How Short Can Acrylic Nails Be? 41 Styles In Trend

We all love a good set of acrylic nails on our hands from time to time, and many of us like to keep them extra long and fancy. However, they maybe some of you who like to keep their nails super short, as well as the acrylics.

Short acrylics are mostly a thing if you’ve just started wearing them and you don’t feel confident enough just for the real deal.


Acrylic Nails: How Short Can They Be?

Acrylic nails can go as short as the tip of your natural nails! So no worries for you minimalistic lovers out there. You can wear your acrylics short and yet super cute. But just know that acrylic nails definitely require some major upkeep.


Don’t worry, your nails will grow

 natural Acrylic Nails

You should know that your natural nails will grow underneath the acrylics. This means the longer your natural nails grow the acrylics will get longer. Which means if you would like them to remain short you’ll need to file them a lot and visit the salon regularly.

Stylish Acrylic Nail designs for Every Women


The Upkeep

blue Acrylic Nail design idea

Unfortunately, you will need to clean your nails a lot more than you are used to. Unwanted dirt can easily get stuck under tips far too often and deep. Be sure to clean them daily with any type of soap and a scrub.


Picking Up Things

Acrylic Nails

Picking up things can be really difficult with long nails, but hey, with short acrylics? You’ll be just fine. Did you drop a penny? No problem, your fancy short manicure can take it.

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?


Applying Acrylic nails on short bitten nails


Short Acrylic Nail Designs

For women in all kinds of professions – from being a homemaker to working the pits and everything in between, nothing works as miraculously as acrylic nails, either long ones or short acrylic nails.

Nails are high maintenance, although most of us forget about it, considering that it is only a tiny portion of our overall existence. On the rare occasions we o bother to spare them some glance, we are always mesmerized by the outcome because the nails – if properly taken care of – can accentuate a person’s appearance effortlessly.

It is for this reason that almost all red carpet occasions and runways these days spend considerable time and moolah on manicures. For people in the show-business, it makes sense to harbor long nails. If they can’t be achieved naturally, acrylic nails are the obvious solution.

However, nowadays, with an increasing emphasis on practical living and a rising population of career women – who have to look good and perform – short acrylic nails have evolved as a viable option.

If you are wondering whether these nails can pull off the same degree of elan as long ones, let us burst that bubble right away with our list of handpicked short acrylic nail designs.

All acrylic Nails are usually loved by artificial Nail lovers. But if You are choosy while picking up the best short acrylic design, you may get some help from the following ideas: 

1. Short Round Acrylic Nails

 round short acrylic nails


2. Short Acrylic Almond Nails

short acrylic almond nails


3. Short Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

Short Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails


4. Oval Short Acrylic Nails

 short oval acrylic nails


5. Short Acrylic Pointy Nails

short pointy acrylic nails


6. Acrylic Short Square Nails


7. Short Acrylic Squoval Nails


8. Very Short Acrylic Nails


9.  Short Acrylic Sunflower Nail Design


10. Short Clear Acrylic Nail Art

short clear acrylic nails


11. Maroon Acrylic Short Nails


12. Short Pink Acrylic Nails


13. Short  White Acrylic Nails


14. Short Yellow Acrylic Nails


15. Short Acrylic Nails for Kids

short acrylic nails for kids


16. Valentine’s Most Attractive Acrylic Nails

Short Acrylic Nails

Does it mean You cannot wear it except valentines month or day? The answer is “NO!” Women today believe in diversity and that’s why they don’t follow any trend so they don’t need any Valentine’s day.

Rather they love to wear the nail designs whichever goes with their looks. This design will add up an extra glam to any look.


17. Classy Blue short Acrylic Nail Design

Blue Short Acrylics

This short blue acrylic nails will extravagantly suit you if you are classy and fashion-conscious. 


18. Pacific Hand-painted Acrylics 

Nail Designs are not only for fashionistas but also for righteous hearts. And these artistic acrylic short nails can easily express women’s love for tranquility & creativity.

If you are a woman who wants calmness around you all the time, Experiment this Nail design. 


19. Dual Toned Short Acrylic

black & white short acrylic nail

This is a unique representation where you can wear natural, glitter, 3D arts nails all at a time. If you are aesthetic by heart, You can set your mind to pick this idea.


20. Black Leopard in Golden Glitters

Leopard design Short Acrylics

No woman can be found who is not obsessed with Tiger-Printed Nails! If you want to be looked casual, this leopard design is for you.


21. Floral Printed short Acrylics  

Floral Printed Red Acrylics

This design will remind you of “Spring”! As soon as you wear this in spring, the refreshing appearance will definitely cheer you up with nature.


22. Golden Rush with Rhinestone

short acrylic nail with rhinestones

If you love being over the top, this nails will speak on behalf of you! This design is like the party on the nails, reserve it for any upcoming occasion you are eagerly waiting for.


23. The Classic French Manicure

short acrylic nail designs

French Manicure is one kind of nail art, which can never go out of fashion. The secret behind its allure lies in the fact that this nail art can be adapted to any nail size, but more specifically to short nails.

If you have bitten your nails off and are looking for a way to regrow them and make them look pretty, go no further than the classic French Manicure.


24. Rainbow Nails

rainbow short acrylic nails

Short acrylic nails are appealing because of their cute and handy appearance. You can make them look classy, but also fun, unlike long nails, which can never really be wholly fun.

Painting each nail a different glossy shade is a sweet way to play around with your manicure.


25. Black And Gold

black and gold short acrylic nails

Do you want to create a style statement? Go black. You want your statement to dazzle? Add a dash of gold. Gold and black – like black and red, white or yellow – is a very strong combination which can transform the appearance.

The presence of black single-handedly adds a touch of class to the manicure, while the gold brings a smattering of elegant risque.


26. Polka Dots

polka dots short acrylic nails

A cute design for smart short acrylic nails. Polka dots are easy to paint and are apt for a vacation or a day at the beach or simply a girls’ night out.

Also, polka dots look best on short nails. The stronger the contrast between the base color and the dot colors, the more striking the effect.


27. Beach Nails

beach short acrylic nails

There are multiple versions of the beach nails. The underlying shade is the pastel cobalt blue or lime blue shade. You can treat it the way you want. You can either paint all the nails blue or can incorporate the feeling of the sand by alternating the nails with some light ochre.

Alternatively, you can also use nail paint split with nail polish remover to create the illusion of surf on the nails. Life’s a beach with nails such as these.


28. Summer Nails

short summer acrylic nails

Nothing says summer like yellow. Paint your short acrylic nails in vibrant bloc shades of yellow – mustard and lemon – as well as candy-orange or lime green.

Even if summer is still a few weeks away, these summer nails can help you set the mood alright.


29. The One-Nail Glitter

If you have been donning a single bloc shade – because you cannot get too funky at work, can you? – then come party-time, you need not fully replace the manicure. An easier way out is to simply rub the paint off one nail and paint it with glitter.

Even the tiniest amount of glitter can bring about a much-needed glamour to the nails. Using the glitter on only one nail maintains a good balance between color and shine.


30. Short Acrylic Ombre Nails

Who said you need only long nails to sport ombres? Short acrylic nails are equally good with ombre shades. The available canvas is albeit smaller, so you will be required to blend the colors fast.

Also, you can use more than three shades, although we recommend that you stick to two, to make both of them stand out. Three becomes slightly crowded.


31. Acrylic Short Chrome Nails

Short acrylic chrome nails are the go-to recipe for any outing, be it formal or with friends. They are flashy and glossy and if finished properly, they look ravishing.

With longer nails, admittedly, the effect is more striking, but shorter nails can also pull off this style.


32. Geometrical Nails

You can stick to a strictly regimental pattern choosing a simple geometric pattern – chevrons are in vogue now – as your nail art form.

With short acrylic nails, the less complex the designs, the better. Leaving some negative space often works, lending the nail a clean, disciplined look.


33. Short Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

Rhinestones are a quick fix to any dull manicure – although it does take long to attach them.

If you feel that you are failing to glam up your short nails, you can design a pattern out of rhinestones, placing them either at the cuticle end, in a clustered, or have them streak diagonally across the canvas of the nail.


34. Pastel Acrylic Nails

Just like polka dots, pastel is something you easily associate with fun and children. While you cannot exactly be childish, your nails are a different thing! Especially for summer evenings out, you can sport pastel shades on your short acrylic nails.

If you want to spice up things, you can use multiple pastel shades on different fingers. This will help shift focus from the slightly light absorptive effect of these colors.


35. Floral Acrylic Nails

If you want to keep your nails prim and artistic, have little flowers and petals painted, preferably only on the tips. Flowers go best in baby pink, especially if you plan on painting roses, which is the most common floral pattern in the nail art business.

Alternatively, you can have blue petals and buds etched on the white nail tips, gently overlapping into the nail body.


36. Reverse French Manicures

French Manicures need not be boring. Besides being extremely practical, this kind of manicure can be adapted to suit different styles.

For instance, instead of painting the nail tips of your short acrylic nails white, you can have them painted an acid pop color. Considering that the nails are short, the dash of color is not going the rob the manicure of its elegance.


37. Marble Print Acrylic Nails

marble printed acrylic nails

Marble patterns work beautifully on all kinds of nails, even on short acrylic nails. Marble nails look clean and polished. Especially on short nails, they look particularly snug and realistic.

It is, however, not a style to follow for a glitzy event, but for something more muted and formal.


38. The Classic Nude Nails

If you really want to stick to the practical side of nail art, go for nude nails. Nude shades are of many types, and may not necessarily be chosen akin to the skin tone. Rather, women with a slightly darker skin tone can choose fewer shades lighter.

Pale women may either stick to their skin tone or may improve the look by going for a shade darker than their skin tone. The size of the nail and the finish of this manicure makes it an ideal solution for professional women.


39. The Cherry Red Nails

Cherry Red short acrylic Nails

Oh, who doesn’t love cherry nails? Come Christmas, all we want is our nails to be nice and glossy and oh-so-red! Cherry red goes with all kinds of nail sizes too, but with short acrylic nails, it looks so welcoming.

Long, red-painted nails can be slightly intimidating, in contrast. Short cherry nails can also go for any semi-formal event.


40. The Matte Finish Nails

the matte finish nails

You do not always need coffin nails to pull off a matte finish. Short acrylic nails look quite classy in matte shades. The choice of the shade depends on the skin tone.

However, you can barely ever go wrong with black. Black matte is a style statement in itself. On the other hand, if you want to keep it simple, you can stick to muted shades too.


41. Short Negative Space Nails

negative space short acrylic nails

You can resort to negative space patterns for short acrylic nails when you feel like giving your nails a bit of a break. Negative space nail art is easy on the eyes and can be customized to suit different requirements. 

If you want to keep to simple, you can leave the lunula free. Otherwise, you can also choose some more complex patterns.


Short acrylic nails are easy to maintain and do not come in the way of daily work like doing the dishes or picking up things, unlike long nails. They can be cleaned easily and offer reduced risks of chipping.

Their practicality, however, need not mean that they can be unattractive. As we saw above, short acrylic nails can be as hep as long ones.

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