Why Do Acrylic Nails Hurt: 4 Reasons

Are you curious why your acrylic nails hurt? We’ve all experienced an unpleasant acrylic nail pain at least once. It may have been a bad nail tech who caused you trauma, or it even may be because you’ve been reckless with them at one point. Either way, you should really be careful with your nails, since these traumas can really damage your fingers and nails.


Why Your Acrylic Nails Hurt?

Your first thought is probably because they weren’t applied properly, or because you’ve injured them on a can, by slamming the door, or just by touching and checking too much up on them. But actually, the top 4 reasons why your acrylic nails hurt are:

  1. Allergic reaction
  2. Bacterial infection
  3. Crack in acrylic nail
  4. Overfilling


#1: Allergies

Allergic Problem

Are you sure you know all of your allergies? Because if you don’t it may end badly for you. If your nail tech used a bad nail glue or an expired one you could end up with swollen fingers and red infected skin. Also, you could be allergic to the dusting powder, a specific fiber that those nail brushes have or even the UV light can hurt you. Either way, it is up to you to do the research about a sanitary nail salon which has great reviews, as well as to know your body.


#2: Bacteria

Bacteria problem

One more of the reasons why your acrylic nails may hurt is because of this little tiny gap. You know the one you have between your natural nails and acrylics? It is quite easy for the bacteria to inhabit there. The water can rarely get to that crack, so it is the perfect place for it to spread slowly. Again, if your nail lady used improper and dirty equipment on you, you may end up all swollen, itchy, and red.


#3: Cracked Nails

Crack in acrylic nail

This happens to all of us, doesn’t it? But if you’ve caused too big of a damage to your natural nails which are underneath your fake nails, it would be the best for you to remove them completely. You will constantly feel pain, and that is one of the most common reasons why your acrylic nails hurt. These cracked nails happen when we misbehave and constantly caught our nails up on something.


#4: Overfilling

Overfilling acrylic nails
If the nail tech overfilled your nails incorrectly and made them too thick, your natural nails will not be able to breathe underneath. Try to avoid bad salons no matter how good of a deal they seem to be.

Types of Acrylic Nail


Did you know all about the top four reasons why you acrylic nails may be hurting? At least now you will stop making those mistakes.

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