15 Creative Henna Nail Designs To Look Modish

Henna is a kind of body art deriving from Ancient Egypt. Legend says that it is used by Cleopatra to design her body. Before burying the mummies, Egyptians used to use henna to color the nails of them with the reddish brown color of henna. Henna is known as Mehndi or Mehedi in the South Asia region. The tradition of using henna to adorn the body part of a person is still in order in countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan. A henna paste made from henna leaves is used to dye the skin and hair of the patron. Though the origins of henna is a debatable issue, it is largely anticipated as Egypt and India.  Henna designs became trendy to the people of the West in the late 1990s. They don’t call it Mehedi, rather it is named as henna tattoos. Since then, popular henna patterns have been used in many kinds of designs. Girls are having henna nail designs too. If you are planning to have henna nail designs, you should have a close look at this article.


Henna Nail Designs To Stay Chic

Henna designs are mostly inspired by traditional designs. Most of the henna nail designs consist of lines and flowery designs. Some other patterns like that of geometric patterns and traditional designs are also used in henna nail designs. However, there is no Bible about nail designs, so you can design as you like. You can modify any existing designs, or create a whole brand new design. I am going to exhibit a few designs to provide you with some henna nail designs and ideas. Hope you will find them try-worthy.



#1. Black Flowers

Henna Nail art in Black

Flowers are supposed to be colorful. Since henna doesn’t give colorful look naturally, you can have some leaves and flowers drawn on your nails with black henna color while having henna nail designs.

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#2. Alive on Coffin

Henna Nail Art on Coffin Nail

The word coffin creates the notion of a dead body but, in nail art coffin is a beautiful nail shape. You can draw some accentuated lively and alive patterns on one of your nails to have henna nail designs.


#3. Henna & Lace Combo

lace patterned henna nail

The combination of henna and lace nails has great efficacy in terms of nail designs. You can try out a henna color in lace patterns on the blue base of your nails. These henna nail designs look very impressive in henna colors.


#4. The Cohesiveness

cohesive henna nail design

This design looks good as a whole. All the nails create a good ambiance for henna nail designs together. You can have a cohesive nail design like this one.


#5. B&W Pair

The pair of black and white can be used in henna nail designs very effectively. You can paint the patterns on your white nails to have these henna nail designs.


#6. Original Henna Look

If you don’t like any modification of the actual things, this design is only for you. You can paint your nails with different patterns with henna color. The reddish-brown color of henna will look amazing on your nude nails.

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#7. Golden Charm

This design is for the people who love to make their nails shine. At first, paint your nails with black color. Then draw some golden patterns on them to have these henna nail designs.


#8. Rounded Patterns

Rounded henna patterns on square round nail look magnificent. Two curved parallel lines and tiny rooms in between them will do the trick for nail designs like this one.


#9. Leafy Design

henna art on nude nail

This is a henna nail art consisting of a leafy design. Different types of leaves are drawn on this nails to have this design. And the color resembles a dark shade of original raw henna color.

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#10. Colorful Henna Nail Designs

colorful henna patterned nail design

The patterns of henna designs have some distinct characteristics. Anyone can figure out the henna designs looking at the special sort of patterns. You can that kind of patterns in different colors to have your henna nails.


#11. Traditional Patterns

traditional henna design on nail

Some patterns are traditional in a sense that they have been used from the very beginning of henna designs. These traditional henna design on the nail is created using different shades of blue.


#12. Intricate Lacework

You can design your nails with designs inspired by intricate lacework. The designs of laces are quiet similar to the pattern of henna art, that is why laces and henna nail designs are compatible.


#13. Religious Significance

Henna is used in both Hinduism and Islam religion. It is a common sight in Hindu weddings and Muslim festivals. Besides, some patterns are identical to the rituals of Hindu people. You can have henna nail designs which have religious significance.


#14. Natural Look

natural henna color nail design

These nails are looking so natural. Both the color of the nude nails and henna are kept natural. The brown color of henna looks stunning on the nude nails. The patterns are also simple in this design.


#15. Glorious Grey

henna nail art on grey base

Grey nails hold superiority in the realm of nail designs. You can promote grey nails by adorning them with the beauty of henna nail designs. Draw some simple patterns in henna color along with a gentle touch of pure white.

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Henna nail designs consist of some common and conventional designs. You can modify these designs as per the occasion and mood calls. If you have already read this article, you already know what to do. Hope you will find the right design fitting your favorite nails.

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