How to Remove Nail Polish: The Right Way

I bet every woman likes to paint her nails more than she loves to remove the nail polish. This goes especially if you went for the glitter gel polishes, or anything dark. A lot of the times, they are a total buzz kill, since they can take forever to remove. If you are not careful enough that can end up as a total disaster which will take forever to clean.

You probably gave up a few times in your life and just chopped the whole manicure off, am I right? How about we focus on that never happening again? With us and our helpful advice, you will remove the nail polish the right way in a few minutes.


How To Remove Nail Polish?

Know that with the right tools, methods and an attitude you can do a lot more than you’d believe. You won’t mess anything up, will get it done in a short period of time, and you will realize how much damage does the scrubbing make, or where you’ve been making cardinal mistakes before. So, gather the next following items:

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Balls

Ta-da, that’s all.

Remove nail polish easily at home. Video tutorial on the way

#1: The Cotton Ball

Cotton Ball

Before you jump into this process, firstly unroll the cotton ball. The reason behind this is that you don’t need a whole cotton ball. Just an unrolled version will do too. After you’ve found the end of your roll make it flat and elongated into one strip.

The leftover little strip needs to be teared up into little pieces. Make those pieces as big as your nails are since you want to cover the whole surface with the cotton.

Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

#2: Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

Obviously, if you are going to remove the nail polish you will be needing acetone (a concentrated one.) Pour some of it into the cap and dip your strip into it. You don’t need to soak your cotton strips with acetone but rather leave them moist.

Push the strip down on your nails and make sure it doesn’t move. Do one nail at a time and be super patient, since placing them down and making sure they are firm is a key step to this removal process.


#3: Remove It

After 5-10 minutes passes remove your strips by pushing them off the ends of your nails. But firstly rub the strips down onto your nails, the pressure will help to soak the acetone in. Especially concentrate the pressure at the nail bed and push your strips toward the top. You will notice that the nail polish will disappear in a second.


#4: Something Bothering You?

If you find that your strips are still not moving an inch off of your nails that is because you didn’t add enough of the acetone. For your second try, add more of the acetone to your cotton balls and wait another 5-10 minutes.

Even if you have on glittery and chunky nail polishes to get rid of ; the second try should do the magic. This method works even on quality nail polishes such as Essie’s or OPI’s.


#5: Feed Me

By now, you should have clean nails at this point. But, since you gave your nails a little bit of a trauma with the acetone, it is time to pamper and nourish them. Make a soak with rich oils, the best ones are the Olive oil or any Almond oil.

Let the oil soak into your nails for 10 minutes, then properly dry your hands and nails. After they are dry put a hand cream on top, or basically, any lotion or cuticle oil will get the job done. Doesn’t matter what you go for, as long as your nails are moisturized.

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This way of removing the nail polish may seem a bit weird to you but give it a try. You never know what can happen and how satisfied you might be in the end. We believe that this is the more convenient way to go for than the usual and traditional one.

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