How To Make Fake Nails At Home

When you are in a rush or you just can’t afford an expensive acrylic manicure you can always make up your own solution. Believe it or not, many women would rather have their nails done by themselves than go to the salon. You are saving money, time, and feeling great about yourself since you are doing something with your own bare hands.

The following tips are also perfect for you ladies who like to DIY everything and anything.


How to Make Fake Nails?

So, there are two practical and easy ways for you to try out in the privacy of your own house if you want to make fake nails. You could either try out the straw method, or the tape method. Whichever you do go for make sure you have all of your tools next to you, and be prepared to have fun.

#1: The Straw Way

What you’ll be needing:

  • Straws
  • Scissors
  • Anything heavy
  • Colorful markers
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue


But Which Straw?

First of all, find a straw in your kitchen, or just buy some if you are out of them. Any type of straw will do, no matter the color or the length. One straw should be enough, but just to make sure you should have another one by your side in case something goes wrong.


Cut Them

Cut the straw to the point of your preferred fingernail length. Compare the straw to your nail and cut it how you want it to be. This is completely up to you and your preferred length.
Use the scissors to poke down the middle of the straw and cut it. At this point, your straw will have a hole in the middle.


Flatten It

Open the cut straw piece and flatten it with anything that is heavy. A closet, washing machine, table, or pretty much anything that is not too heavy for you to lift up will work. But don’t keep it like that for too long because the straw can get too flat.

If you choose not to flatten it that is completely up to you. Just know that it will be a bit harder to work with that straw, because it will curl at the end, and your fake nails will be somewhat compromised.



Next, you should cut the sides in order to fit on your nail. Trim around the sides that way that they don’t touch your skin. Cut the edges also, so you avoid damaging the cuticles since they are so sensitive.



  • The most fun is the accessorizing part, so use whatever you like on your nails. Use a marker of any color that is water-resistant and doesn’t come off easily, and of course, is in a beautiful color.
  • Use double-sided tape and place a piece of it on the fake nail. Cover just a part of it and leave the top empty. Make sure to put the tape on the bottom of the nail so you don’t ruin your design.
  • Glue them down with a drugstore-bought glue and that’s pretty much it. Having a blast is your next step, and you know how to do that without our help.


#2: The Shiny Tape

If you’ve decided to go with this method, you will be needing:

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail polish
  • Straw
  • Newspaper


The Tape

If you want to make fake nails at home, you gotta be prepared for some work. This time, you will need a single-sided Scotch tape since that tape is the easiest to use on the nails. Put a piece of tape over your nails. You should tear off a strip of the tape about two times longer than your fingernail.

Place it on your finger so it covers the nail and goes past it. Press down the sides tight and the tape will bend and meltdown like a regular nail. If you find your tape to be too wide you can trim the edges with scissors.


Cover Me

Next, you should cover the underneath part of your tape in nail polish. This will make the nails last longer, but also prevent stickiness to other materials. Be careful not to touch anything while you are waiting for your nail polish to dry.



You can use a nail buffer to rub the bottom of the nails. You also use the exact same nail buffer when you are at a salon getting your fake nails, so you are good to go with the same one. Do this process over the lower edge of the tape, and it will wear the tape down, making the line less visible. You don’t need a base coat for these nails which is a good thing since it will save you some time, so just grab the prettiest nail polish of your choice. Paint it slowly and wait for them to dry.


Fun Colors

If you want to take it up a notch with these fake nails, you can die them in a splashing way. Use a straw and newspapers for this. Surround the fingers around your nail with tape to protect them from the polish. Dip a straw into a nail polish and blow through it while it’s just above your nail. The polish will be splattered easily, so make sure to repeat this step with other colors.

Since the tip of the straw has polish on it, you’ll want to put the next color on a plastic plate or the newspaper, then dip the straw in that instead of directly in the nail polish bottle. When you get satisfied with the colors, wait for them to dry and then remove the tape slowly.

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If you are indecisive and don’t know which method to go with, we would recommend the straw one. It takes less of your time, isn’t too messy, and demands fewer tools. These solutions can brighten up your day and save you if you are on the go. Also, remember these instructions and keep them somewhere in the back of your mind in case you need a quick fake nail at-home rescue.

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