Can You Paint Over Gel Nails?

Gel nails are gorgeous and attractive; no doubts about that! But weeks after installing them, gel nails can start to look messy and ugly.

The good news is you don’t have to remove gel nails when they start losing their shine. Instead, you can paint over gel nails to satisfying results.

This article will explain how to paint over gel nails to make them look more beautiful. Let’s get into it!


Can You Paint Over Gel Nails?

The simple answer is YES! And it can help you save money on another nail appointment.

Painting Over Gel Nails

There’s something purely aesthetic about gel nails. The design is fresh and usually flawless. But, the passing of time can do a number on gel nails.

Imperfections like scratched tips, growth gaps, and broken edges can make your gel nails look ugly. In cases like this, you don’t have to book a salon appointment.

You can paint over gel nails with normal nail polish or types of gel nail polish. Both options won’t affect the integrity of your nails and the underlying gel coat. You can also use nail polish to refill any gaps appearing in your gel nails.

Coloring your gel nails can extend how long they last. You also have the liberty to try out various designs with any type and color of nail polish.


How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Normal Polish

You’ll need a gel base, nail polish, and a nail file to paint over gel nails with traditional nail polish.

Using a traditional nail polish with a gel base always improves the color of the final results. However, you have to apply it patiently to avoid messing up the nail’s beauty.

Below is a step-by-step to painting over gel nails with regular nail polish.

Examine Your Skin

How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Normal Polish - Prepare Your Nails

The condition of the surrounding skin can contribute to the final results. Therefore, it’s important to start by inspecting the skin around your nails.

Check for injuries, dirt, and other particles on the skin surrounding the gel nails. You can take it a step further by protecting your cuticles with essential cuticle oils.


File out the Top Layer

How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Normal Polish - File Down Top Coat

The installation process of gel nails involves a base layer and a top layer. When the gel nails start losing beauty, the top layer is where the problem lies.

Therefore, it’s only right to remove the top layer before painting over gel nails with nail polish. You can easily remove the top layer with a nail file.

While filing your nails, remember you’re trying to remove only the top layer. You should do it slowly and with minimal pressure.

While examining your fingers, you may notice the edges don’t look so great. You can use a curved file to reshape the edges of your gel nails.


Apply the Gel Base

How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Normal Polish - Apply Gel Base

With the top layer off and your nail shape in great condition, it’s time to apply the nail polish.

But before you add the nail polish, the first goal is to ensure the nails are smooth enough. To smoothen the surface, you need a gel base that will get the nail ready for color.

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Apply the Nail Polish

How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Normal Polish - Apply Nail Polish

After applying the gel base to your nails, wait for it to dry completely. Then, you can start to paint over your gel nails with your desired nail polish.

Be sure to apply nail polish with a smooth flowing brushstroke. Also, make sure to cover the corners of your gel nails.


How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Gel Polish

How to Paint Over Gel Nails with Gel Polish

You can paint over gel nails with gel polish by following the process above. The only difference is applying gel polish will require you to use a LED lamp or UV light .

It’s extra work, but it’s well worth it. Gel polish on gel nails is an aesthetically pleasing combo that’s hard to beat.

Here’s a brief description of the procedure:

  • After examining your nails and cutting any cuticles, apply the gel base as a thin layer and wait for it to cure.
  • After that, carefully apply the gel polish.
  • The next step is to cure the paint. It’s at this point that you introduce UV lights or LED lights to cure gel polish. If you don’t have any of the lights, you can use a lamp instead. Some people refer to this process as “gelception.”

Gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish, thanks to the curing step. Like traditional nail polish, gel polish also comes in a variety of colors and finishes.


Final Thoughts

The answer to the question, “can you paint over gel nails” is yes! You can paint over gel nails with both nail polish and gel polish.

For the best results, you’ll need to follow the procedure above carefully. Both gel polish and nail polish won’t last forever and will require maintenance after some time.

Finally, it’s always better to visit an expert to help you with your nail needs, regardless of how small; if not for beauty, for your safety!


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