Long Pinky Nail: 8 Weird Facts

You may have got surprised seeing a guy with a long pinky nail. Yes! That’s quite normal, especially for guys to have one long pinky nail keeping the other nails in usual size.

These guys are often criticised for these nails. Different opinion, mostly negative comments, are made on this matter.

Maybe you are also one of them who want to find out the weird facts behind a pinky long nail. If so, read on to know the real facts.


What Does A Long Pinky Nail Mean?

long pinky nail

We all know what a pinky nail is. It has become a buzzword because there are some people who carry a long nail only on the pinky fingers.

This aroused the interest of others and they are wondering why some people grow this one nail so long. It actually doesn’t mean anything special.

They keep this nail long to stand out from the crowd or might be because they have a secret wish to grow long nail, or maybe just to open a coke can.

So, there is no inner meaning but there are some facts that inspire them to keep it long.

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Awful Facts of Long Pinky Nails

Most people show some common excuses when they are asked about the purpose of the long pinky nails.

Sometimes they made up an answer to get rid of further questioning and some guys are really bold to tell the truth.

Surprisingly, most of the reasons are gross such as poking the nose easily, to heal itchiness etc.

And, some people keep these nails out as a hobby and some of them just love to grow them long for no reason. Let’s know what other reasons there might be.

1. The Least Used Nail

least used pinky nail finger

A great advantage of growing the pinky nail long is that these nails are not used in that much in our daily activities.

And growing them long doesn’t hinder the pace of our work. So, people choose this nail to get exposed to the charm of a long nail.


2. A Handy Tool

pinky nail as screwdriver

Your pinky nail can work as a screwdriver too. Yes, you heard it right. I saw some mechanists having long pinky nails which help them in their work while opening a tight object or when they need to tighten a screw temporarily.


3. It Brings Good Fortune

pinky fingernail resembles luck

What one gets from his belief always depends on the degree of the belief. If anyone believes something deep in the heart, he will get it sooner or later.

As per palmistry belief, a person having a long pinky finger is considered luckier than others.

That’s why some people may be prone to growing long pinky nails. That’s surely one of the weird facts behind pinky nails.

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4. To Clean the Ears & Poke the Nose

pinky nail uses

This sounds gross I know. But, it’s real. Some people really use their pinky nails to clean ears and poke noses.

It becomes easier to reach the deep portion of the ears and nose while using a long pinky nail to clean the ears and poke the nose.

This is not admired. so we should avoid this kind of activity.


5. To Snort the Cocaine

pinky fingernail

This is so true. This information has been leaked by real drug addicts. This is a common use of long pinky nails.

Drugs are not advisable under any circumstances. But we can’t deny the fact that some people use their long pinky nails to place the drug there and snort that right into the nose.

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6. A Signal of Wealth and Class

In some cultures, a long pinky nail is considered a symbol of wealth and belonging to the upper class. In these cultures, this generally applies to men. 

The long pinky nail symbolizes that they do not need to do manual labor to make their money. It is a common practice in Asian countries like China, the Philippines, and India. 


7. To Play Music 

Facts of Long Pinky Nails

Many musicians around the world keep their pinky nails longer than the rest of the nails, so they can use the long nail to pluck the strings on their instruments. 

A long pinky nail is common for acoustic guitarists! They usually file the nail to avoid it growing too long and breaking since their hands are part of their instrument. 


8. To Paint and Create Art

painting with long pinky nail

Similar to musicians, some artists use a longer pinky nail as a tool. They keep it well manicured, but overall it is perfect for scraping paint off items or using it as a quick clean-up tool for misplaced paint or other mediums. 

Nail artists keep a longer pinky nail for this reason as well. If you have ever had your technician use their pinky nail to scrape off rouge nail polish during your manicure, you know this is a helpful tool!


Everything has a purpose to serve, and so do long pinky nails. There might be some other reasons behind these nails.

We never know what a person thinks deep inside him. But these are the reasons which make them have long pinky nails in general.

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