Why Are My Nails Yellow: The Actual Reason Revealed

A good manicure enhances the beauty of your nails, likewise, an odd looking nail will question your fashion sense. So, don’t be callous about your nails. Because nails are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. A small cut or infection or any discolored nails demands full attention from you. A common problem about the nails is- the nails turn yellow sometimes. Well! There might be a lot of reasons, here are a few given for you.


What Does Yellow Nail Mean?

Yellow nail doesn’t mean you are having a fatal disease. Most of the times it happens for simple reasons and can be cured very easily and quickly. But, it’s true that you have to undergo medical treatment if you are suffering from Yellow Nail Syndrome. We will talk about that later. Let’s see what are the reasons behind yellow nails.


Why Are My Nails Turning Yellow – Real Causes

 It is considered that yellow nails are the consequences of continuous nail experiment. Most of the time, leftover dyes of nail polishes cause yellowing of nails leaving stains on nails. Some rare case of lymphedema accelerates yellow nail syndrome. Read on to find what causing your nail turning yellow.


Dark Nail Polish

Avoid dark nail polish

When your nails are exposed to the nail polish for a long period of time, it may cause yellowing on the nails. Nail polish is made from different chemicals. Chemicals like iron-oxide can be absorbed by the nails if they have direct contact with the nail plate for an extended period. Especially, dark nail polish is the prime reason behind such yellowing. You can take a break after each manicure to avoid such yellowing. Abd other home remedies will also do good in this regard.

How To Get Rid of Yellow Nails


Infection on the Nails

nail infection

Infection and injury of the nails can also change the color of natural nails. Nothing to fret. If an injury happens you’ll know. But, if your nails are turning yellow because of fungal infection you need a doctor. The thickening and yellowing of the nails are the symptoms of fungal infection. Consult a doctor to solve this problem, though it’s not any dangerous disease.



There’s nothing you can do to stop the yellowing of the nails when you are growing old. Aging is a natural phenomenon, and not only hair turns to white, but also nails turn yellow sometimes due to aging. So, don’t worry if you are old and your nails are turning yellow.

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Smoking is injurious to health, we all know this. But, do you know smoking or taking any tobacco can cause yellow staining on the nails. It mostly happens to the individual who is a chain smoker and smoking for a long time. To avoid this you must quit smoking. This will help both you and your surroundings.


Yellow Nail Syndrome

This is a serious issue. All of the above-noted reasons are more or less common and they don’t demand any regular medication. This type of yellow nails needs to be considered of great importance. This is a rare medical condition that is also known as lymphedema. Yellow Nail Syndrome (YNS) causes the nails to grow slowly and turn yellow. YNS is associated with some other limbs of the body such as lungs and pleural cavity. YNS is deeply related to the respiratory system of our body. Yellow Nail Syndrome can be the byproduct of bronchitis, sinusitis, coughing etc. A large number of people suffer from YNS due to the pleural effusions in the pleural cavity. You have to consult a doctor to better the condition of your nails. Generally, Vitamin-E is suggested to fight YNS.

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If you see a noticeable yellow stain on your nails, try to figure out the reason and act accordingly. If you can’t detect the problem, take the help from a doctor. Knowing about the symptoms will help you guess the reason, but the actual reason can only be determined by an expert. Don’t do anything silly with your body. Be smart, be happy.

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