12 Best Nail Designs from Instagram to Find Inspiration

If Instagram is the first thing that you check in the morning, put your hands up. Yep, you, you and you. Not you? That’s fine too! Anyways, if you follow some Instagram nail designs account, you will find many interesting-looking nail designs that you might want to try.


Nail Designs from Instagram with A WOW Factor

In this article, we will include 12 nail designs as seen on Instagram. If you see any designs that you like, feel free to follow the users to show them your support!


Design 1: Space-Themed Nail Design


A post shared by BUNDLE MONSTER (@bundlemonster) on

Okay, maybe more like a space and jewels design. Get that galaxy nail mood on with a blue nail polish base and some golden flecks. With this starry design, you will definitely shine bright like a diamond!

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Design 2: A Pastel Look


A post shared by Nail Artist⚡ (@_moon_nails_) on

Are you seeing this? This design looks unfinished and unique with the combination of pastel colors and simple geometrical lines. What’s not to love about this design?


Design 3: Marbled Designs


A post shared by Abby (@norrisbabeforever) on

Featuring the Classic Colors Trio: Red, black and white with a twist. The black and white colors are mixed in a marbled look only on the thumb and ring finger. Quite an elegant look, don’t you think so?


Design 4: Chrome Look Without Chrome Nail Polish


A post shared by ELViola_Nail (@elviola_nail) on

At first glance, you might think that the colorful nails are using chrome nail polish. But a second look will show you the combination of colors and 3D designs used to give that illusion! This design matches will with the contrasting matte electric blue on the other fingers with studded designs.


Design 5: Glassy Acrylics

There’s French Manicure, and then there’s this. This design breaks the norm by having unique acrylic nail designs at the extended nail areas. There’s a clear line between the base nail colors and the acrylic’s stunning ocean blue hues.


Design 6: Your Name (君の名は)

If you have seen this Japanese animation movie from 2016, you will recognize the patterns on the nails immediately. This design features one of the most popular scenes in the movie – the moment when the stars collide and the meteor split and hit the ground. Even if you do not know the movie, the gentle, colorful hues of this design is still pleasing to the eyes!

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Design 7: So Elaborate

This elaborate design includes a pink-white ombre nail design, 3D golden decorations and studded nail decoration pieces. It’s perfect for showing off during during special events that you are attending!


Design 8: Ready for Halloween

Is it already Halloween’s Day? No? Just asking because this design sure reflects it! If anything, the details in that fanged mouth is incredible – right down to the shimmery golden fangs! The blood droplets design looks great as well!


Design 9: Gold & Marble


A post shared by Beautiful Nails (@beaunailss) on

Once again we see a combination of golden flecks and marble designs being used in a single manicure session. These acrylics look fancy and elegant, don’t you think?


Design 10: French Manicure on Acrylics

With the exception of the pink-white ombre design on the ring fingers paired with a studded design, all other fingers feature the plain and simple French manicure. If you aren’t sure what kind of design to go for as your first manicure session, this simple yet elegant design can definitely be your top choice!


Design 11: A Black Fade


A post shared by @vivienvrdnails on

This is a design that we can all definitely get behind. This design seems to give off a mysterious – almost horror-like atmosphere. The contrast of this design with the geometric look on the ring finger definitely attracts the attention of onlookers. If anything, we will need closure on how to achieve this look!


Design 12: Rose Gold Chrome

This surrel looking reflective design definitely reflects the trending color combination of 2024. Having just the rose gold or chrome color is not enough anymore. Instead, when you combine these two color types together, you get this unique nail design that can’t be replicated with any other nail polish colors.

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There’s always so much to discover on Instagram. Which one of these designs are you looking forward to get at your next manicure session?

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