130 Unavoidable Coffin Nail Designs A-List Swear By!

Coffin nail designs have become popular worldwide because of its intense look which will make your nails obvious to the people around you. These nails are unavoidable to be admired. Coffin nails have a subtle difference with the stiletto nails.

Both these nails are long and the tips are narrow. But, stiletto nails are pointy whereas these nails have a flat end on the top. That’s why coffin nails are more acceptable to common girls.


Coffin Nail Designs to Adorn Your Nails

Coffin nails suit long fingers the best so you can choose them according to your nail and finger size. If your natural or artificial long and narrow nails are filed horizontally on the top, it will give the ballerina shape. After having the right shape, it’s your turn to concentrate on coffin nail designs.

#1. Black Coffin Nail Design

black coffin nail design

These ultra-long coffin nails look truly spectacular! What makes them so unique is the variety of textures used on every single nail: matte, transparent with rhinestones and glittery textured.


#2. Coffin Shaped Clear Nails

clear coffin nails

If you want a pretty noticeable design for your nails, use a coffin shape and make them look transparent. These crystal clear nails can be done with acrylic gel because your natural nail has a matte color.


#3. Coffin Nail with Rhinestones

coffin nail designs with rhinestones

Rhinestones come in all shapes and sizes and you should totally take advantage of that! Keep your nails in a long coffin shape and create outstanding designs on each nail. 


#4. Coffin Ombre Nail Design


coffin ombre nail designs

For these nails, you can combine the French manicure with an ombre look for your nail beds. Create a smooth transition between the two colors and add glitter on your ring finger. 


#5. Fall-inspired Coffin Nail Art

 fall coffin nail designs

Keep your coffin nails ultra-long and use two matte brown shades as nail polish. For your index finger create a transparent nail using acrylic gel and add floral motifs on it. 


#6. Blue Ballerina

Blue coffin nail design

These blue nails look stunning. The design process is simple. Paint your nails with a matte cobalt blue, then place some gold rhinestones on them to enhance the beauty.

Dramatic Nail Designs in Shades of Blue


#7. Coffin Acrylic Nails

acrylic nude coffin nail design

Most of the coffin nails are acrylic where the nail extensions are used to add length to the nails. You can adorn your acrylic coffin nails with a nude color as depicted in the picture.


#8. Matte Coffin Nail Design

Matte coffin nails design

Matte nail polish looks great on coffin nails. You can use any matte color especially the darker ones. Make sure that you are using the right color which goes with both your coffin nails and your outfits.

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#9. Chrome Coffin Nails

Coffin chrome coffin nail idea

Chrome Nails are mirror-like nails which are extra shiny and colorful. You can adorn these funky nails as a perfect party attire.


#10. Pink Coffin Nails

Pink is the ultimate color that is used in almost every type of cosmetics and fashion wears. Nail art is no exception. Paint your coffin nails with the pink color to have its good vibe on your nails.


#11. Navy Blue Nails Magic

Black coffin nail design

You can paint your nails with the magic of navy blue matte polish. Different sort of trendy rings will complement the beauty of your coffin nails.


#12. Coffin Glitter Nails

Glitters can be used very handily on the nails when you want to add shine to your mani. These pink coffin nails look splendid with the presence of glitters.


#13. The Holiness of White

White Coffin nails

White is the metonym to aristocracy and holiness. You can use only white color to have such aristocratic coffin nails.


#14. Red Hot Coffin Nails

Paint your nails with matte red nail polish and place some silver glitters to make them look shiny. That’s it. Your coffin nails will spread hotness in the surroundings. Wear some rings, and the coffin nails will have some fashionable companions.

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#15. Peach And Marble

Two different design is blended together in this nail art. Paint some of your nails with marble pattern and color the others with a mild peach color. Add some studs and rhinestones on the peach nails to have good looking nail art.


#16. Red & Black Chic Nails

This nail art is looking so chic. Anyone will become a great fan of these nails at the first sight. But, you have to create the effects rightly to get the impact of these amazing coffin nail designs.


#17. Short Coffin Nail Designs

Short Coffin nail design

Though most of the coffin nails are long, you may wear short ones too. You can follow this design or any of the coffin nail designs will look good on the short nails.


#18. Nude Coffin Nail Art

The charm of black and the glow of rhinestones, both have been executed so perfectly in this nail art. These coffin nail designs have the ability to impress anyone.

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#19. Shine Brighter

These nails are for the individuals who love extra shine. The maroon color looks amazing and the shine is something out of this world.


#20. Summer Coffin Nail Design

You can choose red velvet coffin-shaped nails for the summer. These neon red nails will give you a bold and expressive look that you will not go unnoticeable if you have these coffin nail designs.


#21. Coffin Nails with Diamonds

Negative spaces in Coffin nails

Negative space is a handy element in nail art industry. You can enhance the beauty of a regular manicure using the negative spaces wisely.


#22. Maroon Madness

The maroon color looks so delicate that you’ll not need anything extra to make the maroon nails look luxe. Simply paint your ballerina or coffin nails with a matte maroon polish which will complement the coffin-shaped nail designs.


#23. Mint Green Nails

Mint green is a member of pastel colors’ family. You can use this color to adorn your coffin nails. Use some glitters while having these coffin nail design.


#24. Glitters And Rhinestones

Glitters and rhinestones, these two elements are used together in millions of nail designs. You can make the best use of them in your nails.

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#25. 3D Coffin Nails

3D coffin nails art

Paint your nails with a grey matte polish then put some 3D flowers on them. 3D coffin nail designs will look extremely well if you have the expertise in designing them.


#26. Varied Patterns

These tribal Aztec nails are simply gorgeous and elegant. Different colors, studs, rhinestones, all these things together can produce some stunning coffin nail art.

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#27. Striped Coffin Nails

Striped Coffin nails

This is a very simple design. Paint your nails with any color of your choice then place some gold stripes on the nails to complete the whole design.


#28. The Diversity

It’s not obligatory to design all your nails in the similar fashion. You can paint each of your nails differently. That will add diversity to your coffin nail designs.


#29. Brown Coffin Nails

Brown color Coffin nail design

You can have the best looking coffin nails with only a single color. You have to select the right color for getting this best output. Brown is absolutely a go-to color in this regard. These coffin nails are looking great in brown color.


#30. Long Coffin Nails

Long gorgeous coffin nail design

If you have long nails, that means you have more space to cover the nail paint. Don’t worry, long coffin nail looks marvelous if you can design them correctly. You can try these purple nails while having coffin nail designs.

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Infographic on Coffin Nails

coffin nails infographic






































































































No matter what shape or color you have, you can wear these coffin nail designs painted on you. If you paint your Coffin nails in a well-organized manner, they will give the best feedback for sure.

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