How To Shape Stiletto Nails: Learn to Do It Flawlessly

Stiletto nails have been uttered as a buzzword right after these nails are promoted by different celebrities, especially singers.

Now, it has become a new trend and some girls are desperate to have it. It is not your thing to worry about as long as you want to have these nails done by a beauty salon.

But, if you want to do it yourself, you certainly need a well-directed guideline. The task is tiresome but if you are in love with this stiletto shape, you will embrace the trouble just to have them at your fingertips.


How To Shape Stiletto Nails Step By Steps

First, you have to arrange the perfect pieces of equipment to file the perfect shape. Most of these nails are extensions so it will risk-free as you are not working with your natural nails.

But, shaping fake nails is harder than shaping your natural nails. You must be very cautious while filing the nails because any wrong step can change the shape. You can have stiletto nails by following the instructions given below.


Materials And Tools

Having appropriate tools means having the work half done. You need these materials to have the stiletto shapes on your nails.

  • Nail Extensions
  • Scissors and Nail File
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Glue


Get Stilleto Shaped Nails, Watch Out The Video Tutorial Below

The Movements

The most important part of shaping the nails is cutting them at the right angle. Stiletto nails are supposed to be pointy. At first, identify the center point of your nails.

Then place the scissors carefully so that the tips of the nails become pointy. When the shape is done, use a nail file to have a refined stiletto shape. After getting the shape, apply a base coat on your extensions.

Then apply your desired nail polish. Wait a few minutes to let the nails polish dry. Use a top coat to protect the nail polish. Finally. attach these nails to your nails with the help of nail glue. That is it. Your stiletto nails are ready to go.

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Stiletto Nail designs

Long Matte Stiletto Nails

Having only the shapes is not enough to attract the eyes of fashion geeks. You have to find a suitable design to complement your stiletto nails and your overall look. We have discussed a very wide range of ideas and designs to adorn your stiletto nails in the following article.


Who Should Get This?

Stiletto nails are not suitable for working women. These pointy tips are a source of trouble for them as it is almost impossible to type something having these nails.

So, these nails are basically for trendy women who are bold and expressive. Girls who want to say something through their nails are the fans of stiletto nails.

Besides, some girls are having these just to follow the style of the celebs. In case you really want them you can try short stiletto nails.

Fan of Stiletto? Get Some Inspiration


Shaping or designing nails will not do any good if you do not take care of the nails. Whatever designs or shapes you are getting, never forget to take proper care of them.  Hope you will find the right nails for you.

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