There is no absolute amount that can be cited as the exact cost to get your nails done. Since there are different types of manicures and beauty salons, the price also varies depending on the quality of the manicures and the salons.

But, we can give you an apparent idea of what might be the average cost to get your nails done. Before that, you must tell me what nails you are going to get.

As there is no scope for Q&A sessions, I am going to explain the cost to get almost every kind of nail done.


The Average Cost to Get Your Nails Done

Acrylic nails, gel nails, and shellac nails are the most worn nails in the nail fashion industry. Then these nails can be adorned with various types of nail art like airbrushing, 3D nails, decals/stickers, glitters, rhinestones, etc.

So, it not only depends on what nails you are getting but also on what nail art you are having. I’ll enumerate the average cost to get your nails done but don’t take it as an absolute figure. The cost may vary from nails to nails, salons to salons.


The Cost to Get Acrylic Nails Done

Cost to Get Acrylic Nails Done

Acrylic nails aren’t cheap to have. They are not expensive either. But, if you might be worried about whether your money is worth spending on the acrylics or not.

You can see the amazing acrylic nails design from our website to know how beautiful they look. Your every penny will be well-spent for sure.

The starting prices of acrylic nails are more or less from a minimum of 35$ to a maximum of 60$. There could be any price in between the two limits.

The average cost of quality acrylic nails is 40$ on average. Get to know more details about the application and maintenance cost of acrylic nails here.

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The Cost to Get Gel Nails Done

Cost to Get Gel Nails Done

Gel nails are becoming popular gradually. These nails are replacing acrylic nails for their extra durability. These nails last longer through they involve the possibility of skin damage because of the use of UV light.

Gel nails produce a great look and the UV light curing process helps them make a strong bond with the nailbeds.

The average cost of having gel nails done is 45$. Most of the salons charge 40$ to 50$ for a full set of gel nails. Your money is surely worth spending on such beautification purposes. Click here to get a detailed idea about the overall cost of gel nails.


The Cost to Get Shellac Nails Done

The Cost to Get Shellac Nails Done

CND has come up with a new idea to change the nail art industry. They have introduced a special kind of nails called CND shellac nails. This has become so popular overnight that girls are getting mad to have shellac on their nails.

Usually, the average cost is 30$ which is without any extra beautification. But, they can fluctuate between 50$ to 70$ depending on the nail art and extra products you’ll use to enhance the beauty.  Shellac nails are extraordinarily beautiful. You must give something to get something.

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You can see from the above discussion that there is actually no fixed figure to refer to the cost to get your nails done. 

Moreover, you may have to spend some money to tip the nail artist. So, the cost may differ to many degrees for many reasons.

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