How to Take off Fake Nails: 5 Go-Getters Guide

Fake nails are surely meant to enhance the beauty of your nails, but they can ruin the beauty if the removal process goes wrong and cause damage to the natural nails. That’s why taking off the fake nails is equally important as wearing them on. The best way to take off fake nails is to attend a beauty salon to get the service of a professional nail artist. If you want to do it yourself, there are many ways.


How To Take Off Fake Nails at Home

The easiest way to take off fake nails is to use acetone/nail polish remover. But most of the girls try to avoid acetone as this type of drying agent can cause harm to the skin and adopt ‘without Acetone’ methods. 

You can go for either of these available methods


Remove Fake Nails with Acetone

Method-1: Nail Polish Remover

Take off Fake nails with Acetone/Remover

Before applying acetone/nail polish remover make sure that the length of your fake nails has been cut to the shortest possible length. This will save time while doing the removal of the fake nails. Mix acetone and plain water in a medium-sized bowl.

Dip the nails in the acetone solution for 15-20 minutes approximately. It will weaken the fake nails and thus, will help you remove the fake nails easily.

Now, rinse your nails very carefully after taking the hands out of the bowl. Apply moisturizer on your hands and nails because acetone makes them dry.

Don’t have the Remover? Make it Now at Home.


Method-2: Acetone Plus Aluminium Wrap

Taking Off fake Nails Using Foil Paper

This is another version of taking off fake nails with acetone but the procedure is a bit different. Like the previous method, cut your nails to the shortest possible length. Soak some cotton balls in acetone then place a cotton ball around each of the nails.

Wrap the fingertips with aluminum foil. Wrap them tightly so that the cotton balls don’t move around at all. Keep the nails like this for about 30 minutes.

Remove the aluminum wrap and the cotton balls, you will see that the fake nails are coming off too. If they don’t come automatically, use a toothpick or orangewood stick to scrape them off.


Remove Fake Nails Without Acetone

Method-1: Hot Water

Most of the girls try to take off fake nails using hot water rather than using nail polish remover. Though this process demands a good deal of patience as it is a very slow process. And the success rate is not 100% in this process.

Sometimes, the nails hold onto the nails too tightly that only water is not enough. However, to remove fake nails, put some water in a small bowl. Dip your hand into the water for about 15 minutes. Hot water will loosen the fake nails so that you can remove them.


Method-2: Rubbing Alcohol

Rub Alchohol & Take off fake nails

This is another way to take off fake nails without acetone. Rubbing alcohol is a very effective chemical in order to take off fake nails. You can save your fingertips from the harsh effects of rubbing alcohol by wrapping the fingertips with a cotton ball.

Attach the cotton ball to the fingertips by using a piece of tape around the nails. Pour a little rubbing alcohol to fill up a bowl to two inches. Now, dip your fingertips in the bowl. After 20 minutes or so try to scrape off the fake nails.


Method-3: Dental Floss

Remove Fake Nails using Dental Floss

Some girls use dental floss to take off fake nails which isn’t advisable at all. It can damage your natural nails and the process is painful too. In case you do not find any other options to take off, place a dental floss in between the subtle space of natural nails and acrylic nails. Wedge it gently like a knife. Then move the floss back and forth to scrape the nails off.


Watch Video Tutorial Below for An In & Out Idea About Removing Fake Nails


Fake nails are a serious concern if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals may cause rashes and itching allergies to the skin around the nails and the fingers. Besides, Ethyl Methacrylate causes harm to the nose and eyes sometimes. If the nail patron has asthma, dermatitis, and other allergic diseases, she should avoid fake nails, especially acrylic nails.



  •  ‘When do I need to go to a nail salon?’

If you aren’t confident enough and have doubt that the nails may not be removed well by yourself, go to a nail salon.

  • How long do fake nails stay on?

Usually, Fake nails are durable for 3 weeks if proper care is taken while applying them. Apply cornstarch and nail polish mixing together and file that if you don’t want to scrape your nail.


We have prepared an infographic on how to take off fake nails at home for better understanding. Read & save the below infographic for later use:

how to take off fake nails at home with and without acetone [Infographic]


Manicure At Home Is Lighter in Pocket

A manicure can enhance the overall beauty of your outlook. But it can do the opposite if the manicure isn’t taken care of properly. You can follow any of the discussed methods to take off your fake nails without causing any damage to the natural nails.

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