Nail Polish: 15 Genius Hacks You May Not Expect

Using nail polishes to polish the nails is a usual thing. But, you might be surprised to know that there are other useful ways of using nail polish rather than polishing nails. Nail polish, especially, clear nail polish can be used for various purposes. If you are wondering what other hacks are there, you have to read the whole article to know that. I have discussed the best hacks of nail polish in this article. Hope you will like these jaw-dropping uses of nail polish.


Nail Polish Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

We all know the conventional uses of nail polish. What we don’t know is how to use them to make our life easy and to make our money worthy of being spent for nail polish. Here, I am going to present a few life hacks that will make our life easy by enlightening us with the knowledge of using nail polish in many ways. So, let’s see what I have got for you. Watch out these life hacks to know how to live in a more efficient way.


#1. Tighten the Screws

Tighten screw with clear base coat

We often get to face difficulty having a loose screw for any machinery or fashionwear like sunglasses. There is a simple solution to all these problems concerned with wrong sized or loose screws. Apply a clear base coat to the outer side of the screws to add an extra layer in order to tighten them. What’s more interesting than that is you can make base coat at home. This is a long-lasting solution and a handy hack of clear nail polish.

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#2. Label Anything

Labelling with Nail Polish

Labelling wet things is a never-ending difficulty you may face. You can apply a clear nail polish right on the text of any label to protect it from getting smudged. A thin top coat will protect the label from any outside harm. Generally, this kind of label is used in plant markets.


#3. Fix Car Scratches

fixing car scratches

A car is one of the dearest things for a car owner. A simple thin scratch can cause grave sorrow for you. Those days are long gone now. Because you can fix thin or minor scratches by using nail polish. First, find out the perfect color nail polish which is compatible with the color of your car. Then paint the scratches carefully to fix them.


#4. Nail Polish As Glue


nail polish as glue

Clear nail polish can be used as the alternative of glue. You can seal an envelope or anything that is made of paper by using clear nail polish. This simple life hack will save your time, energy and money what you will have to give to arrange a glue in the middle of your work.


#5. Prevent Rusting

We have to use metal cans for many reasons. Most of the deodorants, air fresheners, and some shampoos are packaged in metal cans. Since these cans are kept in wet places like bathrooms or have chances to get oxidized, they are at risk of getting rusty. Applying a thin coat of nail polish to the bottom of these cans will prevent the rusting of these metal cans.


#6. Stop Fraying

Be it a thread or a shoelace, you may face difficulties if it gets frayed easily. Nail polish can be used to prevent the threads or shoelaces from unraveling at the edge. You will be able to insert the thread through a needle within a blink of the eyes if you apply a bit of thin clear nail polish at the edges of the threads.


#7. Paint Your Canvas

Color nail polish can be used to paint any small space. They will give the outlook of original painting colors. But, you can,t paint larger canvas by these tiny brushes of nail polish. You can paint small canvas like that of your house number. So, why wasting money on painting colors when you have nail polish at your home.

One Coat of Nail polish Can Look Fab

#8. Seal the Buttons

sealing button with clear nail polish

Sometimes, you are in hurry but the buttons of your favorite shirt seem loose. No worry, you have nail polish to solve this problem temporarily. It’s really difficult to manage a tailor when you need him the most. So, you can prevent the buttons from falling by using clear nail polish on top of the buttons. This will hold the buttons till you get the chance to fix them permanently.


#9. Save Your Jewellery

There are hundreds of jewelry items on the market but not all of them are quality products. Some cheap jewelry may look very good on you but they will tarnish too easily. If you want to keep the shiny look of these pieces of jewelry intact, you must use a clear nail polish as the top coat. You can also use color nail polish if you want to add color to the jewelry items.


#10. Organize the Keys

It’s really difficult to determine which key is for which lock when you have a bunch of keys in your keyring. Now, you can do it very effectively by using different patterns or designs on different keys. This process is not only applicable to keys you can organize any confusing things by the same process.

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#11. Waterproof Matches

Planning to go camping? Matches become useless in rain or dew. You can dip the flammable heads of the matches in a nail polish to protect them from getting affected by water. Paint a bit of the wooden stick too. This will make the matches waterproof. And you don’t have to worry about fire anymore.


#12. Never Lose the Control

If you have a habit of watching TV at late night, you need to know this life hack. It’s really boring if you have to stare at the remote control while pressing a button in the dark. You can solve this problem by painting the most needed buttons of your remote control with a nail polish which will glow in darkness. You can actually make glowing nail polish at home.

Make Your Own Nail Polish at Home

#13. Fix Laddered Tights

Fixing Leather with Nail Polish

A small ladder leads to a larger hole in any fabric. You can prevent fabrics from unraveling by using a thin coat of nail polish at the first sight of the ladder. The more you will delay, the more the ladders will become larger. Though, this trick will not work for the large hole. So, don’t be late to apply the nail polish.


#14. Smooth Wooden Hangers

Smooth out wooden Hanger with clear nail paint

Hangers are something we use to keep our clothes tidy. But, what if they harm the fabric of your clothes because of the sharp edges of the hangers? Nail polish can solve this problem too. You can use clear nail polish on the surface of the wooden hangers to make the edges smooth.


#15. Add Personality to Your Things

Customised charger with nail polish

Suppose, you are going on a tour with your friends. Your mobile charger, headphones will get mixed with that of your friends. You can very easily identify your things by doing some artwork on your accessories. You can add personality to your personal things by using nail polish.

What Goes into A Bottle of Nail Polish

Nail polish is supposed to be used in nail art only. Since they are used in other aspects too, you may find that the utility of a nail polish is getting increased. Besides, knowing the hacks of something make our day to day life very easy. We can lead our lives more efficiently. Here, only 15 nail polish hacks have been discussed. There are a lot more uses of nail polish which is yet to be discovered by you.

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