6 Different Types of Artificial Nails You Can Try

You are probably wondering how many different types of nails you can apply to uplift the beauty of your nails? The beauty industry, nowadays, is coming out with loads of trends, and it seems a little too hard to keep up. 


Different Artificial Nail Types

Sorting them out alphabetically, you have:

You’ve probably heard about each and every one of these at least once during your lifetime but have never been able to tell if when someone is talking about the crystal nails are they referring to silk nails and vice versa.

If you are one of those people have no worries, the following details will help you out.


Acrylic Nails

acrylic nail design

The main difference when we are talking about the acrylic nails is that they are made with different substances than any other nails.

Acrylic nails are made out of a liquid powder and are being sculpted directly onto your nails. Most of the time this mixture will cover the entire nail and not just the nail bed.

Now the thing with this liquid powder is that – the longer it is exposed to the air, the more it hardens. That is the reason why you always end up with hard, stiff, and long lasting nails.

Refill: Your natural nails will start to grow, and sooner or later, you will notice that your nails will require a refill. Rush to the salon every 3 weeks to get them as fresh as possible.

Removal: It’s the best if you don’t try this at home because women often injure themselves easily when removing them on their own.

Just go to the salon and have your nail tech either file them down or soak them in acetone. Either way, they are professionals and they know what they are doing.



  • Refills of Acrylic Nails is cheaper than any other nails & the refill is durable for around 6 months so you don’t have to get new set of acrylic nails more often.
  • Acrylic nails grow quickly.
  • Acrylic Nails usually last very long, approximately for 2 long months. 
  • It doesn’t easily crack if it can properly be applied.



  • Acrylic nails can be a little expensive based on the location you live in.
  • Drying the nails sometimes becomes boring as it takes 30-40 minutes to dry. But letting them dry is important.
  • Some salons are not well ventilated which results in the horrible smell of different nail polishes.


Crystal Nails

Crystal Nail design

When we are talking about different types of nails, we need to mention that crystal nails may be a little bit overrated. Crystal nails are a lot similar to the acrylic nails.

They are a fake type of an enchantment which is done with a clear acrylic, gel or even resin.

  • The build-up process, as well as the removal, is the same as with the acrylic nails.
  • The main and key difference is in their final look which is shiny and glossy.
  • After the nails are extended, a nail tech will put a clear polish coat. That is why they are always so glossy, see-through and glass looking.
  • Even the picture above is showing you that the nails are super glass-like.


Gel Nails

Gel Nail design

Gel nails are the most loved nails worldwide. It is because they are a natural option, which a lot of women tend to like.

The gel polish is extremely thick and rarely cracks. If you love a glossy manicure, the gel is probably something you will adore.

Your nail tech will apply the chosen color on top of your nails. After every coat, she will have to let them dry, or ”cure” under the UV light. That is a little trick so your manicure can set better.

Refill: You will need to put another coat of color every three weeks, just like with the acrylics.

Removal: Because these are your natural nails, you can remove them on your own. Just a proper acetone and 10 minutes of your time will do. There is no reason to pay extra for your nail tech.



  • Gel nails take the shortest time to get dry.
  • Gel Nail polishes usually have no bad smell.



  • The after-condition of natural nails are mostly unexpected & unwanted. They become so thin & weak. Moreover, it takes a good time to get the healthy natural nails back.
  • It takes almost 90 minutes or above to apply the Gel nails.

How Much Do Gel Nails Cost?


Powder Nails

Powder Nail design you love

This type of a nail design has been seen everywhere on social media. These dipped powder manicures will last you up to three weeks longer than your regular gel manicures.

The process itself, starts as always, with a base coat. Then your nails will be dipped into a colored powder of your choice.

The powder will be transformed and sculpted into a glossy manicure after the nail tech is done with her magic.

Dipped powder manicure has an instant dry, which is something that every woman loves.

Refill: Good thing is that this manicure can be done on your natural fingernails, as well as on the acrylics. So you can choose what option to go for.

Removal: The removal is the same as with the acrylic or gel nails.


Press On Nails

The Press on nails or fake nails are a great solution for busy women. Among these 6 different types of nails, these are actually the cheapest.

You can find them anywhere and everywhere, starting from eBay to Ulta, drugstores, in smaller market stores, and on some online pages.

Unfortunately, these are not going to last you a longer period of time. But in our opinion, since they are so cheap, we find this fact to be not as big of a problem.

You can easily repurchase your beloved nails constantly and apply them at your home.

So no fancy upkeep or tools are required. Plus, the glue that you need so that you can apply your nails comes with the tips.

Removal: You probably shouldn’t remove them at all, but rather just wait so they fall off on their own. Their lifespan doesn’t last longer than 10 days, so you should just let them be. In case you really get tired of them, you should file them away.

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Silk Nails

Silk Nail design for girl

Last but not least on our different artificial nail types list we have the ‘Silk Wrap Nails’. These fabric wraps are used on your natural nails, and they are glued down in a hope to strengthen your weak nails.

They are actually a type of a ”protection” for your brittle nails. Mostly, they are made out of silk or even linen and fiberglass.

When being applied, your nail tech will focus the material on your nail shape. She will apply it steadily and precisely and then brush on the glue to set it.

These silks are temporary, so they don’t, unfortunately, last long. Only about 2-3 weeks.

Removal: After 2-3 weeks pass you should go to your nail tech again so that they can reapply the silk. You shouldn’t be experimenting on your own when it comes to the removal and the refill process since your nails are so brittle and weak.


Infographic on Nail Types

We have prepared an Infographic to summarize. You can save it in your device to read later.

Artificial Nail Types Infographic 


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Tips About Artificial Nails

  • Every action of the nail technician is important from the time you ask her for the Nail design. Go for any known or recommended technicians since in this sector – the experiment is not rational.
  • Ask them to stay hygienic as it can affect your nail indirectly. 
  • You have to be sure that you roll the polish bottle rather than shaking it to evade bubbles.
  • If you are allergic to normal latex, special latex-free fences are also found to remove nail polish from the skin.
  • You can use cheap glue in substitute of liquid latex while applying nails and art over it.
  • If you want a long durable manicure, rub Vinegar on your nails before the application.

Are you going to try an artificial nail soon? Read & save the infographic below to recap before your next nail salon visit.

tips about artificial nails
Infographic on: 10 Tips for Artificial Nails


Interesting Poll Conducted on Nail Salon Owners

Nail Types Poll infographics


Now you know all the different nail types and also which one is popular. Which one is your favorite? If you do have a regular one you tend to go with, how about the next time you switch it up a bit?

You will feel great about yourself since you’ve embraced a positive change, and who knows, maybe you end up loving the new nail design.

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