110 Top Stiletto Nail Designs to Turn Heads Quickly

The Stiletto nail design trend was born in the 1950s and is growing today more than ever. With the help of celebrities such as Rihana, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, etc, it has become one of the hottest nail styles among young nail lovers.

Art symbolizing strength and fierceness in the form of nails is certainly an attraction for us girls.

Extreme-looking long oval nails with a pointed tip, mostly fake; acrylic, solar… those the lucky ones who maintain their long nails have the real ones.

However, beauty this time comes with a cost, this dangerous design will end up rendering your hands almost useless, unless you wanna peal your skin scratching!

#1. Gilded Clear Stilettos

clear stiletto nails

You might have heard about translucent jelly nails, but these clear ones will surely take your manicure to the next level. Add a coat of transparent polish to your pointy press-on nails and sprinkle a mix of fine and chunky gold glitter on top.

#2. Metallic Chrome Manicure 

chrome stiletto nails

Not all stiletto nail designs require a lot of effort. Some are easy to achieve and look equally stunning, like these long metallic nails.

Start off with any base color, preferably black, and rub silver chrome powder on top using your finger or a sponge brush.

#3. Rainbow Stiletto Nails

rainbow stiletto nails

A little less sparkle with a lot more color will make your fingertips noticeable from a distance. Add irregular blobs of vibrant shades on the nails and merge them together with a thin brush. Finish off with a clear top coat.

#4. Christmas Theme 

stiletto nails for Christmas

White and red stiletto nails are a must-try both for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Add polka dots on one nail with candy cane stripes on another. You can also try a glitter accent with teeny tiny hearts instead. Eye-popping!

#5. Mismatched Gel Stilettos

gel stiletto nails

Color your life with these mismatched nails. Try gel polish for a change that lasts much longer compared to regular lacquers while protecting the nail beds.

Nail stickers of a cute kitty and its little paw prints are sure to make you squeal.

#6. Baby Blue Acrylics 

Sticking to the basics, solid-colored nails never go out of style. Pamper your short to medium stilettos with baby blue acrylic nail paint that looks cool with all skin tones.

Add rhinestones or metallic studs on the nails for a fancy finish.

#7. Lavender Frost

It might be almost impossible to say no to these gorgeous frosted lavender stilettos.

Paint the nail beds keeping the tips transparent for a glass-like appeal. Place matching dreamy butterfly sequins on the clear region and that’s it.    

#8. Lime Green Gradient 

Make jaws drop with a vibrant neon or lime green manicure. Go for plain solid nails or create a gradient effect by coating the nail base only and dragging the nail paint towards the clear tip using a thin brush.

#9. Holographic Stiletto Nails

holographic stiletto nail design

Who doesn’t love a subtle holographic effect on the nails? Apply the holo powder on a tacky base coat and top it off with a water-based clear nail polish to preserve the rainbow of colors. Decorate with shiny nail gems.

#10. Marble Nail Design 

marble stiletto nails

Consider getting a multi-colored marble stiletto nail design for your sharp claws. Experiment with the water marble technique or smudge the colors together with a brush. Add fine white lines for a realistic effect, with or without some gold foil on top.

#11. Hot Pink & Zebra Stiletto Nails

pink stiletto nail design

Hot pink stiletto nails are very popular and you can try them with a creative touch! Zebras might not have claws, but you can certainly get zebra print on your claws.

Start with a clean layer of hot pink with penetration of black and white zebra stripes on these soft-tipped stiletto nail designs.

#12. Black Tiger Claws

black and white stiletto nail design

Black stiletto nails look elegant and we love this beautiful style. As if this style isn’t daring enough, leopard black nails for complete cat-woman claws for an even more daring fierce design.

#13. Abstract Danger

stiletto nail designs 3

Varnish your pointy sharp tips with complimenting warm colored drawings on top of transparent glossy coated nails.

A stiletto nail design is certainly unique and creative and perfectly matches your warm autumn outfits.

#14. Dark Burgundy Stiletto Nails

burgundy stiletto nail design

A Royal sophisticated appearance with dark burgundy polished stiletto nail style dramatized with the addition of a matte coat and accessorized with rhinestones at the base of the accent index finger.

Wanna try henna in stiletto nails? This video tutorial will help you:

#15. White & Colorful Long Stiletto Nail Design

white stiletto nail design

Cool nail colors like blues and green have been proven to be the world’s most beloved and favored colors, for what soothing effects they reflect upon us.

So, it’s always a smart choice to get creative with these shades on your long pedicured canvas.

#16. Floral Stiletto Nails

 Floral & Fierce stiletto nail style

Sooth down your long bold stiletto nails with this cute girly floral pattern on top of warm orange and purple background.

#17. Smokey Black and Silver Stiletto Nails

black Stiletto nail ideas for women

Create stiletto nails with a smokey vibe using a a silver and black glitter stiletto nail design to get a full look matching your smokey eye makeup.

For an extra fierce appearance add smudges of matte black polish giving you a leopard vibe.

#18. Bronze Brush

Bronze Brush stiletto nail designs for women

A divergence from the basic black stiletto nail design, with a simple brush of seductive bronze polish across the axes of your long sharp nails.

#19. Dressed With flowers

White stiletto nail style

Personalize the traditional basic French design with nude base and white tips, with the addition of your favorite floral paintings at the edge of each tip.

#20. Nights In France

stiletto nail designs 46

This matte black stiletto nail is our favorite. Black; the color of elegance and French style; matte base with glossy beds.

#21. China Town

China Town stiletto nail

French with a hint of Chinese… No, I’m not speaking about soy-flavored crepes, I’m talking about these attractive French stiletto nail designs with traditional Chinese floral drawings.

#22. Red Valentine’s Stiletto Nails

stiletto nail designs 12

Kiss the tip of your sharp stiletto nails with red glossy hearts. A stiletto nail design perfect for a romantic date on Valentine’s day!

#23. Rihanna Navy

Rihanna Navy stiletto nail art

Navy blue and stiletto nails… Can a nail design seem more Rihanna-ish?! So, if you’re a fan of Rihanna, blue, or stiletto nail style, these simple nails will certainly catch your breath.

#24. Drunk On Wine

stiletto nail designs 14

Once you try this sparkly wine red nail polish on your nails, you will certainly get addicted to this color.

#25. Bold Black Stiletto Nails

women Bold Black stiletto nails

Might be the easiest sexy look anyone can master, a coat of glossy black manicure on your stiletto pedicured nails is all it takes.

#26. Dark Drops

stiletto nail designs 16

Try something new, try something edgy but simple, try this flint-grey nail polish with simple drops of black polka dots. Perfect stiletto nail design to flatter your winter outfits.

#27. Clean & Simple

stiletto nail designs 17

Sometimes a pastel color, is all it takes for a stiletto nail design to dazzle on its own.

#28. Short Werewolf Stiletto Nails

Werewolf Nails stiletto nail idea

Typical claw design, made with short black stiletto nail beds on glossy transparent base. Suiting every girl obsessed with the mystical world, werewolves in particular.

#29. Swirly Black

Swirly Black stiletto nail art for girl

Get from plain to gain with such stiletto nail design, and gain everyone’s attention with these different designs on different nails. Finally, accent the design with basic matte black stiletto polish.

#30.  Natural Stiletto Nail Design

Floral Stiletto nail designs you like

Capture everyone’s attention with these beautiful artistic drawings hanged on the walls of each and every finger.

#31. Soft Stiletto Nail Design

Floral stiletto nail designs idea

Round stiletto, simple french, a touch of sparkle…That’s all it takes to be elegant.

#32. Winter Garden

stiletto nail designs 22

Varnish your nails with a winter floral garden in cool colors, and show off your long sharply pedicured nails.

#33. Free-hand Design

Free-hand Design stiletto nail for women

Boost your mood with this fun cheerful stiletto nail design, using hot red, gold, black, white, and glitter to create this creative free-hand design.

#34. Metallic & Patterned

stiletto nail with Metallic &Patterned

Round pedicured stiletto nails coated with metallic shimmering nail polish, and finished with leopard patterns. Can this look get any more dangerous?

#35. Sparkly Stiletto Nails

Ice Queen stiletto nail art

Sharp as a knife, and cold as ice. Get sparkling frosty blue nails for a sharp cool appearance.

#36. Glossy Red Plus Black Stiletto Nails

Glossy & Classy stiletto nail

The perfect couple black and red gathered in this modern french nail design for a shouting loud stiletto nail silhouette.

#37. Roses Are Red

stiletto nail designs 27

Draw ” Beauty and the Beast’s” enchanted rose on your clean white base coat, to get beautifully polished nails in a beastly stiletto style.

#38. Rock’ n Black

Rock' n Black stiletto nail for girl

Give in to your inner rock star and get her into the spotlight, with this hardcore rock’n roll inspired black studded stiletto nail design.

#39. Striped Nail Beds

women Striped Nail Beds idea

One of the rare short stiletto nail designs that might be perfect for everyday looks, thanks to the soft edges, short length, and natural pastel beige shade with colorless stripes at the tips of your nails.

#40. The 80’s Vibes

80's Vibes stiletto nail idea

Channel “The Sex and the city”‘s young “Carrie Bradshaw” and bring back those colorful 80’s colors, fun cocktail patterns, and studded leather with this fun flashback stiletto nail design.

#41. Versace Nails

stiletto nail designs 31

Get your Versace nails… Stylish stiletto choice for those couture lovers by channeling Italian fashion with this powder pink and elegant black combination. Accented with “Versace”‘s trademark design with these geometric white brush lines.

#42. Coal black

stiletto nail with Coal black color

Choosing matte black nail polish is always the right choice to get an extreme fierce appearance.

#43. Dazzling Nude

stiletto nail designs 33

Flawless and clean matte cream manicured stiletto nail art, with the tiniest gold strass on the ring finger’s tip for a casual edgy appearance.

#44. Bright Blue

stiletto nail designs 34

Such a shade truly stands out by itself, and with little dazzling gems and sparkly glitter on an accent nail. It just can’t get any better.

#45. Precious Stones For Nail Polish!

stiletto nail designs 35

Pearl, turquoise, and gold. What more! a treasure unveiled on these nails. Variety of shimmering colors, golden ornaments, and sparkly rhinestones to create this fascinating stiletto nail design.

#46. Sweet Baby Pink

Sweet Baby Pink stiletto nail designs you love

Why coat all your nails with your favorite shade, when you can play with positive and negative space with this design and create heart shaped pink tips.

#47. Black Gothic Love Stiletto Nail Design

love stiletto nail designs for girl

So extreme, yet somehow so lovely, black claws with creative heart paintings to balance fierceness and femininity in the same design.

#48. Black Stelitto Nails

stiletto nail designs 38

Start with a black stiletto nail design, then, ombre the underside of the nail with silver gradients to mimic summer’s starry night sky on your beautiful long nails.

#49. Free hand Nude

hand Nude nail idea you like

Possibilities with nude nails are never-ending, get free with lines, gems, and glitter, and accessorize your nude stiletto nail design as you prefer.

#50. Rusty Ring Finger

stiletto nail designs 41

Pop a single nail with an intriguing shade of nail polish to contrast the whole design, and get sharp pedicured and manicured nails.

#51. Mesmerizing In Cream

stiletto nail designs 42

Accent your long sharp nails with rose-beige shade nail polish studded with large gems on a certain finger of your choice.

#52. Gold Mine

stiletto nail designs 43

There are various options and styles to follow when it comes to stiletto nail styles, however when you find it hard to decide on a certain design, just mix it up a little and try them all!

#53. Dijon-Gold Stiletto

 Dijon-Gold stiletto nail idea

Ask for dijon-gold long sharp nail design to match your stacks of bold huge gold jewelry, for an all in all complete appearance from your head to your toe.

#54. Stiletto Ombre

stiletto nail designs 45

Highlight your sharp nail beds in white, after contouring their base with salmon pink nail polish for a light ombre stiletto silhouette.

#55. Symbol Of Strength

stiletto nail designs 11

This nude stiletto nail is beautiful. Nude is always a popular choice among nail lovers, I mean common they’re classy, cute, and go well with any outfit.

And, not to mention what ease it is to just polish your nails with that light beige coat! And there’s nothing wrong with choosing this coat as a background for a symbol that you admire or represent you.

#56. Bold & Beautiful

stiletto nail designs 47

You might think these are simple plain french nails, but these aren’t just french, they are stiletto French!

#57. Special Stiletto

stiletto nail designs 48

Come up with your own unique design, for a one of a kind long stiletto nail design.

#58. Gold Chains

best Gold Chains stiletto nail designs for women

When aiming for a bold look, don’t back up, but continue and add a fun fierce variation of gold chains on you accent ring and thumb nails.

#59. Personalized French

stiletto nail designs 50

Of course, you can always add a little something that represents you into the design. Here you can add a drawing or a print of your favorite flower for example at the tip of your french nails and personalize them.

#60. Feminine French

Feminine French stiletto nail designs

Never underestimate a simple personal addition to your traditional nail design, such as these girly pink rose prints and strass to accentuate this feminine French stiletto nail design.

#61. Matte Maroon Acrylic Stiletto Nails

Matte Stiletto nail design

Matte and acrylic both can be used in a single hand to make a different look. You can use a maroon base coat for every nail but use matte on some of them and use acrylic on the others.

A glittery shine will be achieved if you use some shiny glitters along with the acrylic.

#62. Shining Green

Green Shining stiletto nail design

This is really a gorgeous design to have. The combination of black and green adds a new dimension to your nails. Use glittery green color for a lovely to watch appearance.

You can use a white base coat for a finger to attach a scorpion to the picture if you wish. This design will compliment your black or green outfits at the party.

#63. Peace with Peach

Stiletto Peach design

If you want to find peace in peach color, this is the perfect design. Peach color soothes our eyes, it is such a pleasant color to look at. Your stiletto nails will have a peaceful look in this design.

Use peach color and glitters on some of the nails. Put some silver and gold rhinestones on them. You can color the nails with different color tones of peach if you want.

#64. White Nail Arts

White nail arts are very elegant. Most of the girls are crazy for the delicate touch of white no matter what are the occasions. Here is a perfect white design for you. Draw some nail arts on your nails that express the purity of white all the way.

#65. Dashing B&W

The bond between black and white is something beyond description. These two colors give a dashing look whenever they are used together. Here we are suggesting a design that will make the best use of your stiletto nails. 

Use shiny black and white to give the best look. You can draw the margin of the nails in an angular shape, Use white in the middle of two edgy black shades for the perfect look.

#66. Matte Stiletto Nails with Glitters

Glitters in stiletto nail design

Light matte color and silvery glitters can come in handy to give an adorable look. Use a light pink or purple base on the nails and draw some patterns on them.

Fill other fingertips with silver glitters. Put some rhinestones on the patterns to complete this design.

#67. Orange Stiletto Nails with Gold Foils

Gold foils used on the surface of the orange base coat give the most vibrant look to your stiletto nails. The design is simple yet very impressive. The procedures are easy to accomplish.

Use an orange base coat on every nail and pour gold foils on top of them. Here they are! Shining like bright stars.

#68. Black Magic

Stiletto in Black design

The magic of black is magnificent. Black designs win everyone’s heart by its charm. Here is a magical black design for you. This type of design needs matching dresses to look extremely well.

If you wear a black dress with a similar artistic design and have these stiletto nails on your fingers,  nobody will be able to avoid your out-of-the-world look.

#69. Royal Blue Stiletto Nails

Glowing Blue Stiletto nails

Some colors are always appealing. Blue is one of them. If you want to have a glowing blue look on your fingers, this design is absolutely for you. Use blue acrylic colors for the nails.

Royal blue would be the best choice in this case. Mix some glitters with another comparatively light blue and apply them to some of the nails. Your stiletto nails will glow in blue as you have expected.

#70. Silver Shine

This is a simply gorgeous design for you. Very simple to have, very gorgeous to be looked at. The process is very simple.

Use white as the base coat. Then glue the silvery glitters with the help of a silver nail polish. Your design is ready to be displayed to the world.

#71. Owls on Your Stiletto

Stiletto shapped Owls nails

This is a funky design. Owls mean a lot of things according to different contexts. No worries! If you are not bothered with these mythical meanings, you can go all the long way for these wonderful designs.

Draw some owls on your stiletto nails edging them with a golden color to give a shine. You can use rhinestones or flowers on some of the nails for variation.

#72. French Ombre

French nails are mostly a combination of light pink and white colors. You can have an ombre design blending these two colors together. Apply the colors in the ombre style so that there remains no difference line among the colors.

The beauty of ombre is the colors get mixed together as if they were made to mix with each other.

#73. Neon Green Stiletto with Rhinestone

neon green color stiletto nails with stones

Neon green associated with stones can give a different look to your fingers. Use neon green base coat for all the fingers. Then put some rhinestones according to your choice. Well! Your stiletto nails are ready to impress a lot of hearts.

#74. Pinky Pointy

Gorgeous pinkish stiletto nail design

These pink and pointy extensions are something to crave for. Though these are not cheap, girls are crazy for such costly beauty. And your money is worthy of being spent to have this mind-boggling design.

Use some stones to draw a love shape on your lovely pink extensions. Use glitters to make them shine. Your wonderful pinky pointy stiletto nails will stun the people around you for sure.

#75. Medium Stiletto Nails

Colors along with glitters are the ultimate pair to design your nails. You can give a shiny and colorful look to your nails with these two items by using your sense of fashion. 

Here is colorful guidance for you. You can use any color you like and any kind of glitters to have this colorful bliss.

#76. Pure Black

Pure Black color pointy stiletto

Pure black is pure beauty. Your stiletto nails can be adorned with only black if you are a great fan of black. Use shiny black acrylic for this design. But be careful when using black as black stiletto nails represent bold and straightforward personalities.

#77. Red Alert

Gorgeous Red color stiletto nail design

If you want to give a red alert to the people surrounding you, this is a must-try. These nails are so long and pointy that people might get hurt if they don’t keep a safe distance from you.

Using a bloody red color can worsen the situation to a large extent. That is the funny part. You can use rhinestones or diamond-shaped rubies to add beauty to the fierceness. Wear this design and spread the red alert.

#78. Yellow Stiletto Nails with Sunflower

Sunflower art in stiletto nails

This summer design is beautiful. Sunflower resembles a warm summer day. So, if you want to carry a piece of a hot summer day at your fingertips, this design is for you. Draw a sunflower on a transparent acrylic base.

Use yellow colors on some of the nails. You can use a yellow bow with dotted black like the design depicted in the picture. You can also use gold glitters and stones to make a difference.

#79. Spider Web

Stiletto nails in Spider art

The multiple uses of black will give your stiletto nails an exceptional look you have never thought of. Try this design. Black spider webs are drawn with the use of negative spaces.

Other black patterns reached a whole new level by means of the perfect combination. Drawing some shapes on your fingers or wearing rings will do the rest for your stiletto nails. You can try this unconventional design to remove monotony.

#80. Artistic Nail Arts

artistic stiletto nail design

The demand for art will never be abolished. If you are a person of aesthetic taste who love art and culture very much, this design is entirely for you. Artistic nail extensions are used to imprint this look on your nails.

You need professional hands for the perfect design. Don’t worry, practice makes a woman perfect. So, if you are dedicated enough, you will be an expert in no time.

#81. Wedding Stiletto Nails

Gorgeous stiletto nail design for wedding

The wedding is one of the most cherished days of a girl’s life. If you are a stiletto lover and want to design your nails for the wedding party, this is the desired design for you.

Use a mild matte as the base coat and use glittery silver rhinestones to give a shiny look. As most wedding dresses are white, you must use white for this design.

You can draw a white flowery design to make the best nail design you could have for your wedding.

#82. Tribal Vibe

stiletto nail design in tribal vibe

You can blend your design with the concept of modernism and the culture of the tribal people. Peach and pink colors are used here as the base color and some patterns are drawn in black color.

These patterns have the touch of a tribal lifestyle and these colors and the glitters stand for modernism. This is a perfect design for the old schools that are living in the modern age.

#83. 3D Floral Art

3D floral design stiletto nails

This is a design for the 3D art lover fashion geeks. 3D art has become very popular for its realistic presentation.

So, If you want to make your designs look lively and real, you can go for this incredible 3D art design. The pattern or type of design is never specific but you can draw floral designs if you love flowers.

#84. Graceful Gloss

Glossy stiletto nail design

Want a glossy look on your fingers? This design is rightly for you. Adorn your stiletto nails with graceful gold and beautiful stones.

Golden color mixed with a bit of red can give the best glossy look to your fingers. Use acrylic nails for a shiny surface and use stones to complement the shine.

#85. Stilettos for Halloween

Halloween stiletto nail design idea

Stiletto nails are perfect for your Halloween party. These nails are often uttered with the word ‘witch’ for the pointy attribute. So, having them at a Halloween party will be considered a bonus.

Draw something associated with evil and blood. If your nails can express the notion of ghosts and fear you are successful in your endeavor.

Nude Nail Designs

So, if you’re looking forward to spreading the message and trying this dazzling but dangerous design.

Or, if you’re searching for new stiletto nail styles to try,  this list will be of great help in fulfilling everyone’s taste and suitable look for any event or occasion.

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