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22 Magnificent Short Oval Nails to Accentuate Your Style

The short and cute oval nails can make your nails look beautiful. It is suitable mostly for short fingers because it takes the shape of the finger replicating the nail bed. That’s why short fingers look longer.

This is a great design to uphold the eternal feminism in a girl. This design looks so tender and graceful that it resembles the universal notion of girlish conception.

If you are an old-school and love the feminist grace almighty endowed you with, try this conventional shape on your nails. And if your nails are short nails, having the oval shapes is the perfect solution to look trendy and traditional at the same time. 


Classy Short Oval Nails for Women

Short nails look cute if the design is done with proper care and enthusiasm. Oval shape suits short nails as the edges are filed down to give a wide long appearance to your short nails. You have to file your nails at a slight angle giving an egg shape to the tips of the nails.

Oval is very similar to squoval shapes and sometimes are confused with round shape. So you have to be watchful to have the perfect oval shape.  These nails are mostly natural nails but you can use extensions if you like exclusive readymade designs. Here are some ideas to look classic by your short oval nails.


short black oval nails

short black oval nails



very short oval nails

very short oval nails



short oval nude nails

nude for short oval nails



short oval gel nails

short oval gel nails



short oval blue nails

short oval blue  nails



short oval pink nails

short oval pink nails



short oval natural nails

short oval natural nails



short oval pink and white nails

short oval pink and white nails



short oval glitter ombre nails

short oval glitter ombre nails



short oval grey nails

short oval grey nails


#11. Square Oval Short Nails

Square Oval Short Nails


#12. Short Oval French Nails

Short Oval Shaped French Nails


#13. Short White Oval Nails

Short White Oval Nails


#14. Oval Shaped Short Ombre Nails

Oval Shaped Short Ombre Nails


#15. Short Oval Matte Nails

Short Oval Matte Nails


#16. Berrilicious Purple

Purple Short Oval Nail

Purple has the strength of red and the royalty of blue combined with its color. It symbolizes mystery and wealth. If you want to act as a mysterious wealthy girl you can have this design done on your short oval nails.

Firstly, use a nude base coat of gel nails for a glossy surface. Then use purple glitters and nail polish to draw the tip of your nails keeping the lower side blank. 

Play It Classy With Purple on Your Nails


#17. Black And Nude Space

Black And Nude Short Oval Nail

This design will attract the eyes of the people around you right at the minute they see you. Use nude base coat for all the fingers. A thin-edged nail brush is a must for this design.

Draw black patterns and keep space to make a contrasting look with the presence of black patterns and nude base coat. You can use some rhinestones for a better look. 


#18. Short Oval Red Nails

Red Short Oval Nail design

Red is the only color that always presents hotness. If you are going to a party or get-together where it’s important to look hot, this is the perfect choice for you. But, remember to wear red pieces of jewelry or cosmetics to complete the package.

A red outfit will be a plus point for you. Use perfect red acrylic for your nails. A red stone ring on a finger will be the icing on the cake. Go out there and show off your red hot nails to the party people.


#19. Color Display

Feeling happy? Want to express your happiness through your nail designs? If so, colors are the best thing to express the bliss of your heart. Bright colors are used usually when your mood is up and the occasion is something cheerful.

You can use red, sky blue and deep royal blue like the picture given here. Use some glitters to enhance the radiance of these happy colors.


#20. Pink And Peach

Pink and peach colors share a very close relation. The tones of these two colors are almost similar. But if you use these two-color shades in an elegant way it will look amazing.

You can keep crescent negative space on the nails where both pink and peach colors are applied. Draw an edgy line on the negative space to complete this design.

Light Up Christmas With Peach Nail


#21. Short Oval Acrylic Nail Design

Mermaid Design on Short Oval Nail

This is an exceptional design for the girls who like to spend a large amount of time in the seashore or want to have a quiet walk along the beach. You can imagine the waves of the sea on your fingers and the shell of the oyster will be shining on your fingertips.

A perfect design for the girls who want to feel like a mermaid. Get lost in the depth of the sea looking at your short oval nails.


#22. Love in Paris

Short Oval Shaped Nail

This is a wonderful theme-based nail design. Once upon a time in Paris, or love in Paris, such ideas can be easily depicted through this beautiful nail design.

This design can also mean that Paris is the city where your beloved lives. A letter in the beak of the bird can mean that you are sending him love letters. 

Ravishing Teal Nail Designs


Short oval nails are beautiful in terms of both fashion and tradition. Your short nails will look marvelous in oval shapes and our designs will be the cherries on the top.

I have tried to mention a variety of nail designs so that you can choose the right one that fits you the best. See the pictures and read the descriptions below them to have an idea about how can you have that specific design done.

Whenever you need suggestions or guidelines for your dearest nails, we are always only a click away from your computer or cell phone. Keep connected for more impressive nail designs for your fashion purposes.

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