails breathe. Also, if you already have acrylics on, don’t remove them on your own. That mistake can cause you a lot of bleeding as well as cuticle injuries. Go to the salon and have a professional do that for you.

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#4: New Life Style

nail life style

How to make your nails grow faster you ask? Believe it or not, having good circulation helps your nails grow faster. And you can improve your circulation by moving and exercising at your home. Also make sure you are eating healthy, which means eating a lot of protein, and mostly eggs. Having a healthy lifestyle will make a great impact on your nails but on your general health as well.


#5: Don’t Pick

If you are picking your chipped polish you are removing a top layer of your nail bed, as well as removing the nail polish at the tip of your other fingers that you are using to chip the whole thing off. Rather let them be, and when you find the proper time, remove the polish off completely. It is better to start off fresh than to save a thing ”piece by piece.”


#6: Soak Them In Olive Oil

If you want to make your nails grow faster you might just find the solution at your kitchen. And every kitchen has got an olive oil in it. That works the best because it penetrates into your skin and improves the circulation as well as the issue with the brittle nails. Make your own nail soak by warming up the oil and applying it to the cuticles before you go to sleep. Make a soak and dip your hands in it for 15 minutes. You will feel refreshed and will literally see the difference the next day you wake up.


#7: Coconut Oil Works Fine

If you ran out of olive oil, or if you are worried about it not being too efficient; try the coconut one. Massage your nails with it (warm oil) for five minutes or either prepare yourself a proper soak. You will be needing some organic coconut oil and a cup of honey. Warm them up in a microwave after placing them in a bowl and creating a mixture. Let it heat up for 20 seconds. Your nails should be dipped in that mixture for 10 minutes, and you can repeat this process two times a week.


#8: Juicy Way

If you love oranges or orange juice you can totally use them on your nails for strengthening reasons. Just sip your juice in a bowl and let your fingers ”bath” in it for 10 minutes. You can do this every day until you don’t start seeing results.


#9: Soak in Lemons

How to make your nails grow with lemons? Well, lemons contain vitamin C which your nails, as well as your body, need. With the lemon soak, you will be also treating the yellowness of your natural nails and boosting their growth at the same time. Again, make a soak by adding some lemon juice and olive oil and heating it up in a microwave. Dip your fingers in that warm soak for 10 minutes. If soaking them seems boring or too time-consuming to you-you can just place your fingers on a lemon slice for 10 seconds. Do this for all ten of your fingers and rinse out the juice.


#10: To-MAY-to Or To-MAH-to?

Which way do you pronounce it? One more soak you can go for is the healthy red one; the tomato one. Mix a cup of tomato juice with a spoon of olive oil in your smaller bowl. Let your nails be in it for 10 minutes and rinse them out in the end. That simple.

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Here is a video we love on this topic:

So now you know how to make your nails grow faster. Our tip is for you to try out all of these 10 methods and in time you will notice which one works for you the best. Not everyone prefers the same things. Your friend might really like the exercising part, where you might feel the improvement happening after starting to use lemon juice on your nails. So give it a go and find your perfect solution.

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