How to Shape Almond Nails The Right Way

A lot of us have been loving the almond shape, but how to shape almond nails? That might be a struggle. It is super easy when we are at a salon and the nail tech does all of her moves in less than 10 minutes, but if you had to recreate it at home? It becomes a horror. But with proper equipment and some time investment, you will definitely pull it off.


How To Get Almond Shape Nails

almond nail

First, make sure you have your nail files as well as a nail buffer. Shaping your natural nails is easier than shaping acrylics, so those are some good news for you. However, what you might not like is the fact that your natural nails may break easily. So you better be careful when filing them.


The Movements

How to File It

If you want to know how to shape almond nails you got to have a vision. Before you start filing it you need to mark a certain spot in the center of your nails. That mark is going to be your filing point. File your nails on both sides with the same pressure and with the same hand movements up to that mark. Leave a flat tip at the top to round it. Use a buffer and buff out any harsh lines and remove the unwanted dusty parts of your nails. The more pressure you put into the shaping process the rougher the top will be. If you are all about sharp tip’s then file away!


Why Go With This Shape

Go with Almond Shaped Nails

  • When shaping your nail into the almond shape you are really making your nails sexier and sturdier. This shape, as well, makes your fingers super skinny and they even appear longer.
  • The almond shape has been super hot lately that even celebrities are hopping onto this train. For an example, you can see that Rihanna is killing the music industry, but she is also killing it with a hot style.


Irresistible Manicure

Manicure for Almond Shaped Nails

Every salon will charge you the same for you manicures no matter the shape. You can have a full set of acrylics with an almond shape for approximately $50. In case you are not convinced yet, here are some of the hottest designs you can go with:

Pick Your Almond Nails from These Designs!

Who Should Get It?

Be Posh with Almond Shaped Almond nail shape is mostly worn by businesswomen. This shape just speaks to them and it usually seals to deal at the office with some bigger projects. Besides being perfect for the office, these nails are also perfect for women who are more feminine and like to dress classy. And let’s not forget that celebrities tend to go with this shape a lot.

Nails for Acrylic Lovers

One more of the perks when shaping your nails almond is that you will become a perfect scratching machine. These nails feel the most comfortable on the skin and that’s why men are also loving this shape.

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