How to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer: 14 Secrets Unveiled

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your nail polish last longer? Imagine having the same color on your nails for two weeks without it chipping on you.

Since we are talking about nail polish and not gels, many women believe this is impossible. But, with some helpful tricks, we might just save your day (and money.)


Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

You can follow some of our hacks and practical ways that are not too demanding at all. You can kiss goodbye pricey salon visitations as well as un-trusted mani ladies.

Find yourself some spare time every day and you will be able to maintain your nail polish on your own. And when it comes to tools and tricks, get yourself:

#1: Vinegar Will Save The Day

Apply Vinegar on Nails

To make your nail polish last longer get yourself one cotton swab and wipe your nails with it after you’ve poured vinegar into the cotton.

Vinegar will destroy any bacteria that you may have on your nails as well as unneeded oils. After it dries down you will be ready for your usual base coat.

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#2: Don’t Soak Your Nails

Don't Soak Your Nails

If your nails are soaked a minute before you paint them, you will find that the nail polish won’t stick on as it is supposed to. Soaking helps with the damaged cuticles but not with the nails which are about to be polished.

If you want to hydrate your cuticles better use some hand creams or cuticle oil’s for that moisture. Your nail polish will thank you later.


#3: File

Filing Nails

Always file your nails and cut down the cuticles before you lacquer your nails. Also, buff the surface and you will see that the nail polish will apply like a piece of cake.


#4: Heads Up

Pushing Nail Cuticles

If you want your nail polish to last longer you shouldn’t apply nail polish to your cuticles; neither on purpose nor by accident. Just let them be as clean as possible.

You can also push down your cuticles with a cuticle pusher if you don’t feel like cutting them, or if you are afraid of the bleeding.


#5: Always Apply a Base Coat

Always Apply Basecoat

Two layers of a base coat should be something you will never forget to apply. They will help out your nail polish into lasting a lot longer, and the color will glide on much easier.

You will also notice that your manicure won’t chip on you as easily as you are used to it happening.

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#6: Think Again

You should never shake your nail polish before you apply it. Instead, you should roll it up and down between your hands.

That way you are preventing air bubbles from happening. And you know how ugly the manicures can be if you apply your nail polish incorrectly.


#7: Reapply It

After you apply your wanted nail color, apply a top coat. You should apply your top coat polish every three days. That way you are setting the whole manicure into place and it will last longer.


#8: Nothing Harsh

Don’t let your soap be your enemy. Clean your hand every day with some mild soaps and mild sand sanitizers. In fact, try to avoid the sanitizers as much as you can.

They are almost always too harsh on your nail polishes, as well as your hands. Watch out when you are washing the dishes too since the chemicals in there are even worse.


#9: Oil Is Your Friend

You should always apply creams and oils to your hands and nails. Remember that moisture is your friend and a great savior to help your nail polish last longer.


#10: What Now?

File Nail in Down Direction

If, however, your nail polish does start to chip although you did everything off of this list, you should file your tips downward like seen in the picture above. When you are done with filing them set them with a top coat.


#11: Hide and Seek

There are some tricks you can go for in case your manicure does end up breaking on you. Nail stickers, as well as rhinestones and gems, are a great trick to go for. Just glue them down and no one will suspect a thing.


#12: Tip

If you want to make your nail polish last longer; but you are dealing with chipped nail tips, there is a solution for that too.

Color your tips in a classic French manicure, or even add some funky lines on the places where the nails have chipped. This way you will look cute, elegant and not suspicious at all.


#13: Gloves Are Your Friend

Hand Gloves

Even though not many people are doing this hack, you should be one of them! Try wearing rubber gloves as often as you can so that you can protect your manicures.

You will notice that they are going to last you longer since they are not exposed to the detergent or the hot water.


#14: But What If It Happens?

If you do end up chipping or damaging your manicure you should take off your nail polish.

Don’t ever, and we do mean ever, paint the polish over a chipped manicure. They will get very bumpy and uneven. Sometimes it is better to start off fresh.

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These 14 helpful hacks can and will make your nail polish last longer. Make sure to take proper care of your nails, and to follow these steps one by one just for the ultimate results.

It helps your nail polish to last longer, but it also nourishes and gives vitamins to your cuticles and hands in general.

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