9 Tips to Grow Your Nails Super Long That Actually Works

If you are one of those women who have a really hard time growing their nails, we feel you. You probably find them hard to work with every now and then. That is because sometimes we don’t nourish them as much as we should, and that’s why they don’t want to cooperate. It’s an optical illusion to think that they are made out of only one layer on the solid surface. Your nails are layered and layered out of a protein called Keratin, the same protein which is in our hair as well as skin.


Grow Your Nails Long And Strong

Basic Anatomy of Nail

You should get to know the basic anatomy of your nails, and in the upper picture, everything is self-explanatory. What you won’t be able to tell just by this picture is that the only section of the nail that contains any life whatsoever is at the base of your nail, and it is called the matrix. The upcoming cells are being produced out of that part. While they are growing, they push the old ones along and make your nails longer.


How Much Can Nails Grow?

You may find this picture upsetting a bit, but these nails are the longest ones in the history. Believe it or not, the longest nails were grown by an American Lee Redmond. The length of her nails went up to unbelievable 8.65 meters. But for everyone else in the world, an approximate assessment is that nails can grow about 3-4 mm a month. Some people may find their nails to be a little bit above this common ratio, while others would say that it is a lot slower for them. But when you add up all the factors, 4 mm is the most common ratio.

Make Your Nail Grow Faster

What To Do To Improve The Quality?


Unfortunately, no one can promise you long nails overnight. That kind of a promise can be made only with the acrylics or tips, and in this case, you don’t want that. You want to try to grow your natural nails long and strong. So, invest in the right equipment, time and care for it to happen.


9 Tips to Follow For Long Nails

Here is one interesting fact about the growth in general, You know how you use one of your body parts more than others? Well, those body parts are more likely to grow faster, because of the more common usage. That theory can also be applied in the case why do our nails grow faster on our hands than on our feet.


#1: No Rough Emery Boards

An ideal emery board shouldn’t be too rough on your nails. If it is, that may cause you some cracks to your nails. Use a smoother file that can be used slowly and still gets the desired shape.


#2: Wear Gloves

If you soak your hands way too much and you are the one who’s in charge for the dishes, you probably have had some unpleasant experiences. Sometimes your nails look almost opaque after cleaning, right? The chemicals that are in a huge number of cleaning products dry out our nails, as well as the skin. Try to avoid that by wearing rubber gloves as often as possible when you clean.


#3: Don’t Cut Your Cuticles


Cuticles should not be cut. They protect us from the germs and bacteria, and also fungal infections. You can push them back with a ”pusher” and moisturize daily. The best time of the day for applying some oils or creams should be after you’ve showered. At that point, your cuticles are the softest, so they will soak up the product you’ve applied easier and faster.


#4: Take Biotin Supplement

As we’ve been thought at school or through life, vitamins are good for our general health. But, if you want to focus specifically on the growth of your nails, you should be taking Biotin. Take a daily supplement of exactly 2.5 mg of Biotin to make your nails longer and stronger. Your nails will get a lot thicker in time. If they are thicker that means they are less likely to break.


#5: File Right and Achieve Long Nails

Because your nails are made out of thin layers you must be very gentle when filing them. File them in only one direction, with the smallest and easiest pressure. Don’t experiment and go all seesaw on them.


#6: Don’t Touch The Hangnails

You know that moment when you thought that just by pulling one little hangnail everything will end up fine? And that didn’t happen, instead, you’ve ended up taking half of your nail off? Yeah, next time try to avoid that. Be smart, and don’t rip it off. It also damages those delicate layers its made out of. Better be patient and stop biting.


#7: Let Your Nails Breathe

We know that those colorful nail polishes are so irresistible and we’d like to switch up the colors every now and then. But don’t go too hard when glamming your natural nails. The chemicals that are in it (especially if you are using a lot cheaper nail polish) may damage your matrix. Rather let them breathe in between the process of switching up the colors. So, give your natural nails a chance and don’t put any colors for a shorter period of time.


#8: You Are What You Eat



As being made out of Keratin (protein), your nails will demand a lot of it. Did you know that 0.8 grams are a recommended mass of proteins that you should intake? Besides the protein, your body will wish upon a rich food fulfilled with magnesium. Some almonds, yogurt, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate are a tasty solution you can go for in this case. Some seafood can also stimulate the growth, since there is a lot of zinc in it, and zinc is essential for the biological production of the protein. Garlic seeds, as well as sesame and watermelon seeds, are filled with zinc.


#9: Eggs Please

”You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” is an old English proverb. Everyone likes eggs, no matter if they are an omelet, boiled or scrambled. The best part is that eggs contain the magic Biotin vitamin. So, make sure to eat them at least few times a week as your morning meal.

Get Stone like Strong Nails

Now you know what your nails need on a daily or weekly basis. If you want to grow long nails you should follow up each and everyone out of the recommended tips. None of them are too demanding, and they can’t be harsh on you by any means. You will notice a difference in just 10 days, so give this list a go!

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