How To Thin Nail Polish: 5 Tested & Tried Tricks Explained

Most of the women love to have a huge collection of cosmetics and jewelry. But, if these things aren’t stored properly, they might be out of order when you need them the most. You may end up being upset if you go to take the nail polish you love so much if you are taking it after a long time. The nail polish may become dry or thickened. The main two reasons behind this dryness and thickening are either it wasn’t closed tightly or it remained open for some time. Don’t throw it out so quickly, some tricks will do good to make your nail polish as thin as a new one. Let’s know how to thin nail polish.


How to Thin Out Nail Polish: Easiest Ways

Using required chemical is the easiest way to thin thick nail polish. But, most of the time we don’t have the necessary supplies at our home to solve the problem quickly. On that note, we need to know some life-hacks that will help us solve any problem by using the least things we get at our home. Hope you will be an expert nail thinner after reading the whole article. Some easiest ways to thin nail polish have been enumerated below.


#1. Give the Bottle a Good Roll

Give nail polish Bottle a Good Roll

Many girls make a grave mistake by shaking the bottle of the nail polish. Don’t shake them as shaking creates bubbles in the bottle. Roll the bottle keeping it in your palms. Move the bottle back and forth to mix the nail polish completely. This trick will help your nail polish become thin if the problem is minor.

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#2. Try a Nail Lacquer Thinner

Try a Nail Lacquer Thinner

If only rolling doesn’t work, you can jump to this step. Open the lid of the bottle and add a few drops of nail lacquer thinner. Then close the bottle tightly and repeat #1 step. Roll the bottle back and forth, upside down to make the polish and thinner mix thoroughly. The success rate of this process is more than 80%. And a nail lacquer thinner cost more or less 5$. So, this is the easiest and inexpensive way to thin nail polish.


#3. Put the Bottle in Hot Water

Put nail polish Bottle in Hot Water


If you don’t want to use any chemical or don’t have the chemical, you can try this home remedy. You can resolve the thickening problem by putting the affected bottle in hot water for a few minutes. Don’t di[ the top of the bottle in water, dip only the bottom part which carries the nail polish. The high temperature will help the polish become more liquid and you can apply the nail polish on your nails without any complaint.


#4. Store them Properly

If you follow some basic rules for storing the nail polish, you may get rid of this problem forever. Never ever leave the nail polish bottle uncovered. Tighten the lid when you are done with it. Clean the extra nail polish from the neck of the bottle before closing it. And, place the collection of your nail polish in a cool and dry place to make them last longer without any damage.


#5. Use a Little Paint Thinner

thin out nail polish


If you are not able to perform any of the above-mentioned processes, you can try this as a last hope. Mix a bit of paint thinner with your nail polish to make it thin. Don’t go overboard with this process. You may end up losing the awesome color of your nail polish.

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I have discussed both, how to thin nail polish without thinner and with a thinner. Now, you know how to thin thick nail polish. But, if you store the nail polish correctly you won’t need any of these to be applied to your nails. Prevent the problem before they become a problem.

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