The 6 Best Nail Scissors You Can Buy in 2024

Nail Scissors

Nail scissors are pretty standard equipment to be found within any drugstore nail kit—but sometimes, your nails deserve a bit of an upgrade. Get out the soaking bowls. It’s about to get full of some super self-care spa tools!

Treat yourself to the best nail scissors to fit your everyday needs. (Why not? Considering how incredibly helpful they are for shaping your nails, eyebrows, beard, and other general small jobs!)

With so many options to choose from, how could you ever be expected to know which scissors would best suit you anyway? Certainly, there’s always trial and error, but who has the time (or money) for that? Cut out the hard part and float to the cream of the crop.


Best Nail Scissors

Here are the top six best nail scissors recommended by the professionals:

Tweezerman Long Lasting Sharp Cuticle/Nail Scissors – Editor’s #1 Choice

For this compact pair, you might expect to have to sacrifice the precision of the blades. For once, you get to have your cake and eat it too.

Tweezerman Long Lasting Sharp Cuticle/Nail Scissors are your best bet, especially on the go. Comfortable for petite hands and those of a larger size, these little guys will work for just about anyone in need of a trim.

Nickel-plated metal keeps the scissor blades sharp and strong way longer than quite a few other brands on the market.

Their impeccable credit and their ergonomic design make them ideal for those who need extra support and comfort. The weight balance of these nail scissors is something akin to the German craftsmanship of old.

If you’ve heard the phrase, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to!” Well, now you can be sure to use these to leave that naysaying jaw on the floor.

Pro Tip: Should you encounter a slight bit of sticking, a small drop of oil will free up their joint in no time!

Affordability Ranking: Fits Most Budgets

Quality at an affordable price? What more could you ask for?

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MarQus INOX Titanium Self Sharpening Nail Scissors – Runner Up

If self-sharpening nail scissors don’t scream futuristic, maybe nothing will. MarQus INOX Titanium Self Sharpening Nail Scissors literally sharpen themselves with every use.

Made from titanium, these strongly curved scissors are made to last. Use these tapered blades to accurately and professionally groom eyelashes, nose hairs, and of course, nails and cuticles!

Added bonus? MarQus INOX Titanium Self Sharpening Nail Scissors are animal friendly (you can cut your dog’s nails too)! With your purchase, you’ll also receive a synthetic leather pouch, for safekeeping.

(These are some of the best nail scissors available today; and well worth the price tag. The finger holes are even spacious enough for extra-extra-large fingers!)

Affordability Ranking: Expect to Hand it Down to Your Grandchildren’s Grandchildren

Yes, you read that right. But if you’re going to be able to consider them a family heirloom eventually, party on?


Premax Stainless Steel Tower Point Nail/Cuticle Scissors – Most Durable

Italian craftsmanship is legendary, and for a good reason. These have got to be some of the best nail scissors in this article. They were designed to specifically (and significantly) limit the amount of “frictional surface area” in the joint. This feature is intended to minimize the wear and tear average nail scissors are exposed to throughout the years.

These scissors were created to expertly work through even the toughest hangnail or closest snip of a painful cuticle. Their unique design creates a more sheared cut as opposed to a crushed separation.

Carbon steel and stainless steel have been perfectly mixed together with “iron, cobalt, chromium, and other minerals” to raise the bar on your standard of durability. Sturdy structurally, these finely pointed nail scissors are comfortable for hands of any size.

Affordability Ranking: On the Higher Side

Strong, professionally crafted for long-lasting durability; although these fell into the “higher side,” they’d still be worth checking out. If they happened to be the right tool for your fingers/nails, wouldn’t you feel silly ignoring them?


LIVINGO Premium Manicure Rounded Tip Scissors – Best Budget Option

Livingo’s Premium Manicure Rounded Tip Scissors are ideal for people whose hands are on the petite side. Customer reviews mention men having some trouble with the finger holes, but otherwise, these are an awesome set of nail scissors.

With their ergonomic design in place, Livingo makes it effortless for those with joint pain to use them. Rust-resistant, nick-free blades come together at a rounded tip.

(The blades face away from the user for an added level of safe use!)

Forged under intense heat, these stainless steel nail scissors are made with careful precision for a top-quality product (as is Livingo’s promise). Using this process ensures that these scissor blades are three times STRONGER than average steel.

This is a professional-level Manicure tool that has a lifetime guarantee for its durability and reliability, which means you’ve got one less thing to worry about today.

Affordability Ranking: Fits Most Budgets

Huge amount of bang for a minimal amount of buck!


STALEKS PRO Expert Left Handed Curved Nail Scissors – Best DIY Scissors

Left Handed Curved Nail Scissors are magic in the form of steel. Frequently left to struggle alone, lefties finally have a place to turn for easy, expert nail care.

Left-handed nail scissors’ blades are laid in reverse so that the user can see what they’re doing. These curved blades were custom designed to accommodate the typical motion of left-handed-cutting, whereas an average right-handed pair offers instant resistance.

Not only can these help left-hand dominant people, but those common ol’ righties!

Righties, you’ve been struggling to cut those right fingernails for far too long, but that brutal era ends now. These left-handed scissors are a game changer!

Affordability Ranking: On the Higher Side

While this pair fell into the “higher side,” they’re worth a look for anyone trying to perfect their self manicure at home.


Micro Serrated INOX Stainless Steel German Nail Scissors – Best Overall

Micro Serrated INOX Stainless Steel Nail Scissors were made with consumer comfortability in mind. With finger holes designed for larger hands, blistered and calloused thumbs become a thing of the past!

Another set of nail scissors with a lifetime warranty, these German-made blades can be used for a multitude of personal hygiene trims. Ethically made, you can feel great about contributing to their fight to stop unfair labor and indentured servitude.

As previously mentioned, these scissors are made of stainless steel, rust-resistant, and sharpened for pinpoint precision. Slightly more expensive than generic drug store scissors, these are built to last.

Affordability Ranking: On the Higher Side

Although these fell into the “higher side,” they’re a great pair of nail scissors, well worth the extra coin.


And the Winner Is…

Not surprisingly, all the best nail scissors come in a wide range of sizes, metals, and altered states for inclusivity. After tons of researchers scoured the wilds of the world wide web, these six pairs were the most impressive—hands down.

Which one blows all the others out of the water, you ask?

The budget-friendly, Tweezerman Long Lasting Sharp Cuticle/Nail Scissors! Not only easy on your fingers for a perfectly sculpted manicure every single time, but also easy on your wallet.

The next runner-up would have to be the MarQus INOX Titanium Self Sharpening Nail Scissors.

With their innovative self-sharpening design, these nail scissors can stand the test of time. Plus, they could potentially be considered somewhat like an investment, considering they won’t ever get dull and are expected to last decades!

In the game of manicures, you either clip or you chip. Quit the chipping and grab yourself one of the best nail scissors of the year! Your nails will thank you later.

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